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Stop walking into light poles with Road SMS from Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung’s Galaxy S line has shipped with an interesting app, known as Road SMS, which allows users to see whats going on around them while typing via a background that utilizes a real time preview of the camera. Ridiculous? Yes. Cool? Ditto. Well, now it’s even cooler, because it’s been ported out for just about and Android device, and works great without any tweaking for the Droid family.

For the full thread via xda-developers (would you expect anyone else to bring such awesomeness?) as well as the download link on the first post, hit up the source link below. The instructions are simple:

  1. Download the roadsms.apk to your SD card.
  2. When it finishes, tap on it and select “install.”
  3. Once it finishes installing, go to your app drawer and open the app.

Enjoy! But… remember to look both ways first!

[via xda]