Customizing Android: How to change notification sounds, ringtones, and set custom ringtones


Android is an exciting platform, allowing you to tailor every little bit of your device to your personality. Whether it be through custom ROMs, icon packs and launchers, and right down to the notification and ringtone sounds. With Android M, customization is only going to get better.

Every device is different, but for the most part changing the sounds are straightforward. Even customizing certain ringtones to certain contacts is a seamless process.

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Looking to get your hands on Droid 4 wallpapers and ringtones? Look no further…

There are many hooks that draw us into the Android Ecosystem for the first time but it surely must be the tireless support from the developers that keep us coming back for more. The latest example of the awesome work going on has seen Androidcentral forum mainstay, Jerry Hildenbrand working hard dissecting a Droid 4 to bring us it’s hidden bounty. Jerry has selflessly packaged together the wallpapers and ringtones for your immediate perusal.

The Droid 4 is available to order right now but if you’d prefer to get a little taste sooner rather than later, hit the links after the break.

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Guide: How to Change Your Sounds and Ringtones

Guide: How to change your ringtones

One of the best things you can do to turn your Android device into a personalized smartphone is load it up with your own Ringtones and Sounds. Every Android Operating system comes with the ability to change the default ringtones, notifications and alarms. So whether you love waking up to some Metallica, or would rather simply change that facebook pop’ to a cowbell (and we all know the only cure for that disease is more cowbell), this guide will help you get the most out of your Android device, and truly make it your own!

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[Download] Galaxy Nexus Ringtones

We have had a huge handful of apps and goodies pulled from Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Nexus. If you missed any of them, we’ve had the Analog Clock Widget, Google+ 2.0, Android Market 3.2.0, Google Music 4.0.1, ICS wallpapers, and the Galaxy Nexus boot animation. Thanks again to P3Droid, we’ve now got the Galaxy Nexus’s ringtones for you to enjoy as well. P3Droid has asked only to link the file to his original post, so to download you’ll need to create an account on MyDroidWorld if you don’t have one already. You can find the post right from the source link below.

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HTC Rhyme ringtones, wallpapers, and boot animation available for download

The HTC Rhyme isn’t even for sale yet, but now you can already get a little taste of what’s to come. Ready to drop on Verizon this Thursday, the HTC Rhyme is a mid level device with the needs and wants of females in mind.

The friendly developer Legion, has already gained access to the files and has made them available to download via MultiUpload. Although the phone may not be a device that appeals to very many men, I suggest everyone at least look at the  zip file because the wallpapers were done extremely well. I am not a girl (although I may have a girl’s name) I’m rocking one of those wallpapers right now! Check it out for yourself and poke the link below.

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Liquid Mini Gets Ferrari Edition Makeover

Acer’s Liquid Mini may not be the fastest Android device available, but due to a sweet little custom remodel job, the Liquid Mini Ferrari Edition sure makes it look the fastest. It’s jam-packed with all the stylish markings you could wish for: a lustrous red exterior embellished with the iconic Ferrari shield, dark chrome trims and elegant buttons along with preloaded Ferrari engine ringtones, racing-themed wallpaper and more. All that’s missing is a set of vanity plates and you’re dressed to impress.

The remodel includes appearance-only upgrades however, so this Gingerbread running device will keep the same 512MB of RAM, 600MHz processor, 3.2-inch display and 5 megapixel camera as offered by the original.

Hit the break for a link to Acer’s Liquid Mini Ferrari Edition page.

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Change Things Up A Bit With Ringtone Editor Advanced For Android

Want to hear something different when you receive a call?  How about something a little more…you?  Customize your ringtone from here on out using Ringtone Editor Advanced for your Android device.  Choose from “millions” of ringtones, touts the developer, to tell everyone how you feel.  The application is easy and simple to use and comes with an aesthetically pleasing UI.  Head on over to our apps database for the download where you’ll also find a QR code available or check it out on the Android Market.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Get AOSP sounds on your Sense device thanks to XDA

Love Sense, but miss the awesome ringtones / notifications that come with all those AOSP ROMs? Well, thanks to (as usual!) XDA, you can get yourself a nice, clean, flashable ZIP to get them back. According to the original thread:

Here is a flashable zip file of all the AOSP ringtones and notifications. I requested this to use on a sense rom (MikG v2.2) Thanks Preludedrew for making this for me!!!!! Hopefully all the sense users out there that are stuck with some pretty weak tones can find this useful. And always remember to DO A NANDROID BACKUP FIRST! I am not responsible for what happens to ANYBODYS phone!!!!!!!

So hit the original thread here, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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Zedge Gives You Ringtones, Notifications And Wallpapers For Your Android Device

If you’re anything like me, you change your background wallpaper like you change your underwear, at least once a day, sometimes more.  My usual practice for gathering backgrounds is to scour the web and save them as GIF, PNG or JPG files on my SD card in a folder labeled “My Wallpapers”.  However, this is kind of time and labor intensive, if you ask me.  What’s better than having one central application where you can search for thousands of free wallpapers, all provided by Zedge members themselves?  Nothing!  In addition, Zedge offers thousands of ring-tones and notifications as well.  Love that old Blackberry chime you used to have?  No problem, just download it from the Zedge app and you’re done.  Miss an old Windows Mobile ding?  Zedge most likely has it too.   Want a hip new ring-tone to spice up that call?  Or how about a funny tone which alerts you that your wife is calling?  Zedge has got it all.  The user interface is nice, clean and streamlined and downloading content is as simple as clicking a button.  Click another button and it’s instantly up as your present wallpaper.  Want to share that ring-tone, wallpaper or notifications sound?  No problem, Zedge gives you a quick and easy method to shoot your friends and family your favorite content.  Ready for the download?  Head on over to our apps database for the download.  Hit the break for more info and screen shots.   Read more

RanDinger For Android Brings Music Discovery Via Ringtones

Want a fresh method for discovering new music?  Look no further.  RanDinger, by Twisted Castle brings you just that.  RanDinger allows you to receive random new music content by delivering you a different tune based on genre, artist or top chart hits, all via a ringtone.  The app is powered by 7 Digital’s 10 million song music library.  After you hear the preview, you have the option to either purchase the song or just close it out.  RanDinger then offers more music based on your choice. The app also comes with three different theme options to deliver a custom UI for your phone.  So, if you’re ready to purchase your music in a new, easy and fun way, then head on over to our apps database for more info.   Read more