Handster to Lend a Hand to Developers, Bringing Android Apps to the RIM PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook has potential to be a formidable Android Tablet, especially since it is receiving a big update in February of 2012 that will add the Android App Player to it. Also, earlier today we showed you how to root the PlayBook, giving access to the Android market. Now, it already seems that the world of apps are totally accessible, but for those who don’t want to root their device might be wondering what apps will be available through the App Player come February.

The nice people over at Handster will be putting in a lot of work in an effort to bring as many apps to the Android App Player as possible. In fact, it has been said that over 7,000 Android apps have been undergoing testing on RIM employee PlayBooks and more are expected in short time. According to reports, Handster will be helping out app developers and will convert and submit their apps for them, all the dev needs to do is supply an appropriately sized App World icon.

Sounds like good news to all you PlayBook owners! Welcome to the wonderful world of Android!!

[via Android Central]

Mobile sales analytics platform Mopapp enters public beta

Mopapp, a mobile sales analytics platform, has just finished a two month closed beta and is now entering a free, public beta. The service allows developers to track the performance of their mobile applications in most major mobile app stores, including Apple’s App Store, Android Market, RIM App world, and more. The API will also allow for the tracking of 3rd party stores or custom e-commerce solutions.

If you have ever used Google Analytics, you will likely agree that Mopapp’s tracking has a very similar look and feel.  The service will track all of your apps and rank them by sales, display demographic data, success from different stores, etc. Additional features are in the works, including the ability to import reviews and comments, which should be rolling out in the next couple of days.

A basic subscription will allow you to track 1 application, 10 for a basic plan, 50 for the professional, and unlimited for the enterprise level subscription. All prices are TBD, but the public beta is currently offering users the professional plan for free.

An interactive demonstration of the tracking features can be found here: http://www.mopapp.com/demo, or hit up the source link below for general information.

[via Mopapp]