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Rhapsody teams up with Metro PCS to offer $5/month unlimited music streaming

Metro PCS is continually working to improve its services and add new users to its customer base. Recently, Metro released “Simpler” plans, a set of off-contract plans that give you access to some blistering 4G data speeds. Now, for $5 more per month you can use your newfound 4G data speeds to stream as much music as you want from Rhapsody’s impressive song database. Yesterday, Metro PCS announced in an official press release that they are teaming up with online music pioneer Rhapsody to offer their users a very affordable online streaming solution. In order to take advantage of this great deal, you must be using one of Metro’s “Simpler” plans. $5 a month is a pretty good deal for legal music consumption. If you want more details, check out the press release below.

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Rhapsody enters the song-match game with ‘SongMatch’ app

If you’re already tired of SoundHound, and you feel Shazam is a little too antiquated, then you’re in luck. Rhapsody has entered the song-match app game with their new app called – wait for it – ‘SongMatch’. While the app is free and does not require a Rhapsody subscription for the basic app which gives you tracks, artist info, and track listings, the real upside is if you do have a subscription. If you’re rocking a Rhapsody subscription, you can instantly launch playback of the song or album when a match is found. Rhapsody also creates a special SongMatch playlist in your account based on your prior matches. Anyone out there tired of the other song-match apps willing to give this a try?

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Rhapsody for Android now sports personalized recommendations

Rhapsody, the streaming music app, has released an update to it’s Android app. You’ll now find personalized recommendations on the home screen based on what you’ve listened to in the past. A UI overhaul and performance improvements to offline playback are also included with this latest update. Additionally, you’ll find full screen album art, swipe to skip, shuffle and repeat features, and queue enhancements as part of the update. All of the old features that you’ve gotten used to and like are all still there. I personally don’t use Rhapsody, but do we have any readers that do? What are your thoughts?

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Rhapsody For Android App Coming Soon

Rhapsody For AndroidReal Networks have today revealed that an Android app for their Rhapsody Music service is currently in development and will be available soon.

Rhapsody is a subscription based music service ($13 per month) that offers users unlimited music streaming from their library of more than 8 million songs.

Real have today submitted a Rhapsody Music iPhone app for approval in the Apple App store, and have also announced that they are currently working “diligently” on an Android app.

“Once we’re done there, we plan to turn our sights on more mobile platform and carrier app stores”.

Popular UK-based music streaming service, Spotify, also have an Android app in development.