A render of a mysterious new Sony device has surfaced; Possible Z4 design?

sony render

For the past year or two, I’ve always felt Sony’s Xperia Z line has been the most underrated of Android flagships. Thus, I’ve been eagerly waiting to see what they have in mind for their Xperia Z4 device – which brings us to the image above. As you can see, a new Sony render has surfaced and could possibly be our first look at the upcoming Xperia Z4 that’s slated to be unveiled this April with a Summer release.
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New renders of HTC One M9 surface in advertising pieces


A few days ago some renders of the HTC One M9 surfaced that appeared to show the device from just about every angle. Twitter tipster @upleaks has now posted a couple marketing pieces that show the device and likely confirm the accuracy of the early leaked images. One of the images was prepared for Qualcomm to help highlight the use of their Snapdragon processor in the smartphone. The other image is for use in an Asian market.
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OPPO teases yet another design for the N3 camera


For the third time in recent weeks a leaked image purports to show the design of the camera to be included in the forthcoming OPPO N3 and this one shows the third design we have now seen for the camera. The initial leak revealed a device with a barrel type enclosure along the top edge of the device to house the camera. The second leak showed a standard looking device with a camera that would rotate within the frame. This third leak shows a camera that pops out from a slot in the side of the smartphone similar to a SIM card slot.
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New Oppo N3 leak shows different design


A couple days ago an image of the forthcoming Oppo N3 smartphone surfaced that showed a very unique design for the top edge of the device housing the camera and possibly some speakers. Today a new image has surfaced that shows a much more conservative design that is quite different when compared to the previously leaked image. This image shows the back of the device with the top edge taking a more traditional form for smartphones.

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New Sony Xperia Z3X renders, specs surface


With Sony on a path of releasing at least two flagship devices each year, about six months apart, we are waiting for the pending release of the Xperia Z3 following the Xperia Z2 from earlier this year. However, we have word about another high-end Sony device that is supposedly coming out some time in 2015. The device is supposedly a Sony Xperia Z3X and it is unclear whether it will be a successor to the Xperia Z3 or a variant.
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Spigen releases image of Nexus 5 with their case


Case manufacturer Spigen posted on Google+ today a render of a Nexus 5 sporting a Neo Hybrid case. The ad copy encourages fans to “Be Ready” for the Nexus 5 “Revolution.” Spigen has already obtained a listing on Amazon for the case, though most of the information was just a placeholder.

Case manufacturers and other accessory manufacturers often receive units or drawings in advance of a product launch so they can have their wares available on the day of release. The posting of this image is a good sign that we are only a few weeks away from the release of the Nexus 5.

source: +Spigen

New images, rumors of specs surface for Meizu MX3


A new “tipster” source surfaced yesterday and claims to have some details about Meizu’s forthcoming Meizu MX3 smartphone. According to @srcleaks, the images above and below show the front and back of the MX3 along with dimensions for the device. The image of the front is fairly consistent with the last render that surfaced back in March. The device appears to be similar in looks to an HTC One or possibly an iPhone, especially with the large bezels at the top and bottom.
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Motorola DROID ULTRA in red surfaces


We have already spotted a black version of the Motorola DROID ULTRA as well as a white version as Motorola gears up to unleash a new batch of DROID devices upon the world. Joining those two versions may be a red version of the device as seen in a render discovered by @evleaks. Like the previous images, the render reveals a carbon fiber type look to the device’s case, which is marked with the Verizon logo on the back.

We are still waiting on more details about the specs for these devices. The answers may not come until Verizon’s press event scheduled for July 23rd in New York City. Joining the DROID ULTRA in Verizon’s lineup could be the DROID Mini and the DROID MAXX.

Do you think Motorola’s strategy to release multiple color options for a new device will be successful?

source: @evleaks

Image of possible Motorola DROID MAXX for Verizon with extended battery surfaces


Yet another leaked image of a Motorola device has surfaced thanks to Twitter account @evleaks. This time it is not a Moto X Phone, the subject of so many leaks and rumors this week. Instaed, the device in the render appears to be a Motorola DROID MAXX that @evleaks claims is headed to the Verizon network. The DROID MAXX is expected to be similar to the Motorola DROID ULTRA, if not the same, with the exception being a high capacity battery.

The DROID MAXX is expected to ship as a Kevlar framed device with capacitive buttons. Other than the possible connection to the DROID ULTRA, other specs are not yet known for the device. However, it does appear Verizon has several Motorola devices in the pipeline for release sometime in 2013, with several apparently poised to carry the DROID name. While all manufacturers seem to be more inclined recently to work to ensure their devices are available on all carriers, it seems that Verizon and Motorola are working especially close together to make the latter half of 2013 a season of DROID.

source: @evleaks

Render of ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini discovered


A recent image discovered by a Chinese source shows a ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini, ZTE’s answer to the “mini” device market. Even though many of our readers are unlikely to get their hands on ZTE devices, in markets like China where they are a major player, ZTE seems to be following an increasingly common pattern. First they introduce a new, large, flagship device. In ZTE’s case, it was the ZTE Nubia Z5 released in the Chinese market earlier this year. A few months later, they are back with a smaller version of the device, the ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini.
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