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TeamViewer launches beta of TeamViewer 9


If you need to access a desktop or server computer from your Android device, you may be interested in news that TeamViewer has launched a beta version of TeamViewer 9, the next version of their remote control and online meeting software. This latest version includes a Wake-on-LAN function giving users the ability to turn on remote computers over the internet. To help IT support teams, the new version also includes a feature called Service Queue that gives users the ability to manage, share and assign support requests. The ability to join a remote support session using a unique session code has also been added to the application.

Along with the launch of the new beta, the TeamViewer team also announced the launch of its public API that will let companies build in support to their existing infrastructure and applications in a more integrated manner.

TeamViewer has versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems, though the specific features may vary slightly by platform. An Android app is available in the Google Play store that will enable users to access their desktop system using their Android device. Check out the full press release after the break, including information on how to download the beta of TeamViewer 9. Read more

HTC Mini introduces concept of a remote control for your smartphone

HTC has introduced a new piece of hardware to their ecosystem. The HTC Mini is a remote control aimed at the Chinese market for the HTC Butterfly, the Chinese market variant of the HTC DROID DNA. The device works by pairing it with an HTC Butterfly initially via NFC. Once paired, the devices can communicate wirelessly with the HTC Mini providing several remote functions. Read more

Tethercell Indiegogo project hoping to make batteries “smart”

Taking the concept of the network connected home a step further, the Tethercell project is working to raise funds via Indiegogo to start shipping their “smart” batteries in June 2013. The project’s principals were not content to see wireless control of devices limited only to those that are “plugged in.” They have designed an adapter for AA batteries.

Connecting via Bluetooth 4.0, users can use the Tethercell app on their smartphone to control devices that have at least one Tethercell battery in their bank of batteries. The app enables users to: Read more

Cablevision customers can now control their TV with new Optimum app (if your device is compatible)

In our smartphone saturated society, more and more companies are releasing apps that allow your smartphone to control their hardware. Today cable television provider Cablevision jumped on the bandwagon and released their new Optimum app which allows subscribers to control their TVs and even stream shows directly to their devices via the app. Besides being able to control your DVR box, schedule recordings, and stream shows, watch on-demand movies, there is also a useful channel guide built in with the ability to search for shows by name or category. You even have the option to rate programs after you’ve watched them. According to the Cablevision’s site, to use the app you’ll need to be connected to your home network through an “Optimum authorized modem”.

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YouTube for PS3 adds Android remote control ability

Watching videos on YouTube has been a social experience for a number of years now. It started with a little crowd of people squeezing in around a 4″ screen which we all know is less than ideal. Thankfully the experience has evolved with YouTube making its way on to the big screen. Applications for Xbox, Tivo and various Blu-ray and media players have become common place in the average lounge.

Ps3 owners are in for a treat this week as their big-screen YouTube experience has just been bumped up a notch. The Ps3 YouTube application has been treated to a completely new UI overhaul which is focused on making it easier to access your preferred content. Search now offers suggestions and instant results whilst you type and if you sign-in to the application you’ll have quick access to all of your subscribed channels. If that isn’t enough, you can now sync your Android device with your PS3 giving you the ability to use your phone as a remote control. All in all it’s a juicy update!

Source:  YouTube blog

Control your Roku from your phone with the official app

Roku has released an official app on the Android market that lets you use your phone as a remote control for your Roku streaming player. If you set both your phone and your Roku to the same Wi-Fi network, you’ll be ready to navigate.

The app allows you to launch your Roku channels, find new channels, and control media playback. You can rate the channel, enter text with the keyboard, or watch some instant replay, all with your phone. You can control multiple Roku players with the app, and add or remove channels as well.

Give this app a try, and let us know if you prefer this or other remote apps, like the Dijit Universal Remote.

The app is free, and you can download it from the Android market link below.

Android Market Link 

Android-powered robot tank built by London developer

Web developer Tamlyn from London has built an Android phone controlled RC tank. After leaving only the tracks, drive motors, gears, battery and on-off swtich, an Android phone and IOIO board were added to drive the tank remotely. Now that’s cool!

Using Tamlyn’s own application, the tank can receive steering and movement commands via any web browser. The Android device is running a basic HTTP server with a web page listening for commands. These are received and then sent to the tank via USB to the IOIO board. The response time over 3G hasn’t been tested yet, but he has the current response times over WiFi down to about 30ms which he deems fast enough.

It’s also worth noting that Tamlyn stated that, with help, writing for Android was easy.

“This is my first Android project but thankfully the Android SDK and documentation are outstanding. With the help of a few tutorials I went from Hello World to a simple app that accepted HTTP connections in just a few hours.”

While he isn’t sure what this robot tank will ultimately do, it’s sure worth thinking about possibly of the camera being live. This could lead to some really cool applications besides checking on and scaring your cat or dog while at work. Be sure to check this cool creation out in the video and let us know what you think in the comments.  Hit the break for another screen shot and the video demo.   Read more

Android-Controlled RC Car “Blue Drone” Launches for just $59

You may remember the remote-controlled AR Drone from several months ago, the relatively inexpensive helicopter capable of remote control via Android, iOS, Bada, and Symbian devices. That idea has sparked the interest of many such projects, including one such car – capable of control via (almost) every Android device on the market today.

The BlueDrone Team intends to release an RC car following the same model as the AR Drone: release a prototype, judge public interest, and manufacture accordingly. One can “buy in” for a small sum of $59, and add to the team’s production costs via Kickstarter. If the team’s goals are met, you’ll get a scale-model of the RC car, and the app needed to control it. If not, you’ll get your money back.

The RC uses class 2.1 bluetooth, so you’ll get roughly a 30ft range while lasting as long as three hours, full-throttle. This is an excellent price and a great deal, as the price will likely increase once this goes live (and it will). Check out the video after the break, and leave your comments below!

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Conspin introduces the ANDI-ONE, the world’s first Android universal remote control

High end universal remote controls have grown over the years with companies like Logitech. Conspin, a company based in Korea,  is looking to one-up Logitech with the ANDI-ONE. The ANDI-ONE is the world’s first Android universal remote control.

Basically it is a touchscreen Android device that includes IR, RF, and WiFi for controlling up to 50 devices. What makes this remote unique is that it will do all the same things that the Logitech Harmony line does, but adds a full Android 2.1 experience. Conspin has installed built in apps for the remote control applications.

Set up will be much easier then a Logitech Harmony since it is always connected to the internet. With the Harmony, you program it with your desktop by connecting it via USB. With the ANDI-ONE you will have immediate access to over 10,000 devices so you can program it from the device.

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