Verizon leaving LG G3 owners hanging out to dry?


When LG rolled out the Lollipop update for their then flagship smartphone, the LG G3, they staked a claim as being one of the first to get Lollipop out to their devices. We all know manufacturers will roll out an update to a small market to make claims like this. Nevertheless, it is usually a decent sign of a commitment to providing the latest version of Android for a given device even if users have to wait a bit longer for kinks to be worked out and carriers to give their blessing. At the time, as a relatively new owner of an LG G3, I was looking forward to seeing what would happen with my device. Fast forward half a year later and Verizon finally pushed out the Lollipop update. That was the beginning of the transition for my “dream” phone to a nightmare and now signs point to Verizon not doing anything to fix the problems they have wrought. Read more

T-Mobile’s Legere steps up the rhetoric against idiotic overage charges


The recent Twitter flap with Donald Trump must have really gotten John Legere’s hackles raised. However, the T-Mobile CEO decided to take out his wrath on his competitors through a new video he posted slamming them for their overage charge policies. The video comes a year after Legere challenged AT&T, Sprint and Verizon to abolish “predatory” overage charges. Read more

Top 6 Reasons Why Android OEMs Should Expect Dismal Growth In 2015


As we close on 2014, and approach 2015, it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and reflect on what was accomplished and what didn’t work out so well during the year. 2014, without a doubt, showed off some great new tech like Android Wear, and virtual reality is finally showing tangible signs of life. Even Apple decided to finally do something new (for itself) and make a reasonable phone size.

2014, as it’s winding down, is also showing some rather dangerous indications of what might be in store for Android OEMs in 2015. Sharp declines in sales, market stagnation and ridiculous patent warfare may bleed over into the new year, and I doubt anyone is going to come out victorious in the end. Read more

Should the Nexus 4 be considered a flagship phone with the lack of LTE?

The Nexus is a name we have come to know and love amongst the Android community. It’s the one place where we can count on the latest hardware and software meeting in a completely open environment. Powered by a completely open Android playground of the latest software, Android geeks and aficionados would often choose devices from the Nexus brand purely for development purposes because of the openness.

Every Nexus has had its flaws: the Nexus One had pretty subpar battery life, the Nexus S was just plain boring, the Galaxy Nexus had a meh camera, and now the Nexus 4 has arguably the biggest flaw yet…

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Are the latest Android flagship phones female friendly?

I’m sitting here today with my Galaxy Nexus by my side with its wonderful 4.65″ HD Super AMOLED display and I’m feeling a bit of tech envy towards the 4.8″ display that’s set to arrive when the Galaxy S III hits the shelves. I’ve had some hands on time with the HTC One X and its 4.7″ screen and Motorola’s current flagship device, the Droid RAZR, offers up a 4.3″ display. It seems that most Android phone manufacturers are of the view that bigger is better and with the runaway success of devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note, it would appear that they might be right.

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Why the Galaxy S III is a great phone (but why I will not be buying one)


The dust has finally settled in London after Samsung finally unveiled its next flagship phone at the Unpacked event at Earls Court. After month upon month of hype, rumours, mocks-ups and supposed leaks, the most anticipated Android phone of all time showed its hand for the world to see. The Galaxy S III had arrived. It was inevitable really that, in some areas, the specifications weren’t quite as spectacular as many of the rumours had hyped. We were promised quad-cores, Super AMOLED plus screens, state of the art graphics processors, 2GB of RAM, dual boot OS, 12 MP cameras, ceramic finishes and many more bleeding edge features. The response from the tech world was positive for the most part but as ever there were claims that the phone was underwhelming, not a true upgrade from the Galaxy S II and that it was just plain ugly. I was fortunate enough to attend the launch in person where I got the chance to visit the demo stands showing off many of the news features as well as getting a reasonable amount of hands-on time to make some judgements for myself. I’ll come back to that later.


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AT&T’s (not very) Unlimited Data plan hits Fox News

How is it the old saying goes? Hell hath no fury like a… newsreader scorned?! Well that certainly seemed to be the case when Fox News’ Shep Smith received a text message from AT&T informing him that his data is to be throttled. We helped you understand AT&T’s data restrictions earlier this month, the highlight of which explains that the top 5% of users are throttled for the duration of their billing period.

So it seems poor Shep managed to reach that top 5%, here’s hoping he didn’t upload the youtube video whilst on his data plan!

Check out the video for the full rant in all it’s glory.



source: androidpolice

Rant: Hey Motorola, LG, Samsung, HTC… Stop focusing on performance, start focusing on batteries

Yes, it may be a tired old song and dance, but it’s time the manufacturers stood back and took a listen. Will this be the venue they decide to do it in? Probably not, but I suppose it’s possible. So listen up, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG… it’s time we had a talk. We all love performance on our devices… of course. We know there’s an ever-growing demand for bigger, better, faster, stronger (insert more Daft Punk lyrics at your own risk) devices. But, let’s step back a moment. What good is bigger and better hardware that sucks the life out of the battery… without improving the battery?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I for one am tired of seeing tutorial after tutorial of the same info on how to improve your Android’s battery life. Not that the information is bad or wrong, but I don’t feel that it should, at this point be necessary. Shouldn’t we be seeing smaller and smaller batteries with more and more power jammed into them? And please, readers, no comments like “well, just buy an extended battery”. I have an extended battery for my Evo, and I absolutely despise what it does to the device aesthetically. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice looks and style for longer performance.

So, manufacturers, where are our killer batteries that actually still allow us to fit our phones in our pockets? I know I’m waiting around for mine, and I’m relatively certain that most of these readers are, too. You can give us 4.3″ screens all day long, but what good is that if we have to keep our brightness at 10% so we can’t even see it in any kind of light? How about a battery that can play Angry Birds for more than an hour? Or can actually play more than one movie on a single charge?

What makes you angry about your Android’s battery? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Android Rant – Android OS vs Windows Phone 7 Customizing Screens

wp7 vs android

Let me state my point on this article right out of the gate, and give the marketing team over at Microsoft (or whoever they hired) props for the Windows Phone 7 “Really?” ads. Pure genius. I’ll save the theme of those commercials for another rant, because what you see in those ads really is what the mobile market has made of us humans…bumbling idiots with no ability to respect or properly communicate with each other. Like I said, genius!

The emotion of this article is to highlight the marketing message that those same commercials are attempting to fool you with. That somehow, the main screen on a Windows Phone 7 device will magically save you time, thus keeping you up to date with your mobile life, allowing you more valuable time with things that ‘should’ matter, and thus… not ruin your relationships with family or friends.

I ask…how?

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