CyanogenMod to replace power widgets with quick settings ribbon, promises simplicity and less redundancy



With Google’s addition of Quick Settings in the notifications bar in stock Android, CyanogenMod’s power widgets became relatively useless and redundant. Therefore, the CM team has developed new and improved code which “will say goodbye to the notification power widgets, discarding their 3000+ lines of code for a sleeker (only 370 new lines), newer, and more efficient method of toggling your settings.” In a Google+ post, CM has cited the reasons for the change, and the replacement of the power widgets with a Quick Access Ribbon. The ribbon will be located at the top of the notifications bar and will also be horizontally scrollable. The code is not yet merged, but will be soon. Check out the full details at their original post in the source link.

Source: +CyanogenMod

Quick Settings app brings Jelly Bean toggles to older devices


Do you wish you had the convenient toggles found on Jelly Bean devices? Instead of waiting for the Jelly Bean update or rooting your device, you can simply install Quick Settings. Quick Settings is an app from mDroidd, a regular contributor on the xda-developers forums, which emulates the toggle settings in Jelly Bean on older devices running Android 2.3 or later.

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Three flaws Google needs to fix to make stock Android even better

Our favorite little green robot has made a lot of progress over the last four years. From humble (and ugly) beginnings with Android 1.0 to the smooth and sleek styles of Jelly Bean 4.2, we have seen some tremendous growth and progress of our favorite mobile operating system. Google has worked hard at ironing out the kinks and improving the user interface with some exciting new features. The result has been a much smoother, better, faster, prettier operating system, but it has surprisingly left some simple yet important features out in the cold. Here are three features (or lack thereof) that I believe are major oversights in Google’s current OS.

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[Update] LG Nexus 4 video surfaces online, subsequently pulled, purportedly showed off “quick settings”

Another day, another leak regarding the LG Nexus? That seems to be the case for the lucky few that were able to view it before the “Google police” swooped in. The leak apparently originated on a Swedish site showing off the LG Nexus 4 in video, walk-through form.

Granted, a video that’s been pulled is not quite newsworthy. However, what may be of interest is the rumored “quick settings” being a feature as mentioned here before regarding Android 4.2. The subjects in the video described a feature as “easily accessible settings.”  There’s no mention of the “double pulldown” feature we touched on in that article however. It even looks like they make mention of the feature looking “different than we might expect” possibly alluding to that original sketch. What were they looking at in the video and how exactly did it look? Anyone able to view it before it was taken down? Hopefully we hear from Google soon regarding an official announcement of the announcement.

Update:  It appears from the newly acquired shot, pulled from the video, that the quick settings are in fact not part of a double-pulldown menu. Also, thanks to one of our readers (Ronny), he was able to view the video before being pulled and confirmed that the quick settings are accessed via the notification pulldown through a separate icon, not through an additional pulldown.  Thanks, Ronny!


source:  Android Central

The Upcoming LG Nexus: What We Know Up To This Point & What We Can Expect


As we patiently wait for October 29th to arrive, we are expecting to see at least one addition to the Nexus family, the LG Nexus. After countless leaks for the past month and much speculation, we think we may finally have a somewhat concrete idea of what the upcoming device giving the true “Google Experience” will offer. The device will as always, introduce new technology— while making existing technology a little bit better. Read on past the break to have a brief breakdown of what is known and what we can expect in this new superphone.


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Android 4.2, Double Notification Pulldowns?

First there was that Gmail 4.2 leak. Now we’re beginning to see some really juicy details about Android 4.2. Turns out,the guys over at Android Police are holding a little more than a leak of Gmail 4.2. They’re sitting with a full system dump of Android 4.2 from the LG Nexus. While we’ve seen reports of the LG Nexus containing Android 4.1.2, their leak has the full version of 4.2, and full tear-downs have ensued. Hit the break for the juicy details. Read more