Analyst dismisses existence of a deca-core Snapdragon 818 processor


The report published yesterday claiming that Qualcomm would release a deca-core processor as the Snapdragon 818 has been dismissed by one industry analysis. Pan Juitang, who has made accurate claims and predictions regarding chipsets, took to Weibo to let everyone know that the report’s content is simply a rumor and the exact specifications are false.

Juitang does not provide his own take on what the possible Snapdragon 818 will present. All we know is that Qualcomm faces stiff competition from the likes of MediaTek and Intel.

Source: Weibo
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Qualcomm talks Samsung, the Snapdragon 810, and overheating issues

Qualcomm_Logo_01_TA_CES_2014Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor has been the hottest processor to talk about this year, no pun intended. But despite all of the rumors about overheating issues, the company has remained mostly silent about what was going on with their flagship CPU. Qualcomm’s VP of marketing, Tim McDonough, has finally stepped up to try and explain their side of things and exactly what’s going on behind the scenes with these chips. Read more

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 isn’t enabled in the LG G4


Were you looking forward to using Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 on your new LG G4? Unfortunately, even though it is a Snapdragon-powered device, it does not support Quick Charge 2.0.

While the LG G4 does sport the Snapdragon 808 SoC, and Qualcomm says the chipset supports Quick Charge 2.0, LG did not enable the coveted feature this time around. While the LG G4 may not have the faster charging capabilities, the device still charges relatively fast, even though you may not have a full battery with only a few minutes on the charger.

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NVIDIA halting Icera modem operations, will explore selling the division


The acquisition of Icera in 2011 will go down as a bust for NVIDIA unless the company scores big with the possibility of a sale. On Tuesday, NVIDIA revealed that it would be halting operations of the Icera division that produces modems. The original acquisition of Icera was meant to integrate high-speed connectivity into Tegra processors. The Tegra 4i, launched in 2013, was the first processor from NVIDIA and Icera to have an integrated modem. Competition from Qualcomm and Intel has effectively pushed NVIDIA out of the business. Moving forward, the company will look to “parter with third-party modem suppliers” as it explores selling the entire division or its technology.

NVIDIA will report its first quarter earnings on Thursday.

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Qualcomm lowers expectations for the rest of 2015


This year has not started off pleasantly for Qualcomm and its second quarter report shows that the company is prepared for further struggles. Whether from losing Samsung as a customer or being slammed with regulatory fines (or both), Qualcomm has been damaged in 2015. Despite seeing increased revenue over last quarter and the same time last year, the company’s net income nosedived by nearly 50%.

With its struggles being quite evident, Qualcomm has lowered its expectations going into the second half of 2015. The expected revenue for the year has gone down by about $1 billion to $25-$27 billion. That amount of revenue still seems quite large but consider how much will translate to net income.

Source: Qualcomm (PDF)