Qualcomm president won’t be splitting the company to improve share values

Qualcomm_Logo_01_TA_CES_2014Qualcomm’s president, Derek Aberle, recently discussed the possibility of the company splitting up its chip division and licensing division into two separate companies to help improve share values. Long story short, Aberle doesn’t think that would be the best move for Qualcomm to make.

While Aberle does think that Qualcomm’s stock is undervalued, especially since it’s fallen 25% over the past year, but he believes that spinning off the chip division of the company is too simple of an approach and might not help. He also says that the company’s current structure is useful when helping Chinese customers expand into new markets. Read more

Qualcomm releases more info about upcoming Kyro architecture, Snapdragon 820


As top-tier smartphones equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 get closer to hitting the market, Qualcomm has released some new information on the capabilities and benefits their new chip will bring to the smartphone market. According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 820 will offer two times the power efficiency and performance when compared to the Snapdragon 810 chipset. At least a part of that gain is due to Qualcomm switching to a 14nm manufacturing process for the Snapdragon 820. Read more

[Deal] Tronsmart Quick Charge 2.0 devices on sale at Newegg


If you have purchased a new smartphone this year, there is a good chance your device supports Qualcomm’s new Quick Charge 2.0 technology that helps decrease the amount of time it takes to juice up your device. There is also a good chance that your smartphone manufacturer only shipped a regular charger to you instead of a Quick Charge 2.0 charger. If you want to take advantage of some Quick Charge capabilities or just want a good, beefy charger, Newegg is holding a flash sale through Monday for a pair of devices from Tronsmart. Read more

Qualcomm agrees to sell UK spectrum to Vodafone and H3G


Qualcomm has announced that they have reached two separate deals to sell UK L-Band spectrum to Vodafone and Hutchinson 3G (H3G). Each of the buyers has agreed to purchase a 20 MHz block of the total 40 MHz of L-Band spectrum that Qualcomm owns. Terms of the deals have not been announced and both transactions are subject to regulatory approval and other customary closing conditions.

L-Band spectrum in the European Union is targeted at providing Supplemental Downlink (SDL) service for Mobile Network Operators. SDL can help them meet demand for downlink-centric services like streaming video on-demand over the cellular network.

source: Qualcomm (PR)

Snapdragon 616 benchmark shows significant improvement over the Snapdragon 615


A few weeks ago, Qualcomm unveiled three new SoCs, the Snapdragon 212, 412 and 616, all designed for the budget-friendly mobile market. The Snapdragon 616 being the most powerful of the three was intended as a small upgrade over the successful Snapdragon 615, and benchmarks actually show a significant improvement despite the two SoCs being almost identical.  Read more

Qualcomm launches new graphic processors for high-end platforms


Qualcomm announced today that they are launching their new Adreno 5xx line of graphic processing units which will raise the bar for high-definition graphics matched with low power consumption. The first two processors in the line include the Adreno 530 and the Adreno 510. The 530 will be mated with the forthcoming Snapdragon 820 processor while the 510 will be found on Snapdragon 620 and 618 chips. Along with the upgrade to their Adreno line of GPUs, Qualcomm is also upgrading the image signal processing unit to a new 14-bit Qualcomm Spectra solution that they claim will support DSLR-quality photography. Read more

New mid- and entry-level tier chips from Qualcomm announced


Qualcomm has announced some updates to their mid-level and entry-level chips. The Snapdragon 412 and the Snapdragon 212 will replace their predecessors which were announced close to a year ago and will power a large number of smartphones that will be hitting the market. Although watching chip manufacturers push the bounds with their top-tier chips used in premium smartphones is exciting, the rest of the lineup is important to the industry as these will be the “bread and butter” products powering the majority of smartphones and gives us a look at what the base will be for smartphone performance. Read more