AnTuTu benchmarks reveal best performing phones for 2014 Q3


AnTuTu has released their top 10 performance rankings for smartphones for the third quarter of 2014. At the top of the list is the Meizu MX4 which made a statement with its MediaTek processor in holding off other contenders. MediaTek also grabbed the second spot with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Despite the prowess of the chip, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon line still powered most of the devices in the top 10.
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Powermod releases chargers with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology

powermod_quick_charge_2-0_productsThere are not many devices on the market that take advantage of Quick Charge 2.0 technology, but that is in part due to the chargers are not being available. The only device on the market with a corresponding charger is the Moto X (2014) and DROID Turbo. On its way, though, is one for the HTC One (M8). Due to the limited availability, Powermod has taken the matter into its own hands by releasing two chargers that have Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology. The in-vehicle chargers costs $19.95 and the wall charger is $29.95. These prices are cheaper than what you would find elsewhere.

You can click here to see the full list of devices compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 chargers.

Source: Powermod
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Qualcomm’s Vuforia empowers developers to build augmented reality apps for digital eyewear devices


Qualcomm already has a product called Vuforia that empowers developers to make augmented reality apps for mobile devices. With over 100,000 registered developers across 130 countries, we now have roughly 10,000 apps available today on Android and iOS. Today at Uplinq, Qualcomm is taking it one stop further by announcing the Vuforia SDK for Digital Eyewear.

This SDK will give developers the necessary tools to make augmented reality apps for digital eyewear devices such as the Moverio BT-200 and the upcoming Samsung Gear VR. Maybe even Google Glass. With advanced computer vision functionality, these devices will be able to recognize images and objects in the user’s field of view. With this SDK, Vuforia applications will be able to dynamically adapt to a wearer’s facial geometry thanks to an easy-to-use calibration method.

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Former Qualcomm executive takes the lead role of Google Fiber


To take charge of its burgeoning internet and television service, Google has selected someone with expertise in operations for future expansion. Dennis Kish, a former Qualcomm executive, has been selected as the leader of Google Fiber. Kish has spent a number of years with Actel and ST-Ericsson as well. At Qualcomm, he was the senior vice president and general manager of the technology division.

Bringing in Kish shows that Google is dedicated to taking Google Fiber beyond an experimental project. Under this new leadership, he will be working on launching the service in additional locations across the country. Google Fiber is currently available in Kansas City, Provo, and soon to be Austin. At this point, there are nine metropolitan areas listed as candidates to be next.

Kish is replacing Milo Medin, who was largely behind Google Fiber’s launch. Medin will remain with Google by working on undisclosed projects.

Source: Digits (The Wall Street Journal)

NVIDIA taking Qualcomm and Samsung to court over supposed patent infringement


Get ready for another courtroom showdown between technology titans. NVIDIA has submitted formal complaints that allege patent infringement on the end of Qualcomm and Samsung. The seven patents included have to do with graphic processing units. NVIDIA claims it did reach out to Samsung to negotiate a licensing agreement for the parents; however, Samsung allegedly declined and went ahead with Qualcomm.

Here is the statement issued by NVIDIA’s David Shannon:

We made no progress. Samsung repeatedly said that this was mostly their suppliers’ problem.

Without licensing NVIDIA’s patented GPU technology, Samsung and Qualcomm have chosen to deploy our IP without proper compensation to us. This is inconsistent with our strategy to earn an appropriate return on our investment.

Devices that are said to be utilizing the disputed patents include the recent Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, and Galaxy S 5. Last year’s Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note 3 are also eligible. The Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note Pro, and range of Galaxy Tab tablets are all involved as well.

The formal complaints were submitted to the International Trade Commission and the United States District Court in Delaware.

Via: ZDNet

Qualcomm teases multi-core device with 64-bit processing for next week


Next week in Berlin, the major players in the mobile industry will have plenty of news to share. Qualcomm released the image above as a teaser for what it has in store for IFA 2014. The image was posted on the company’s Twitter account and included the caption “We’re thinking about your future: a #Snapdragon powered multi-core 64-bit smartphone is headed to @IFA_Berlin.”

So next week, a new processor will 64-bit support will be introduced. We have already seen an alleged leaked roadmap with upcoming chipsets, so this is likely one of them.

Source: Qualcomm (Twitter)

HTC’s Desire 820 will be the first 64-bit phone


HTC just recently started teasing the new Desire 820 on it’s Weibo account and it looks like the company is continuing its push with even more image teasers. Today, the company posted a timeline photo on its Weibo account showing dates where HTC it’s done some cool things in the tech world. At this point, HTC added the Desire 820 to the list but doesn’t specify what cool feature or spec it has. However current rumors peg the device at running Qualcomm‘s Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor. Both companies came out with a bit more information all-but-confirming these rumors. 
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