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ASUS To Ship Transformer Pad 300 Tablet On April 22

In the market for a new tablet, but want something with a little more ‘oomph’? ASUS may have the cure for what ails you. In going with ASUS’ newfound philosophy of revamping its Transformer line, it went ahead and unleashed its newest quad-core monster the Transformer Pad 300 which will begin shipping next Sunday, April 22. It will come fully loaded featuring a Tegra 3 processor and Ice Cream Sandwich operating on a 10-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800, an 8MP and 1.2MP FF cameras. As good as this sounds, ASUS wants consumers to know that it’s latest option in the Transformer line is different from its competition– so what is it that separates this device from the others? Well ASUS puts it simple by highlighting the Transformer Pad 300 is “a laptop replacement with 4G LTE network capabilities”. Awesome.

You all salivating at the thought of owning one of these yet?

source: PC World

Daily Steals Offering Unlocked HTC One X For $630.00


So you live in the States and want in on the quad-core HTC One X before everyone else? You may want to head on out to Daily Steals as soon as possible. Right now, they have the unlocked One X for sale for a mere $630. That means you have a chance to be the cool kid in class or in the office by owning one of the first quad-core devices. Keep in mind that this device is not the LTE version (the LTE version features a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor) and while it could work on AT&T & T-Mobile bands, it’s likely not going to be optimized, so you may see slower than normal 3G and/or HSPA+ speeds. But hey, all we really care about on the device is the Tegra 3 and Beats Audio anyways.

Prospective buyers will want to hurry as they only have until tonight to get in on the deal.

source: Daily Steals

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Delayed Until June To Get Quad-Core Exynos Processor?

A Korean newspaper claims that Samsung is delaying the launch of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to June so it can bump up its processor to a quad-core Exynos 4412. This is welcome news if it holds true since the Note 10.1 was announced at Mobile World Congress with a dual-core 1.4GHz processor, which seems like yesterday’s news now that quad-core is the new kid in town. There is currently no device that is using the Exynos 4412, but the Samsung Galaxy III is rumored to be the first. If the Note 10.1 will be getting it as well, Samsung could be timing the releases of both devices together.

Of course, with no official release date from Samsung, can we really call this a delay? In any case, if this is true, this is the second delay of a Samsung tablet this month with the Galaxy Tab 2 being pushed until the end of April for more ICS testing and tweaks.

I know everyone hates delays, but to be honest, I applaud Samsung for making sure their products are not only fully tested and working well before release, but also that the specs are kept up to date and competitive. Now let’s just hope the rumors are true since I could sure use a 10.1-inch, quad-core, S Pen enabled Galaxy Note.

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Latest Report Highlights Samsung Galaxy S III May Feature A 4.6-Inch Super AMOLED Plus HD Display


Another day, another tidbit of Samsung Galaxy S III news. We are aware the device will likely feature impressive specs including a thin form factor and a souped-up quad-core processor, but there have been varying reports of what the actual display will be in the final version of the device. While we’ve heard the device will most likely feature on-screen soft keys, there have been conflicting reports as to what the screen size will be. The speculation of the screen size has gone anywhere from 4.7-inches to a whopping 4.8-inches. While DigiTimes doesn’t have the greatest track record for accuracy, it does report Sammy’s new wundertoy will indeed feature a 4.6-inch screen, which seems to fall in line with other reports in the past.

This 4.6-inch screen would be quite a doozy too. It’s rumored to feature a Super AMOLED Plus HD screen. In addition, the screen will feature a mind-boggling 319 ppi pixel density. Oh and there are added reports the Galaxy S III will be Sammy’s first device with the Super AMOLED Plus HD screen which will feature a true RGB matrix. Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the Galaxy S III will likely look to raise the bar and standard for the future of Android devices much like how the Galaxy S II has already done and the Galaxy S before that.

Again, this latest rumor coming from DigiTimes may not be completely accurate— but if it is even remotely true (and that’s a big IF), we may be seeing Samsung getting ready for yet another record-breaking year.

source: DigiTimes

Rumored Samsung Galaxy S III Press Render Photo Surfaces

Boy, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S III leaks just keep pouring out today, doesn’t it? We just heard some news earlier highlighting Samsung may introduce the Galaxy S III sometime next month, but now we have more juicy info to share with you all. As you can see in the screenshot above, another alleged official rendering of the upcoming smartphone has been leaked out and as you can see, it sure is a beauty. One thing you’ll notice right away from the latest leaked render of the device includes only 3 capacative buttons including the Home button being featured in the middle, which seems to fall in line with another leaked renderings we’d seen earlier in the week… and the week before that. So much for the smartphone having an all-screen display as we’d previously seen before.

Complimenting the leaked rendering are the latest leaked internal specifications of the device. For starters, there is a 4.7-inch HD Super AMOLED Plus screen with 720p resolution in a thin profile— 8mm of total thickness. Also, rumor has it there will be a a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and a 12 megapixel camera with full 1080p capable of recording at 60fps along with a 1,750mAh battery.

Keep in mind this is still speculation, so the rendering and subsequent specs may be incorrect. But you have to admit, this latest rumor sure does give a strong indication of what we can expect from the ultra-hyped smartphone, doesn’t it?

source: pocketnow

Samsung Galaxy S III Design Is Official And Ready According To Source

Looks like we’re getting more juicy details for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. While we previously reported the device would feature a ceramic body instead of the usual plastic we’ve become accustomed to on the GSI and GSII phones, there are new reports the device will not only highlight a ceramic body— but the final design of the GSIII smartphone is complete, which indicates the phone is all set for production. This is already on top of the mouth-watering specs we previously reported which includes a rumored 4.8-inch screen with HD resolution, 8MP camera and quad-core processor for starters. Looks like the phone may very well be on its way folks.

Oh and for anyone interested: there are added reports the phone should be out by June of this year. That’s only 3 months away folks. Are any of you planning on breaking open the wallet or purse for the fancy new smartphone from Sammy?

source: Eldar Murtazin Twitter
via: Phone Arena

Quad-Core HTC One X Passes Through FCC

HTC’s much anticipated One X is coming in two flavors: the Snapdragon S4 dual-core LTE model destined for AT&T, and the Tegra 3 quad-core international version. The One Series of phones is getting a lot of chatter about their superior cameras with ImageSense technology.

The good news is that the Tegra 3 international version, model number PJ46100, has just cleared through the FCC, bringing it closer to launch. If you are disappointed that the LTE version is dual-core, it should be possible to import the quad-core and use it on AT&T’s 3G frequencies if HSPA+ is fast enough for you. However, I would recommend waiting until full benchmarks and real-world testing can determine whether the Tegra 3 is indeed faster than the Snapdragon S4, at least for your uses.

Tell us what you think in the comments below. Would you prefer the quad-core with slower connection speeds, or the dual-core with LTE?

source: fcc
via:  pocketnow

Nvidia’s Tegra 3 Reminds Apple’s New iPad Just What It’s Capable Of (Video)

Nvidia just wants to send out a reminder, with all the hype about Apple’s new iPad and all, just who rules when it comes to the mobile core space.  The company touts their latest product, the Tegra 3 chipset and claims that the iPad’s CPU is no challenge.  And as proof, they’re pointing towards their Nvidia powered gaming options.  Using their site, the chip manufacturer shows off just how good the 4-Plus-1 CPU can be.  Check out the list of impressive games that have been released to compliment the powerful CPU.

Mobile app developers are beginning to realize just how far they can take mobile applications when utilizing NVIDIA Tegra 3 – the world’s only 4-PLUS-1 quad-core mobile processor with the extra battery saver core that allows it to use less power than dual-core processors.

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the top Tegra 3 apps:

  • Splashtop THD from Splashtop Inc. – allows you to seamlessly stream content from your desktop onto your Tegra 3 tablet.
  • Photaf THD Panorama Pro from Oren Bengigi – a new photo-stitching app that allows you to combine a sequence of photos to create a panoramic view of any scenery. This app accelerates image stitching time by using all four Tegra 3 processing cores.
  • Snapseed from Nik Software – one of the easiest, most intuitive photo editors available for your Tegra 3 device. Take a picture, customize it to your liking and immediately send to friends and family. Coming to Google Play this summer.
  • PowerDirector Mobile from CyberLink– this app was once a powerful desktop-based video editing tool. Thanks to the Tegra 3’s high-performance and battery-friendly 4-PLUS-1 architecture, PowerDirector Mobile will give you the power to manipulate and edit videos on your mobile device. Coming to Google Play this fall.
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source: Nvidia

Broadcom Introduces New Chips To The Already Crowded SoC Playground


Smartphones processors are evolving at a rapid pace. Whether you look to your right, left or everywhere in between– you’ll see various chips sporting impressive features while trying to distinguish themselves from one another. Veteran chipset maker Broadcom is now squeezing its way onto the chipset playground by introducing several attractive chips which will be Ice Cream Sandwich-based. The first is the BCM21654G chip which is made for mid-end smartphones and features a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, integrated HSPA modem and VGA video support. Following the 21654G are the BCM28145 and 28155 chips. Each will feature dual-core processors that can go as high as 1.3GHz, have integrated HSPA+ modems, feature support for HD (720 and 1080p) video and have an Image Signal Processor chip that will support up to a 42MP camera. Moreover, both chips will feature a “third processing core” called VideoCore. VideoCore will tackle on the load when playing HD video, freeing up the processor’s resources and helping it to run as efficiently as possible.

Broadcom isn’t stopping there either. They are also featuring BCM4334 combo chip which allows for simultaneous Internet connectivity, support for WiFi Direct and WiFi Display, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Moreover, you’ll be able to find a low-power NFC chip built-in, which can be used for payments, sharing tunes or whatever else you can think of with the technology. Finally, there is of course dual-SIM capabilities that should be noted.

So many choices, which one do we choose? Dilemmas, dilemmas— I tell ya! What chip interests you most? Let us know in the Comments section below or up in our Forums.

source: Android Authority