How to multitask on the LG G2 using QSlide apps


If you’re a hardcore multitasker and you own an LG G2, you will want to check out Q Slide apps. Just swipe your finger down to reveal your notification panel. You should see “QSlide apps” just below the Quick Settings bar. If you don’t, tap on “QSlide” within the Quick Settings bar and it will appear.

You can choose from 10 different apps that can be floated over your screen. You can change the size and transparency so you can continue to work on whatever else is open. You can even view multiple QSlide apps on the screen at the same time.  Apps are limited to the Video Player, Browser, Phone, Messaging, Calendar, Email, Memo, Voice Mate, File Manager, and Calculator. Hit the break for a quick video showing you how it all works, and be sure to check out our other LG G2 guides.

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LG Takes Some Time To Tell The Inspiration Behind QSlide Multitasking Feature On Optimus G


It’s no secret that the upcoming Optimus G is going to have a cool— and I mean really cool multitasking feature, but most of us want to know how in the world the manufacturer came up with its spin on multitasking. Well LG took some time and had its stud senior research engineer Sebastian Hochan Song explain the idea behind QSlide and how it is tasked with having “multitasking to the extreme”. As already seen before, QSlide allows for two videos to be displayed on one screen simultaneously, but the really cool aspect about the multitasking feature is how it came to be— and let’s just say that kids can truly inspire anything and everything innovative. I won’t give out the exact details of the inspiration behind QSlide’s creation, so you’ll need to check out the video for yourself once you hit past the break.

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