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According to reports, HTC suspends several new smartphone models and cuts 2013 Q1 shipments

It’s no secret that HTC is playing catch-up at this point trailing behind Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. According to several reports, HTC is halting developments on several new smartphones and is taking a long look at how they want to tackle this next year in hopes to rise their popularity.

HTC has suspended development of a number of new models for 2013, reducing the visibility of its orders for handset components, the sources revealed.

According to several industry watchers:

However, the industry watchers believe that HTC is heading for a bumpy road ahead, since shipments of its Windows Phone 8-based smartphones have not been as strong as expected, while Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy III have continued to enjoy brisk sales.

With numerous leaks of HTC’s next behemoth in the HTC M7, I’m hoping HTC can at least somewhat gain some trail in this battle. Do you guys still have faith in HTC? Regardless if you like Sense or not, HTC makes some of the most gorgeous and well built phones out there. Perhaps they need to release an AOSP device to change their game up a bit? I know, probably a far reach, but that would be an Android enthusiasts dream wouldn’t it?

source: Digitimes

First Quad-Core Device Revealed, The HTC Edge

Well I’ll be damned if TechCrunch doesn’t find this device “sexy”.  The Quad-Core processor race is on and it looks like HTC might be taking the lead with what they’re dubbing the “HTC Edge”.  The folks over at PocketNow have received, from a reliable source, a pic of the device and say it should have all of the typical bells and whistles.  The device touts a whopping 4.7-inch screen with 720p res, 1GB of RAM, an 8 meg camera with a 28-millimeter f/2.2 lens all wrapped up in a device just a hair over 10 mm thin.  And of course, the game changer is the supposed AP30 Tegra 3 CPU by none other than Nvidia, housing four 1.5 GHz cores.  “Wow” is right.

The device is said to most likely house 32 GB of internal storage and Bluetooth 4.0.  And of course, we can expect Beats Audio to be on board for crystal clear sound when playing audio.  It’s also possible the device will release with a number of HTC’s new reported services like the HTC Listen Music Store, Bookstore and Gaming Hub.  And to top it all off, the device could be the first to rock the new HTC Sense 4.0.  No word yet as to whether or not the handset will come with LTE radios on board, as of now we’re told there is support for 21 Mbps HSPA.  Neither was there word as to what version of Android the handset will ship with.  Ice Cream Sandwich perhaps?  We’ll see.  We should expect the new device and others to follow sometime around late 1st quarter or early 2nd quarter of 2012.  Maybe we’ll see something at CES?  Thoughts anyone?

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LG 2011 Second Quarter Financial Results Are In

LG has officially released a presser of their Q2 quarterly financials and we’re proud to note that after two consecutive quarters of loss, it’s finally nice to see a gain.  The company reported a consolidated revenue amount of $13.3 billion, a 9.3% increase from Q1.  The company also reported a net profit of $99.6 million to finish out the quarter.  This quarter, the Life’s Good prospect reported an operating profit of $145.8 million in Q2, a 21 percent increase from Q1 and a 25 percent increase from last year.  According to the presser, this is greatly in part due to the rocketing sales of their TV division which helped reduce the loss from handset manufacturing.  Hit the break to check to full press release from LG and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.  The company has huge potential to make a great presence in the next quarter and in 2012.  Here’s to hoping LG can give companies like HTC and Apple a run for their money.   Read more

Sony Ericsson reports higher profit margins for Q1 2011


Sony Ericsson has made their Q1 2011 earnings report available earlier Wednesday. Although it may appear that Sony has a rocky start to 2011, the outlook is a good one as they focus on smartphone production utilizing Android OS on their devices. As such, profit margins are getting bigger, despite total number of devices sold being less then previous years.

The newest Xperia line of devices did not have much time to make an impact on this report as they were launched at the end of Q1, but Q2 could see much more promising results. They’re fine, and still making lotsa cashola to put it briefly.

Click here to view the full Press Release below.

Google’s Q1 earning announed, worth $8.58 billion

In fiscal news, Google has announced their Q1 earnings for 2011. Revenue came in at a whopping $8.58 billion for January – March, which is up 27% from Q1 2010. GAAP – or net income – was $2.3 billion compared to $1.96 billion, also from Q1 2010.

Looking for the full rundown? Hit the source link, and let us know what you think of all those “b-b-b-billions” you’ve seen in the report.

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Apple COO Tim Cook mentions new Android tablets are ‘vapor’

Tim Cook

During a telephone interview, Apple COO Tim Cook had a few things to say about the iPad’s competition with Windows and Android. He stated that he thinks “there’s not much” competition in the tablet world when put up against the iPad due mainly to Apple’s approach to integrated development for the iPad (and other apple products) as well as Apple’s App Stores being more abundant.

To keep the hits coming, he mentions that Android tablets are nothing more than “scaled-up smartphones”, continue to have fragmentation issues, and are ‘vapor’ in many minds due to the lack of pricing and launch dates from the onslaught of Android tablets announced at CES 2011.

He has a couple of points, because we’ve heard many issues and different sides of the story when it comes to fragmentation and development within Android. Also, we have heard from many that tablets with Android 2.2 or 2.3 are just big smartphones. One thing he’s neglecting to mention is what happens when all these tablets do launch, with Android 3.0, which has been tailored for tablet use. It may be the same story as how Android took over smartphone market share in activated phones. There’s going to be a lot of new Android tablets out this year, and maybe 1 new iPad.

When that happens, we’ll see flooding market penetration as we did with Android smartphones, the more being released is another option for users to switch over from the iPad. It may take a while mind you, but it really comes down to numbers in the end.

If you’d like to hear the actual interview with Tim Cook, click the source link below.

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