Pulse News Gets Completely Revamped In Version 3.0 Update


It’s no secret that Pulse News holds an incredibly special place in my heart, so you’ll have to excuse me if I can’t contain my excitement for its latest major update not just for me, but for all Android users. The latest update which brings Pulse to version 3.0, brings not only a new app logo, but improved navigation, a more comprehensive search and infinite scrolling of stories within the app. While there are a ton of improvements– the app continues to be straightforward simple and easily the best way for all Android users to keep up with all their favorite stories from their favorite sites.

The latest update is available now in the Play Store, so be sure to hit the link or scan the QR code in order to grab it today.


Play Store

Quick Review: Pulse News

The greatest thing about your smartphone or tablet is the ability to access news on the go. You can have the world literally at your finger tips and see news by opening a browser or an app. Now suppose you don’t want to go back and forth in your browser or have multiple news apps open, which could ultimately slow your phone down. Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one app which streamlines all of your favorite news sources in one simple interface? Well friends, you’re in luck– Pulse News allows users to see all of your favorite news sources into one simple and intuitive interface. Of course there are other news readers out there, but Pulse News is by far the simplest and best reader available. Read on to find out why as well as find the Market and QR download links after the break.
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