Play your Android games in style; Check out this homemade PS3 controller Samsung Galaxy Nexus dock

Lets face it, gaming on an Android device (no matter how big the screen is) can be quite challenging, especially if you’re playing first-person-shooters or even games from an emulator. Wouldn’t it be a dream to use a console’s controller to play these games with, perhaps a PlayStation 3 controller? A Reddit user by the name of TheRealBigLou has done just that by creating his own homemade PS3 controller dock for his Samsung Galaxy Nexus where he’s able to play his Android games with the wonderful controls of a PS3 controller. You may think this feat took some complicated contraptions to make, but it actually only took a couple of Boston clips, some rubber bands, an NFC sticker and a creative mind to achieve this amazing creation.

TheRealBigLou was also kind enough to give a description of how he made this:

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