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Sony Xperia S Unboxing Vids and Leaked Promo [Videos]

Sony has completed the Sony Ericsson buyout, and with that, changes are coming to the new Sony Mobile Communications. For example, new devices like the Xperia Ion and the Xperia S, will no longer carry the Ericsson name. The Xperia S is not supposed to be available until sometime in March, but new unboxing videos, and a leaked promo video, have surfaced for those of you waiting. The first thing you will notice is the change in packaging style, which is now wider and thinner than before.

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HTC Rezound Promo Video and Feature Documents Surface

Fresh after the official HTC Rezound Announcement in New York, HTC released a promo video and feature documents for their final 2011 flagship phone. The one minute video focuses mainly on the new Beats Audio integration and shows the cool red ear buds with in-line controls that will come with the device. The documents give a full overview of features and makes the Rezound look pretty damn cool if you ask me. Check out the feature pages and promo video after the break and tell us what you think. Is this edging out the competition for you? Or would you rather go with the Galaxy Nexus or the DROID RAZR? It’s nice having these tough decisions, huh? Read more

Motorola Releases Videos from CES Showing Off New Products, Especially Atrix

Motorola has released a flurry of videos that were shot at CES covering some of their announcements, and their main intro of their big product line. No secret, the Atrix was their flagship product, and they definitely talked a lot about that. They even debuted their new Atrix commercial. You can catch the full 30-minute video at the source link.

The Atrix is looking like a very hot phone, and runs like a champ. If you haven’t already, be sure and check out our hands-on,, and the footage of Need for Speed Shift running on it. We’re very excited to see more of this phone, and will bring you more as soon as we have it.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab official promo video

Samsung is continuing their heavy PR campaign for the Galaxy Tab with a 2-minute promo, which focuses on the many practical uses of the device. The word “go” is the theme of the video, which features people from all walks of life using the Galaxy Tab for checking their news and email, using navigation, watching video, reading ebooks, and streaming video to their TV.

The video is shot very well, and definitely accomplishes its goal of showcasing the various uses of the Galaxy Tab, while throwing in some valuable stats, such as the front facing camera and the 7 hour battery life, at the same time.

See the video for yourself after the break.

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