Google IO 2016 Coverage

Hands on with NVIDIA Shield at Google I/O


The last time I was able to see Shield, it was at CES, but it was behind plexiglass. This time around, at Google I/O, we got a closer look. This is going to really satisfy the hunger for gamers with the ability to play Android games and PC games streamed from your desktop. Android fanatics will love that it comes with stock Android Jelly Bean, but it also packs a Tegra 4 CPU, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU, 2GB of RAM, and a 5-inch 720p display. It’s priced at $349 and you can pre-order starting May 20th. Hit the break to see it action.

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NVIDIA announces SHIELD pre-orders will begin May 20th and will have a cost of $349



It’s been a while since NVIDIA announced its game-changing Project SHIELD handheld gaming system, but the wait is finally over gang as NVIDIA is finally taking pre-orders will begin as early as next week, May 20th. In case you’ve forgotten about this puppy— the Jelly Bean-powered handheld gaming system features a boatload of sweet features including the killer Tegra 4 chip + 2 gigs of RAM, a 5-inch 720p retinal multi-touch display, custom bass reflex tuned port audio system and a full-fledged control pad.

Oh and for those of you that want to stream the sweet gaming content to a larger display, SHIELD will also give you the power to wirelessly access your NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU-powered computer from the comfort of your couch with GeForce game streaming– while NVIDIA promises to bring PC streaming to SHIELD devices at a later date. Speaking of games, it’s looking like there will certainly be a nice lineup of titles for gamers to choose from once SHIELD is finally available. Among the games that will be headed to TegraZone are Broken Age, Costume Quest, Flyhunter: Origins, Skiing Fred and Chuck’s Challenge. Naturally, there will be more titles released as time moves forward and all that good stuff.

And now for the important deets— pricing and availability. As mentioned earlier, the device will be available for pre-order from Newegg, Gamestop, Micro Center and Canada Computers on May 20th, while devices will ship around sometime in June. Additionally, SHIELD will cost $349, so it won’t break the bank too much.

NVIDIA Tegra 4 devices to be announced this quarter

Tegra 4 - Chip Shot_Featured_Large

During a quarterly earnings call last Thursday, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed Tegra 4 powered devices should be announced this quarter as several tablets are in development. Two of the devices will be coming from HP including the HP Slate 21 AIO and the HP Slatebook 10 X2. Toshiba also has a tablet device in the works, the Toshiba AT10LE-A, which will be powered by the Tegra 4. Going down in size a bit, sources believe ZTE is working on a “super phone” that will be powered by the Tegra 4 chip. In house, NVIDIA themselves are working on a handheld gaming console Project Shield that will be powered by the new quad-core chip.

The new Tegra 4 chip was announced earlier this year at CES 2013. The Tegra 4 is built on four Cortex-A15 processors and 72 graphic processors capable of driving 3200×2000 LED displays with Ultra HD video. Running at 1.9 GHz, the Tegra 4 is the company’s successor to the Tegra 3. Although slightly less powerful, the Tegra 4i will start to hit the market during the latter half of 2013 with an integrated i500 LTE modem.

Huang sees “these new computing devices becoming like entry-level PCs.” NVIDIA is trying to throw as much power into the devices as possible as they think performance will be a differentiator for buyers in the future.

source: Tom’s Hardware

NVIDIA releases teaser video showcasing Arma Tactics on Project Shield



It’s been a while since we’d heard about any games based off NVIDIA’s upcoming Project Shield portable gaming console. NVIDIA certainly realized that and took some time to present a teaser video of a special port of Arma Tactics. The teaser video pretty much showcases everything we’ve come to expect from a Project Shield-based game: awesome graphics, fluid visuals, smooth effects, dynamic shadows and intuitive controls. Yeah… it’s mouthwatering— we know.

It’s looking like the port of Arma Tactics will not only hit Project Shield devices, but Tegra 4 and Tegra 3-based devices as well— so make sure to keep your eyes out in the Play Store for the imminent release in the near-future. In the meantime, check out the trailer video at the source link for yourself.


source: Droid Gamers

Riptide GP 2 splashes down on NVIDIA’s Project Shield device


Ever since NVIDIA announced the Project Shield device at CES 2013, they have continued to produce videos for a variety of games coming to the Tegra 4 powered mobile game console. The latest title to be highlighted on NVIDIA’s site is Riptide GP 2, a jet-ski racing game. It should be no surprise that a game involving so much water would show up to help demonstrate some of the capabilities of NVIDIA’s latest chip.  Read more

NVIDIA demos Tick Tock Game’s New “Burn Zombie Burn!” for Project Shield


NVIDIA has hit a home-run with their new Tegra 4 gaming console.  Dubbed Project Shield, this new console plays host to a myriad of games ranging from live streaming PC games to our favorite, Google Play Store mobile games.  NVIDIA has outdone themselves with this impressive handheld game console, and IMO will make a believer out of gamers everywhere with their new innovative gaming system.

Are you a fan of doom and gloom?  Have a hankering for the smell of dead flesh?  Do you wish you could be the sole survivor of a zombie apocalypse battling your way through wave upon wave of flesh eating living dead?  Then guess what, this game is for you!  On Project Shield’s 5-inch Retina Display touchscreen display this game looks amazing.

Players have a weapons arsenal at their disposal (flame thrower included, of course) as they fight through level upon level of awesome zombie goodness.  The ultimate goal?  Who cares, we get to kill zombie scum from the comfort of our comfy sofa!  Head past the break for the video demo.

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Zombie survival game Dead On Arrival 2 looks to push NVIDIA’s Project Shield


NVIDIA is definitely looking to blur the line between console gaming and handheld gaming. The latest gameplay footage shows zombie survival Dead on Arrival 2, optimized and enhanced for the Tegra 4 in Project Shield, and it looks fantastic. A better physics engine and dynamic lighting are just a few of the improvements that are specific to the Tegra 4, and NVIDIA even hinted that Project Shield should be able to handle multiplayer in this game. Sound exciting? Hit the source below to check out the video.

source: NVIDIA

NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 chip won’t ship until July



It appears that we are are going to wait a little longer before we finally see all the things that NVIDIA has cooking for us in 2013. According to NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, the upcoming Tegra 4 chip will not ship until mid-July, which means most Tegra 4 devices won’t ship until at least August or September:


“We ship Tegra 4 starting in Q2 [of fiscal 2014]. We are ramping production now and we will have full production release. [The second quarter] is when we ship to customers. Q2 is also when we ship the Tegra 4 based Shield device…Although it is in the latter part of Q2, it is going to be in Q2.”

Unfortunately, that means that revolutionary mobile gaming device Project SHIELD will be slightly delayed too. Here’s hoping the extended wait will be worth it for all you fanatics out there.

source: electronista

Need for Speed Most Wanted gets showcased on NVIDIA’s Project Shield


Earlier this year at CES, NVIDIA announced a new gaming device they called Project Shield. Project Shield is unique in that the device is essentially an all in one gaming device with the controller and screen. Project Shield runs on Android which means all of the popular games that have been released on Android will work seamlessly with the device. However, NVIDIA took it one step further when they announced that Project Shield is capable of streaming games from GeForce GTX 650+ enabled PC’s. Last week NVIDIA showed us a Real Boxing demo, and this week they are showing off Need for Speed Most Wanted running from a PC to Project Shield.

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