[TA Deals] Pay what you want for this impressive Web Hacker Bundle


Programming always seems very complicated, and expensive to learn, but what if there was a way you could study Python, MYSQL, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, and other programming tools without breaking the bank? Well, there is, thanks to Talk Android Deals, you can learn how to use the previously mentioned programs and more by paying what you want for the Web Hacker Bundle. Read more

[TA Deals] Pay what you want for this awesome Web Hacker Bundle


Almost everyone likes the idea of programming. After all, there’s so many things you can do with it on the web, whether that be creating rich, multimedia websites or picking browsers apart searching for bugs and exploits. Have you ever tried actually programming yourself, though?

It can be somewhat expensive, and thus a risk, but now through Talk Android Deals at a pay what you want price model, you can learn everything from basic HTML and CSS to something more complex like Python, PHP, and even Ruby on Rails.

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Google may be working on traditional TV service over Internet


According to a recent report, Google is working on offering a traditional TV programming service that would be delivered over the Internet in competition against typical cable or satellite TV providers. For several years now, companies have been working to add a variety of Internet services to their TV hardware leading to things like Netflix coming preloaded on Blu-Ray players or directly on televisions. Google would turn this model on its head though, taking the hardware people typically use for Internet services and offering TV programming on it. Read more

Google IO 2011 site goes live – registration starts Feb 7


Google has put up their Google IO 2011 site for registration which starts Feb 7th. You can go to the site and get a good look at the sessions planned along with the schedule buy clicking on the Sessions tab, and the Agenda tab. The conference will cost attendees $450 until April 16th, then $550 afterwards until the event which lands on May10th – 11th 2011. Students and faculty will only need to pay $150, as well as an optional Bootcamp session for another $100. Awesome!

So what does Google have in store at the IO this year? If you happen to make your way to the Sessions page, you’ll see schedules for Android and web app building for Google TV, a highlights session on Honeycomb for Android tablets, as well as sessions for programming and development tools. Just what every budding developer needs to survive.

[via Google IO]