LG ships record 14.5 million smartphones, experiences strong financial growth during Q2


It is no secret that LG was no longer content to watch Apple and Samsung battle for supremacy in the smartphone and tablet markets. This prompted the company to increase their efforts at producing devices consumers would be interested in, like the recently released LG G3 or their L Series of devices.  Those efforts seem to be paying off as LG announced they shipped a record 14.5 million smartphones during the second quarter and their mobile division turned a profit for the first time after three consecutive quarters of losses.

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Samsung hits record profit, chip margins provide a big boost


Everything seems to be going great right now for Samsung. Last year’s Galaxy S III bested Apple’s iPhone in a touchscreen accuracy test, and the company has apparently sold more than 40 million Galaxy S 4 handsets. Now, Q3 of 2013′s financial numbers have come in. Samsung recorded a record profit of $7.76 billion. That is a lot of cash. While smartphone margins are plateauing, they have found success in chips due to their margins almost doubling since last year. According to The Wall Street Journal, “the importance of Samsung’s chip unit–comprised of memory and logic chips–is being highlighted as it now accounts for roughly one-fifth of its total operating profit.” That is a very impressive increase in both margins and growth. Samsung may put more of a focus on their chip business if margins continue to grow.

Amongst all of the cash that Samsung is sitting on, no one knows what they will do with it. The easy answer would be to acquire other companies, possibly to assist the launch of their inevitable wearable products.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

HTC financial profits for Q2 2013 take a turn for the worst, down 83% from last year


Things certainly could have been a whole lot worse for the Taiwanese manufacturing mogul, but this news is pretty bad. HTC have reported a profit of  $40 million USD after tax from revenue of $2.33 billion USD.

Their numbers are a lot better than the reported profits of $2.48 million USD from last quarter, clearly due to the release of the HTC One to more markets and due to fixes in manufacturing issues, but this quarter’s numbers were expected to be much higher.

HTC’s stock price on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange has already fallen a full dollar since the start of July, leaving it at $7.20. The company is certainly going to be in trouble and in dire need of help if they can’t find a way to boost their profits.

Samsung grabs 95% of global Android smartphone profits in Q1 2013


As we reported before, over 900 million Android-powered smartphones have been activated since the platform’s debut in 2007. While its no surprise that Samsung leads the herd over HTC, LG and Sony (among other competitors), it may come as a shock just how much they dominate by. According to a report by Strategy Analytics, Samsung captured 95% of Android’s profit in the first quarter of 2013. 
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Samsung Posts Record $5.9 Billion Quarterly Profit on Smartphones

The very first Samsung Android phone I used was the Samsung Behold II. I won it from a contest and I was beyond excited to power it up when it arrived at my doorstep. Well, after about a week, sadly, my excitement was short lived. It constantly froze up on me, music wouldn’t load properly and the onscreen keyboard lagged and was inaccurate. Fast forward, the Samsung Galaxy S III has been released and due to it’s popularity, retailers are selling through them at incredible rates. 
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T-Mobile Takes Slight Revenue Hit Last Quarter, Loses 50,000 Customers

T-Mobile has just posted their Q2 earnings statement and frankly we’re a little concerned.  The company posted a loss of 50,000 customers last quarter which isn’t all that bad in comparison to the first quarter where the company lost a whopping 99,000.  In addition, total revenues are slightly down $1 billion from its reported $5.2 billion the previous quarter with service revenues still steady at $4.6 billion.  That’s a 1.7 percent decrease from about one year ago this time in Q2 of 2010.  So why the dip?  Philipp Humm, T-Mobile’s CEO, says it’s due to a “challenging market”.  On a positive tone, the fairly new CEO focused on the rapid expansion of the company’s HSPA+ 42 mb/s aka 4G and that nearly 30% of its customers are sporting either a 3G or 4G handset, a “company high” according to Humm.  Could this be attributed to the rapid closing of the AT&T/T-Mobile acquisition?  What do  you think?

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Google’s Android OS Could Bring In $1.3 Billion In Mobile Ads in 2012

Remember back in ’08 when Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, dismissed Googl’s Android OS, stating that he believed that “building it was financially unsound for Google”?  Man, he’s gotta be biting his tongue right about now.  Well, even we have to admit, at first the business model for Android did sound a little…odd, being there was no foreseeable revenue, initially.  But then again, who are we to question the successful search giant?  However, the question does still remain, how is Google making money from Android?  Well, ad revenue, duh.  You know, those little annoying ads that pop up on your mobile device?  Yep, they are there for a reason.  
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HTC predicting record revenue in Q4

HTC, one of the biggest manufacturers of Android handsets, is expecting quite the revenue numbers in Q4 of this year. The company says they plan on not only doubling their smartphone shipments out to 9 million, but also plan on bringing in at least $3.3 billion. This would bring the expected smartphone shipments in units to be 24.5 million, which would double last year’s.

While HTC doesn’t rely solely on Android for their platform, it’s obvious that Google’s OS has played a huge part in their success. As HTC told Reuters:

We believe the overall pie is still big enough to have at least three to four tier-1 players enjoy the growth momentum.

We look forward to seeing where the market heads with this kind of competition, as good capitalism always leads to great innovation.

Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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Motorola mobile unit reports first operating profit in 3 years

When you think Motorola, you don’t generally think “broke”. These thoughts are usually reserved for hobos, Blockbuster, and Zip Disk manufacturers. Now, it looks like Motorola’s mobile unit is making sure to keep out of that area, as they have reported a non-GAAP operating profit of $3 million. While that’s not too terribly much, considering the fact that the company sold $2 billion in phones, this is the first time in 3 years Moto Mobile has seen green in their wallets rather than a black void.

The company has seen nosediving profits ever since the RAZR went out of style, but with their focus on Android for the future, it’s not surprising to see them start to pull out of their downhill slump. Motorola as a whole also reported a non-GAAP earning amount of 16 cents per share, beating out the estimates 10 to 12 cents an sales of $5.8 billion. While this isn’t yet cause for shouting from the rooftops, it’s a good sized step on Moto’s way out of the woods.

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