Microsoft Office files are seamlessly integrated into Skype for Android


Today, Microsoft is seeing two of its biggest businesses form a better relationship. People using both Office and Skype will be very happy to know that Microsoft is enabling seamless transition between the apps. If someone sends you a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file on Skype, the communication platform will redirect you to to the appropriate app that displays it.

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Word, Excel, and PowerPoint updated with a whole host of new functionality


Microsoft is in the midst of pushing out a series of nifty updates for its Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications for Android-powered smartphones and tablets via the Play Store. The upgrades bundle a plethora of new productivity features, in addition to a whole host of additional sharing options. As you’d expect, the standard array of bug fixes and stability improvements are also included.

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New Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides updates brings suggestion decisions and more


The Android apps for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are each seeing updates today that improves productivity. Now, users can choose to accept, reject, and comment on suggestions from others. The suggestion is then confirmed and implemented to the file. The mobile apps are also receiving more capabilities. Moving, resizing, and deleting charts can be done with the Sheets app and objects can be reordered with Slides. Slides also has received a speed boost when working with PowerPoint presentations.

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Swipes productivity app now available for Android


Users looking to improve their productivity have a new tool available on the Android platform to help them get to work on tackling their to-do list. Swipes was named a Best New Startup of 2014 by Evernote and has been receiving a favorable reception from users, quickly rising through the ranks to become a popular tool. The expansion to Android will help those who wanted to use Swipes unique gesture support for planning their tasks using a timeline. Read more

Android tablets just got a little more useful with Microsoft Office, Dropbox integration


When it comes to productivity, users are always looking for ways to cut out unnecessary steps in their workflows. On mobile devices, one way developers address this need is to integrate apps with each other so the end user is not forced to jump around between different apps. An example of this is the integration between Microsoft Office apps and Dropbox which was rolled out to some mobile devices last fall. A piece that was missing, integration on the Android tablet versions of these apps, has been eliminated with an update that was announced today. Read more

[App Review] WPS Office is Kingsoft’s beautifully repackaged office suite


Office suites are nothing new to Android, but they have definitely come a long way. Since the late 1980s, Kingsoft has developed and operated a successful office suite. Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets have been at the heart of Kingsoft Office for years. Now, the office suite has a name that matches its focus. WPS Office is Kingsoft Office repackaged, and it is as beautiful and useful as ever.

The app is fully capable of being used on a phone, but Kingsoft has optimized it for tablets. This review will be performed solely from a phone. Hit the break for more.

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