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T-Mobile press release celebrates AT&T customer buyback offer with Star Wars references


T-Mobile’s latest press release is a little different compared to what they normally do. The Uncarrier actually complimented some of AT&T’s practices, instead of taking shots at the carrier. AT&T’s latest move is to offer T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch back to AT&T, which T-Mobile is celebrating as the “greatest T-Mobile trial offer in history.”

In the press release, T-Mobile “quotes” AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega, saying AT&T finally stepped out from the dark side and dismantled the Death Star (seriously) to support to the Uncarrier consumer revolution. For the first time ever, AT&T decided to wake up and put the customer first, de la Vega “said.” The buyback program allowed AT&T customers to test out T-Mobile’s network, since they could switch back if they were unhappy. Read more

LG G Flex gets a release date in Asian markets


The LG G Flex has been tagged with a release date for Singapore and Hong Kong as well as other “key Asian markets.” In a press release, LG says that the G Flex will be available to pre-order for Singapore on December 8 while Hong Kong retailers should have devices ready to go on December 13. Other Asian markets will be announcing their release dates for the G Flex before the end of the year. As for the people outside of Asia, we’ve got nothing for you……yet.

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Sony QX Lens camera series press release leaks (and removed shortly after), promotional video still available


A Sony site accidentally leaked the press release for their QX100 and QX10 “lens-style cameras,” which was removed shortly after. Unfortunately, Sony has asked our source to remove the press release from their site, and therefore, it is now unavailable. However, we do know that they will be announced tomorrow, Sept. 4 at 4:00 PM (London time)— you won’t have to wait very long to get all the juicy details.

Sony did release a video on their YouTube channel which hypes up the two lens-cameras. Check it out after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Lands on Telus April 27th


April 27th is a day to mark on your calendar my friends, that is if you live in Canada. Telus just issued a press release with all the juicy details about the Galaxy S 4. I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, because the date is only important if you preordered the device. If not, you are going to have to wait until May 3rd when the phone becomes available in stores.

The phone will cost you $700 off contract, or $199 with a standard three year Canadian contract plus an additional $50 data plan. You have your choice of white frost or black mist.

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Samsung issues official announcement regarding Jelly Bean update for U.S. version of Samsung Galaxy S III

As Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is taken up by more and more manufacturers on their new smartphones hitting the market in the near future, Samsung is in a bit of tight spot in trying to get their best-selling Samsung Galaxy S III updated to Jelly Bean. An update is needed to help customers who bought the popular smartphone happy and not feeling like their virtually new phone is outdated mere months after its release. Add to that news that U.K. carrier EE plans to make the Galaxy S III available with Jelly Bean pre-loaded and you have the potential to upset the early adopters. Read more

Samsung Introduces TecTiles NFC Tags

We’ve been hearing for years about NFC being the next big thing in the mobile arena, and Samsung has just doubled-down by introducing TecTiles reusable NFC stickers that, when touched with an NFC enabled phone, can perform nearly any action you can dream up.  Along with the release of the NFC stickers comes an app (also called Samsung Tectile) available free in the Google Play Market.  So is this really going to be a big thing in your mobile life?  Click through to find out…

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Now Available from Carrier Three UK


UK mobile carrier Three has announce today they are launching the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. This device is the second coming of their previous Galaxy Ace. The new Galaxy Ace 2 boasts features such as a 3.8-inch screen, 5MP shooter and Front facing VGA camera to compliment, 800MHz dual core processor, and 4GB internal storage. There are a couple ways you can get you hands on this phone. One way is with a couple plans called Essential or Ultimate Internet 500 for £22 ($35) per month. Another option is the pre-paid or Pay As You Go. Purchase the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 for £230 ($363) and choose an All in One plan which offers various options which includes “all-you-can-eat data”. Which could be a great option based on the direction carriers are headed these days with the contract based plans. Hit the jump for all the details from the press release.


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SwiftKey 3 Beta available for download to VIP members

Ever since it arrived on the market with a Splash, third party replacement keyboard SwiftKey has gone from strength to strength. It’s still my personal keyboard of choice and has made me 27% more efficient, saved me 23,463 key strokes and corrected over 11,155 typos… apparently. There are a huge choice of replacement keyboards on the Google Play Store, each promising a different unique selling point so it’s important to keep innovating in order to stay ahead of the game. Touchtype, the developers behind SwiftKey is doing exactly that and has an exciting new update on their official website, providing that you’re a VIP member.

SwiftKey 3 Beta is available to download now in the VIP lounge and brings a number of creative new features. The highlight of the new release is ‘smart space’ a feature that detects when you’ve accidentally missed hitting the space bar and joined numerous words together, auto-correcting it for you in real time. There are a number of other improvements such as easier access to punctuation keys, improved layout and bigger keys. You will also find a number of new themes available including Ice Cream Sandwich Holo for all you Android purists out there.

We hope to see the full release hit the Play Store soon, however if you simply cannot wait then head on over to the VIP lounge and get yourself signed up. Be warned though, the servers are taking a pounding at the moment so you may need to show some patience.

You can also check out the video guide and the full press release after the break.
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Sony flagship Xperia phones set for the US via Brightstar

Living in the US and itching to get your hands on Sony’s flagship Xperia Android phones? Wireless distribution giants, Brightstar has got you covered as it’s set to bring the Xperia S, Xperia U and Xperia P to our doorsteps. No dates have been announced as yet  however watch this space as we’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as we have more news.

President of Sony Mobile Communications North America, Paul Hamnett quoted “We are thrilled to expand Sony Mobile Communications’ presence in the U.S. with Brightstar, offering a broader range of our Xperia portfolio to consumers”

Sony is really working hard to turn around its fortunes in the Android market. Sony Ericsson never really hit the heady heights achieved by big rivals such as Samsung and Motorola, and the newly founded Sony Mobile Communications is determined to right that wrong. The new devices have arrived to critical acclaim , if Sony can back that up with a solid worldwide distribution strategy then it may well be on the verge of an impressive turnaround.

Will you be looking to pick up Sony’s latest offering over that of Smasung, HTC, Motorola et al? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to check out the full press release from Brightstar after the break.

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8GB NOOK Available Now for $199, NOOK Color Reduced to $169

Today, Barnes & Noble officially announced the smaller 8GB version of the NOOK tablet. The device is pretty much the same as the original 16GB model except it has half the storage capacity and 512MB or RAM instead of 1GB. The new 8GB NOOK is going to run $50 less than the original and will sell for $199, available now online and in stores. This new version of the eReader will now be in direct competition with the uber popular Kindle Fire and it will be interesting to see how the two tablet’s sales figures will compare head to head.

Along with the 8GB NOOK announcement, Barnes & Noble today also announced the the NOOK Color will now be offered at the discounted rate of $169. You can read the full press release after the break.  Read more