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Sony’s Xperia XA and X are now available to pre-order in Europe

Xperia XA Colours

Sony announced its new X series of smartphones at MWC 2016 yesterday that consisted of three 5-inch handsets with a varying level of specification. While the Xperia X Performance has Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 820 processor providing the grunt, the Xperia X carries a Snapdragon 650 chip, with the Xperia XA making do with a MediaTek MT6755 octa-core processor. Sony’s new range may only be officially launching in the summer, but the Xperia X and XA handsets are already available to pre-order from Amazon (Germany). Read more

Galaxy Note 4 preorders sell out in South Korea

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4_Charcoal-Black_Front-Pen_02Samsung has already announced they were planning on speeding up the launch of the Note 4 in South Korea to try and create some momentum after Apple’s iPhone launch, and right now it’s looking like that was a smart move. Early reports say all three major wireless carriers have completely sold through their preorder stock of the Galaxy Note 4, which means there is some pretty strong demand for the device.

SK Telecom is the largest carrier in South Korea, and they cleared their stock in just 9 hours. KT and LG Uplus managed to sell out in three days. Since the preorder period was just from September 18th to the 25th, it’s apparent that customers jumped on the chance to get in line for their device. Read more

Oppo Find 7a now available for preorder, includes extra battery, flip cover, and SD card with purchase

oppo find 7a

Oppo has put their latest Find 7a up for preorder at a pretty reasonable $499. The device features a 5.5-inch full HD screen, a Snapdragon 801 CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and a 13 megapixel camera. It’s currently one of the cheapest options for a Snapdragon 801 powered device, not counting carrier subsidies.

Oppo is also tossing in a handful of extras for purchasing a device, including a navy blue flip cover, a 32 GB microSD card, and a spare 2,800 mAh battery. Those accessories would very like cost over $100 if you bought them separately, if not more, so that’s not a bad deal at all. Read more

T-Mobile taking pre-orders for Galaxy S 5 on March 24th, no down payment required


If you’re ready to place your preorder for the Galaxy S 5 on the Un-Carrier, you’ll be able to get in line this week. T-Mobile will open up preorders for the device on March 24th, and you won’t have to put any money down up front. You’ll still be on the hook for the 24 monthly payments for the device afterwards, but hey, being free up front still looks nice for Samsung’s latest flagship.

The $0 down payment option will be available until March 31st, so if you’re planning on being an early adopter of the device, T-Mobile is a solid option for getting your hands on one. We’ve already seen that customer interest in this device is very high, so it looks like they’ll lock in more than a few customers with this deal.

For the full press release, hit the link below.

source: T-Mobile

Walmart to begin taking Galaxy S 4 preorders on Tuesday


If you’ve been itching to preorder the Galaxy S 4, you might get that chance starting this week. According to some internal material for Walmart, preorders for the device start this Tuesday, the 16th. There’s no word on pricing, but it will launch on multiple carriers. Nothing really groundbreaking there, but it’s good to see some dates.

AT&T has already announced the 16 GB version of the device will run $199, while the 32 GB will be $249. I can imagine that pricing will be similar on the other carriers, and in Walmart. I guess we’ll know in the next few weeks, either way.

source: Phone Arena

HTC One preorders to begin on AT&T this week, $249 for 32 GB variant


If you’ve been holding out and waiting for preorder information on the HTC One, we’ve finally got some news for you. There’s no official release date, but if you’re on AT&T, you will supposedly be able to preorder the 32 GB variant of the HTC One in a retail store on April 5th, or online on the 4th. Pricing is $249 for the 32 GB base model, which is a bit higher than what we’re used to, but you do get a big chunk of storage. The 64 GB model is rumored to be $299, but those models won’t be available in time for preorders.

The 5th is just a few days away, so I think we can expect some official news from the carriers pretty soon. Hopefully we’ll get a release date out of them, too.

source: Engadget

US HTC One hits “several hundred thousand” preorders


Despite rumors of hardware problems and delays for HTC’s One, it still looks like demand for the phone is insanely high. Early reports say the early responses to the phone are “fantastic” and preorders in the US have already hit “several hundred thousand.”

HTC is saying that demand for this phone is the greatest they’ve ever had for a phone, which is some positive news for a company that’s otherwise seen a rough, rough year. Hopefully these preorders get filled in the US pretty quickly, considering HTC said US phone supply shouldn’t be affected by their component restrictions.

source: Focus Taiwan

AT&T and T-Mobile post sign up page for Galaxy S 4


Now that the S 4 is official, I’m sure everyone is wondering when their carrier is going to offer the device. We don’t have any official word on that yet, but like what we saw last night with a few Canadian carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile have launched pages letting you sign up to be the first to know when your new gadget becomes available, and how much cash it’s going to set you back. Hopefully we’ll get some preorder information out of the page in the near future as well. Hit the links below to check out the pages for each carrier.

source: AT&T


Rogers begins taking HTC One preorders


The HTC One, officially available March 15th on a huge assortment of carriers, is now up for preorder on Rogers in Canada. New and existing customers can reserve the device for launch day for $149.99 on a three-year contract. And anyone that preorders before March 22nd will be entered in a drawing to win a free Sharp HDTV, complete with an HTC Media Link accessory. Unfortunately, that probably means the One won’t be available on Rogers before the 22nd, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

source: Rogers

Gamestick console now available for $79 preorder



Android gaming has been growing in popularity since the inception of the platform in 2008. Currently, the only drawback to Android gaming is the fact gaming is generally limited for use on Android smartphones and tablets at this time. Fortunately, a kickstarter project called the Gamestick was introduced which allows for Android gaming to be brought to your TV set via a small console and controller in one, giving Android a more traditional method of playing various Android games. Now the wait is almost over as preorder sales have finally begun, a full month ahead of their global retail launch. Preorders for the device are $79 which is amazing considering that for the same price, you can only buy a major or new released title of any current generation gaming console. Check out the press release below and let us know if you plan on buying one of the new Gamestick consoles.

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