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Original Galaxy Note owners getting multi-window Jelly Bean update soon

If you’re an original Galaxy Note owner, we’ve got some good news for you. Samsung recently released a statement stating that they’re getting ready to release an update for the original Galaxy Note that includes all of the multi-window “Premium Suite” features that have made their way to Samsung’s more recent flagship devices. Once the update hits, the 5-inch “phablet” will get Air View, Multi-window apps and the “easy clip” functionality that allows you to crop and share images and text all with a few taps of the stylus. Best of all the update is based on Android Jelly Bean, so you’ll get to enjoy the sweet flavor of Google Now. No word yet on when the update will begin rolling out, but it probably won’t be too much longer. Check back here and we’ll keep you posted as soon as the update goes live.  Read more

Samsung releases second video showcasing additional features of the Galaxy S III premium suite upgrade

Last week Samsung released a video highlighting many of the features that will be on the upcoming premium suite upgrade for the Galaxy S III. There’s still more features as they just released part two. This one shows you Paper Artist, Low Light Shot, Best Face, Easy Mode, Sound Balance, Setup Wizard, and Camera Easy Snap. Just hit the break to check it out.

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Samsung Galaxy S III To Get Premium Suite Upgrade, Makes The Jelly Bean Update A Whole Lot Tastier


So you own a Galaxy S III, but haven’t gotten that coveted Jelly Bean update yet— but are itching to get an idea of what to look forward to in the imminent update? Well great you’re in luck as Samsung recently posted a video highlighting its Premium Suite upgrade found in a special update. Similar to what is seen on other Samsung devices, Galaxy S III owners who are likely to be due for the update can look forward to items such as Contextual Awareness actions like Page Buddy which allows your Galaxy S III to predict your intentions based off your actions (think of when you plug in your earphones, the device automatically opens the music player) or Enhanced Features like the coveted Multi-Window multitasking feature.

While it is cool to get an idea of what users could potentially look forward to– unfortunately Samsung highlights the Premium Suite “availability and timing will vary depending on the country and mobile carrier”, so it’s uncertain of if most Galaxy S III owners will see the update. However, we’re holding out hope that most (if not all) Galaxy S III users will get to utilize all the cool features. Hit the break to get an idea of what the Premium Suite entails exactly.

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Samsung Teases Galaxy Note ICS Update and Premium Suite [Video]

Hot off the heels of Samsung’s announcement of the Premium Suite and Android 4.0 update for the international Galaxy Note comes this detailed teaser video showcasing the forthcoming software update. The Premium Suite will include many new S Pen enhancements, an update to the S Note app that includes the ability to add video and change font styles and sizes, and shape match and formula match, which automatically matches shapes and symbols you draw. Updates to S Memo and email have also been included.

The update includes the full-on TouchWiz launcher and skin, unlike the TouchWiz-free mockup Samsung used in a contest graphic yesterday. Also, Angry Birds Space will come pre-installed and will include 30 exclusive levels for Galaxy Note users.

So when is it coming? The best we get is Q2 of this year for the international update. No update plans have yet been released for the AT&T version. Hopefully it won’t take too long to come to the States.

Check out the video after the break.

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