MOGA Pro Power and Hero Power controllers now available


If you are a gamer, you are going to want to check out the new line of MOGA gaming controllers. These new controllers for Android are available now and step it up a notch with MOGA Boost Technology. Not only are both controllers rechargeable, but they will also charge your phone while you play. There’s nothing worse then getting hooked into a game and watching your battery drain to 0%. Now you can game till your heart’s content.

The MOGA Hero Power for $59.99 (pictured below) is the more portable offering while the MOGA Pro Power for $79.99 (pictured above) is for the more serious gamer. Both work on Android 2.3+ and are at MOGA’s website and Amazon right now. They will also be available at Best Buy, GameStop, Sprint, Target, and Verizon soon. Hit the break for full specs for each controller.

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MOGA controllers with Boost technology coming soon, will charge your phone while you play


PowerA is will introduce two new controllers next week at E3 that sound pretty exciting. They already offer two of the best controllers for Android phones in the MOGA and MOGA Pro. These new controllers will be based on the same designs, and will feature what they are calling Boost technology. In a nutshell, these new controllers will charge your phone while you are playing so you can play longer. I would assume they will have a pretty large battery in the controllers, but they didn’t specify the size.

Both controllers will have support for multiplayer gaming on the same screen, better ergonomics, improved Bluetooth radios, support for more than 100 MOGA Enhanced and HID compatible games, and the MOGA S.M.R.T. Lock arm for securing phones to the controller. Those few people using a Windows Phone 8 device will be happy to know that they will now be able to use these controllers. For Android users, the MOGA controllers are compatible with Android 2.3 and higher.

You can expect to be able to buy these bad boys in the fall. Full presser after the break.

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Hands on with the PowerA MOGA Pro gaming controller [Video]

PowerA released the MOGA gaming controller for Android phones late last year, which is the perfect on the go controller to turn your Android phone into a mini gaming system. Now at CES they are stepping it up a notch with the MOGA Pro gaming controller. PowerA built this controller around their Fusion controller for consoles, which is one of the finest gaming controllers available today. The MOGA Pro will cater to serious gamers and it includes higher quality sticks as well as a a second pair of triggers. It also has a rechargeable battery as opposed to the MOGA that runs on 2 AA batteries. Thankfully it charges using any microUSB cable, which will make things easier on the go. Just like the MOGA, the MOGA Pro will fit Android phones of various sizes including the Galaxy Note II. Now I know a lot of you like to play your games on a tablet, and MOGA put together a really nice foldable kickstand for your tablet. It will come with the MOGA Pro and it will prop up your tablet for easy gaming.

You will probably be able to buy the MOGA Pro within the next couple of months. No word on pricing yet, but hit the break to check out the hands on video. I think you will agree that this just might be the finest controller for Android.

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PowerA Announces MOGA Pro Gaming Controller, Gives Us Another Way To Play Console-Style Games On Android Devices


Today marks a joyous day for all you gaming fanatics as PowerA has officially taken the wraps off its MOGA Pro gaming controller here at CES. Similar to the original MOGA gaming controller, the MOGA Pro is a full-sized controller which transforms your Android device into a full-fledged mobile gaming system. The MOGA Pro comes fully decked out too as it will have dual analog sticks, 4 action buttons, a traditional directional pad, two shoulder buttons, two shoulder triggers, rechargeable batteries, USB charging cord and a tablet stand. Additionally– the controller can work with many different types of smartphones thanks to the MOGA arm and complimentary Pivot App, which can secure phones up to 3.2 inches wide. Or if you are the type that prefers your devices to function wirelessly, there’s full Bluetooth support too– meaning the MOGA Pro can work with most smartphones and tablets.

There’s no set price available for the MOGA Pro at this time, though PowerA has confirmed we should see the accessory in stores and online by Spring of 2013– which isn’t too long of a wait from now.

Additional details can be found once you hit past the break to see the full presser.

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MOGA Mobile Gaming Controller Gaining Support From Top Game Developers

Sometimes a good idea comes around but there’s not much consumer buy-in, possibly bad marketing, or there is poor developer support. I think most of us can admit that the way mobile games have come along in the past 12 months or so that a proper controller is needed to get the most out of games now. The only problem is the whole idea is moot unless the developers jump on board. Well it looks as if that momentum is gaining a bit – at least regarding the MOGA Mobile Gaming Controller from PowerA.

Two recent AAA games that released with MOGA controller support were Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Gaining support from the best developers is usually critical in pushing ideas forward, while almost making other games’ compatibility ‘mandatory’ just so another game doesn’t have an automatic advantage over it.

This is good news for us as consumers and gamers. The full list of games that have already launched, updated, or will soon be updated with MOGA support are:

  • Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Dead Trigger
  • Wild Blood
  • NFL Pro 2013
  • Jet Set Radio
  • Tiki Kart 3D
  • Expendable Rearmed
  • The Bard’s Tale

Here’s to hoping that this list continues to grow.

source:  Canadian Online Gamers

[Hot Deal] Get the PowerA MOGA gaming controller for FREE today only

We recently reviewed the PowerA MOGA  gaming controller for Android phones. It simply is the best gaming controller available with over 30 games already compatible with it. At $49.99 it’s a pretty good price, but how about FREE? As you know, Modern Combat 4 was just released, and in celebration of that, they are allowing you to order the MOGA for FREE. All you have to do is pay the shipping, which amounts to about $5.00 depending on where you live. If that’s not enough, since Modern Combat 4 is MOGA compatible, they are also going to provide you with a code to download the full game for FREE.

So lets sum it up, you get the MOGA gaming controller and Modern Combat 4 for approximately $5.00 in shipping fees. Sounds like an incredible deal, and if you’re looking for a last minute gift idea, this could be it. There is a limit of one per customer so you might want to keep it for yourself. To get this deal, all you have to do is enter SecretSanta at checkout. I just did it so I know it works. The deal will run until midnight PST tonight. I am told they are giving away tons of controllers, but supplies could run out, so I would suggest getting your order in sooner rather than later. Hot the source link to get started and happy gaming!!!

source: PowerA



PowerA MOGA controller now available at AT&T for $49.99

If you’re a mobile gamer, the PowerA MOGA controller just might be one of the best accessories available. It has already been available in stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, and Toys  “R” Us, but you can now find it in over 1,150 AT&T stores nationwide. So when you’re picking up your brand new Android phone this holiday season, you can pick up your MOGA at the same time for $49.99.

“AT&T has great Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X that are a perfect match for the MOGA Mobile Gaming System,” said Eric Bensussen, President of PowerA. “When holiday shoppers venture to AT&T stores to pick up these popular devices on their family’s wish list, they can also pair it with a MOGA and create a perfect gift for mobile gamers.”

For more information about the MOGA, make sure to check out our full review here.

Full press release after the break:

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PowerA Moga Controller hands on review: console-like gaming on the go

I think we are at the beginning of a boom for smartphone/tablet controllers. With the console showing signs of decline, all eyes are on on the mobile community. There are two elements that need to be met in order for mobile to take over. First, you need quality games, and second, you need good controls. Each and everyday we are getting closer and closer to console-like games, but what about the controls? We already have a number of controllers available, and nothing has excited me too much until now. The problem with controllers is that there’s no place to put your phone. If you try to put it on a table, it’s awkward, and it just doesn’t work. The PowerA MOGA Bluetooth controller takes care of this problem and gives you a complete portable mini-gaming system for $49.99 (available October 21). Does it live up to the hype and is it worth your hard earned dollars? Hit the break to find out.

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PowerA’s ‘Moga’ Bluetooth Gaming Controller is Sure to Change the Game

Ever noticed how Android games are becoming more and more refined yet the ability to control them hasn’t? We are starting to see console quality games on phones and tablets and even more so on Tegra 3 devices. The only problem with having these awesome games is that the on screen touch controls never really seem to improve. I’ve found that the best way to play a game on my tablet is with a Bluetooth controller but when I want to use my phone I find that propping up the device when I am out and about can be quite annoying. Enter PowerA’s Moga bluetooth game controller for Android devices, a sure fire end to annoying game play on Android smartphones. Read more