RIM invites Android developers to port apps to BlackBerry 10 in ‘Last Chance Port-a-thon’

Sure, porting Android applications to run on BlackBerry devices isn’t fresh news by any means, but with the impending release of BlackBerry 10, RIM is attempting to bulk up its App World offerings in time for the big reveal. The Waterloo based company has already held two previous “port-a-thons” in an effort to get new developers on board, and it appears as though RIM is holding a final “last chance port-a-thon” before devices begin to hit the market later this month. Read more

Nexus S Gets Unofficial Android 4.0 [Courtesy of XDA]

If you are anything like me you must be getting excited to see ICS first hand, not only in person, but on your very own device. Not every one is going to be able to run out and purchase the new Galaxy Nexus and some can hardly wait for the official ICS update to roll-out for scheduled devices.

The peeps over at XDA have taken the wait away for you brave Nexus S owners who are willing to port an early unofficial build. The build is pretty close to the real thing but it is definitely not official. This build is based on an earlier version of ICS and some of the new Android 4.0 features are missing. There have been reports of minor issues ones that by no means make the device unusable: a few of the new icons are missing, NFC is a bust, the camera might have some glitches, and this build is sans facial recognition.

If you have a rooted device and are familiar with flashing ROM’s you may want to give this a whirl, if not I suggest just waiting it out a couple more weeks until Google pushes out the official release. Reports are saying that for an unofficial port it is super stable so if you’ve got a brass set and want to give it a try, hit the link below. Remember, anything YOU do to YOUR phone is at YOUR own risk!

[via XDA]

Google Voice allows number change – or keep old number for $20

Want to change you number but thought you couldn’t on Google Voice? Hold the phone, GV allows you to change you number at no cost, while also allowing you to keep your old one for $20. Things have changed since way back in the early Google Voice Beta stages where they assigned a number for you, and we welcome it!

When you grab a new number and keep the old, calls and texts will go to both, but will only show the replacement number for any outgoing calls or texts, so it may be best to alert your contact list of the number change, even if you’re keeping the old one. Find out more here at the Google Voice Blog.

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Sprint rolling out Google Voice April 26th – updated

Sprint googlevoice

Sprint will be launching Google Voice to all Sprint customers who use Google Voice, allowing users to port their Sprint mobile number as their Google Voice service without any additional fees or penalties. The flyer making its way around the web right now shows it’s going to be available on April 26th.

They’ve been testing this service for some time now, and according to those who got a chance to test it, it’s working pretty fine. If you get a chance, sign it up and let us know how it is!


We have heard several rumors that the service is already live and Sprint customers are able to take advantage of this service now. If you are a Sprint customer, let us know if you can get your Google Voice number ported vefore April 26th in the comments below. Why wait!

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HeLauncher All in one Launcher UI – one launcher to rule them all


Many have had the opportunity to use more than one Android device, and if you have, you’ve also noticed how different some of the Home screens and launchers can be between manufacturers.  Different UIs like HTC Sense UI to Motoblur, sure enough, they put they’re own flavor into every Android bite of dessert you want to try out.  If you haven’t had the chance to try out other UIs on different devices, don’t worry, we have a solution for you from XDA member HandlerExploit which brings the best of any Android launcher and puts it all into one little package called HeLauncher.

HeLauncher is the culmination of several launcher UIs, and brings them into one easy launcher that allows you to switch between the launcher that best suits your workflow any time you like without having to install several different ports that eat up your resources, making your Android very slow and unresponsive. Below explains it best from the developer;

HeLauncher is a free home replacement for Android. The home application is the center piece to the users entire Android experience. Device manufacturers like to modify the home application to give the user a different feel for their device, to make their specific device stand out against the crowd.

What makes this home replacement different is that all docks included in this app, have been ripped from home applications from the main manufacturers and blended into one home application.

So if you want to check it out, hit the application thread here, and please let them or us know in the comments on how it works on your device, good or bad.

[via xda-developers]

Sprint gives $125 credit to move your number

sprint port

If you’re looking to get a smartphone, but you’re on another carrier, Sprint will give you $125 credit for moving your number to Sprint when you activate a new 2 year contract for a smartphone device. In case you’d rather get a regular feature phone, Sprint will give you $50 credit instead .You’ll see the credit show on your bill 60 days after you’ve started the plan with Sprint and completed filling out the credit forms.

For more information, you can visit Sprint online, or contact a sales rep by phone, or go to a Sprint location nearest you. Sweet deals!

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Scoreloop Assisting iOS Developers with Android Game Porting

As all of you in-the-know people are aware (and if you’re on this site, clearly you’re in the know), Android has seen an exponential increase in sales and users over the past couple of years. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to bring their hard work to a larger user base, many iOS developers have been making Android versions of their apps. Jumping into a completely different app development ecosystem can be a daunting task however, and Scoreloop wants to ease that process as much as possible. With the launch of their “Go Android” program, Scoreloop has put in place a support system to help developers with porting, testing, and launching an app in the Android Market. Scoreloop also offers an SDK for enabling cross-platform gameplay, ensuring that early adopters of the Android ports will have actual opponents to play against. For Android users and iOS developers alike, this sounds like a great opportunity. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments! Full press release after the break.

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Honeycomb Available Now In Flashable Zip For Your Nook Color

People who purchased $400 plus tablets continue to bite their tongues over those who purchased Nook Colors and are having a grand o’l time modifying the heck out of them.  We’ve seen the Nook Color do some incredible things over the past couple of months thanks to some enthusiasts over at XDA.  Well, why should the news stop there?  In recent Nook Color glory, XDA member samuelhalff has expounded on deeper-blue’s work and pieced together a flashable zip file of the Honeycomb 3.0 port.

According to user feedback the build is pretty solid, though the developer does warn of some bugs, so be aware that you are attempting this at your own risk.  Other than that, if you’re ready to give it a go, then head on over to the XDA developers thread and check it out for yourself.  Don’t forget to stop back over at Talk Android if you have this baby up and running on your Nook Color and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Google Voice allows porting number option then takes it down


Today users of Google Voice had seen an option that many have been waiting for, Google Voice had added the option to port your mobile number. As you can see in the pic above, the option was there, along with a friendly reminder that once you do this, your carrier may be so upset at you for leaving them that they charge you early termination fees, and we know how much that can add up to on a newly signed contract.

Unfortunately before long, the option was mentioned by Google to be the result of “testing” being done, and may not appear for all Google Voice account holders. Then, shortly after that…the greatest trick Google ever pulled was convincing us the porting option didn’t exist…it got yanked down. It may be back, sooner than we think as Google had this to say;

We’re continually testing new features to enhance the user experience. For a limited amount of time, we’re making the Google Voice number porting process available to users. We don’t have any additional details to share at this time, but plan to offer this feature to all users in the near future.”

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for this option again. Let us know, how happy would you be to use Google Voice on your Android phone rather than your carriers phone service plan?

[via Engadget, Google Voice]