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Breathe new life into that old android phone by turning it into an personal media player


As new devices continue to come out, chances are you will find one that really catches your eye. Of course that means you’re stuck with the old device unless you sell it on Swappa or trade it in. However, it seems used smartphones are depreciating a lot quicker since newer phones are hitting the market just as fast. If you can’t sell your old device or you don’t want to, then do the next best thing. Take that old phone and turn it into a portable media player. Not sure about how to go about doing that? Well you’re in the right place. Hit the break to get started.

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Quick Rant: Android Portable Media Players Are Not Just A Waste Of Consumers’ Time And Money, But A Waste Of Time And Money From Android Manufacturers As Well


As Android continues to grow as the preferred ecosystem among people worldwide, we are seeing an explosion of innovative and impressive devices. I’m not talking about an explosion of just smartphones either. We are seeing an explosion of devices designed to improve your TV, full-fledged gaming systems, innovative tablets and even a nifty camera or two. Now while those type of Android devices are impressive and all, there’s a type of Android device that I failed to mention and for good reason— Android portable media players or PMPs for short. Android PMPs are neither innovative nor impressive– compared to other Android counterparts. Generally speaking, Android manufacturers generate buzz and excitement for various products, yet consumers never hear anything about PMPs and see any real excitement or reason to talk about them. Knowing there’s no real push or excitement for PMPs, is it really important for Android fanatics or even the average consumer to go out and buy a PMP? More importantly, is it important for manufacturing giants like Samsung to continue churning out PMPs, despite there being no major push or excitement these devices? I will respectfully say no to both questions.

In the interest of full disclosure— even though I am an editor of this great Android website and have a great deal of passion for the Android ecosystem, I’m by no means an Android fanboy. I own numerous Apple products including an iPod Touch for my commutes on the New York City Subway or for use when working out. I love technology as a whole— but when it comes to having my personal media player on the go— music, video, pictures and gaming for example— I would rather use an Apple iPod Touch before using an Android PMP, without hesitation. The Apple iPod Touch has set the standard when it comes to managing a consumer’s personal media, while giving the same consumers items like an impressive display, abundant number of applications and plenty of accessories for starters. Android PMPs on the other hand often feature uninspired designs, horrendous features (i.e. lackluster displays or Gingerbread) and few, if any accessories available. Simply put, Android PMPs are a waste of money and resources for consumers and manufacturers and that’s why the average consumer should not even bother with Android PMPs. I’m sure many of you are interested in seeing my reasoning for my strong claim, so go ahead and jump past the break to see my thoughts in greater detail.

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Could This Galaxy S III Look-a-like be the New Galaxy Media Player?

If this isn’t Samsung’s newest Galaxy Media Player then honestly, we don’t know what it is. It looks as if it’s sharing the bezel and overall design of the Galaxy S III while also sharing most of the same widgets and applications. The new media player will rock an eye-popping 5.8 inch screen – a full inch larger than the Galaxy S III (measured diagonally).  However, it will sport only a qHD (960 x 540) TFT LCD display, so images won’t appear as crisp as on the Galaxy S III. As far as muscle, we’re looking at a 1GHz dual-core processor, which is plenty for most people, especially when compared to other competition out there.

One feature of note is the stereo speakers found on the player which will make it more usable in noisier environments.  Other disappointments include the fairly lackluster 3.0 megapixel camera and the fact that it comes with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.  However, this shouldn’t hinder most buyers who are in the market for such a device.  Unlike the Galaxy S III, this new Galaxy media player will in fact come in black from the onset rather than waiting a few months after launch.  The player hasn’t been officially announced yet so obviously launch specifics aren’t known at this time.

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Samsung Galaxy media player commercial released

The Samsung Galaxy (YP-G50) portable media player hasn’t gotten much attention since its unveiling at the IFA. Now, Samsung has released a commercial featuring this portable media player powered by Android 2.1. This device is expected to go on sale in many regions this month, but has apparently already become available through a French e-tailer.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy PMP include:

  • Android 2.1
  • 3.2 inch screen
  • 2MP camera
  • DLNA capability
  • Wi-Fi
  • 8/16GB internal memory
  • microSD card slot
  • GPS
  • SoundAlive
  • DivX
  • FM radio

Hit the jump to view the Samsung commercial for the YP-G50!

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