“Android apps” are the most favorite feature of the Nokia X according to a poll conducted by Nokia


The Nokia X is the first Android powered handset by Nokia which generated quite a buzz. It was recently reported that the pre-orders of the handset reached 1 million in China in just four days, although we later found out that no payment was actually required to pre-order, it was more of a registration to be eligible to enter the contest.

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Washington Post poll results: Google favored over Apple and Facebook



In a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News by telephone, it was found that as a company, Google is favored by consumers over Apple and Facebook. Overall, 83% found Google favorable, while 10% found it unfavorable, and 7% had no opinion. 72% found Apple favorable, while 16% found it unfavorable, and 12% had no opinion. Surprisingly, only 60% found Facebook favorable, while 30% found it unfavorable, and 10% had no opinion.

The poll used a sample of 1,007 adults, using both conventional and cellular phones, and was conducted from May 29 to June 2, 2013.

Are any of you surprised by these results? Not surprised? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Washington Post

Nexus S 2.3.3 update changes your screen color slightly

There’s been a bit of buzz online about the new Nexus S Android 2.3.3 update making the coloring on the display a little ‘different’ than what it was before the update. Google’s Ry Guy has let us know that this update and the effects on the coloring is intended to tweak the Nexus S display, and therefore, it was expected.

With your new OTA complete, you may notice a slight difference in the way colors are displayed on your Nexus S. For Nexus S, we have adjusted the color temperature settings to more accurately reflect darker colors at all brightness levels. The Gingerbread UI being darker, we found that the colors were not as accurate when the device was being used at lower brightness levels. For example, some users reported that the initial color temperature was too high leading to some darker greys having a reddish tone; with the new color temperature this is no longer the case.

Engadget went on and updated their own Google Nexus S and found the update did in fact change the color. Whether this is intended or not, still leaves some upset about the changes, as many Nexus S users have reported their unhappiness on forums as well. Here is a good look at the changes from Android 2.3.2, to 2.3.3, which Engadget is happy with after the update. I have to say as well, it does look like an improvement overall. have a look below.

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Google wants your suggestions to help improve Tasks!

Google is calling on us loyal Google/Android users to voice our opinions about the Tasks capability in Gmail. If you’ve ever thought Tasks could use some improvement or maybe more features, now is the time to voice your opinion.

For the next couple weeks, the official Gmail blog will be running a poll. At this poll, you can cast your own unique ideas about what improvements or features you’d like to see in Tasks or vote on the ideas of others. Check the poll out and participate here.

The poll will remain open until November 19th. Get your ideas for Tasks in ASAP!

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Who makes the best mobile OS? Google by a landslide

As voted upon by the Wall Street Journal community. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear there was something up with these numbers, as I would expect a little closer of a poll. I mean Google eating Apple (no pun intended) is always nice to see, but even by this margin, it’s a little surprising.

Well you know what they say, 60% of statistics are made up on the spot.

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