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Play podcasts right in the Google app


On Monday, podcasts went live on Google Play. Now your episodic listening habits can be satisfied by using the same digital hub that stores apps, games, movies, and music. But if you just want the quickest way possible to listen to podcasts, the Google app might just be your best avenue. Today, the Google app went live with in-app playback for podcasts after just searching the name of the show.

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Use DoggCatcher, BeyondPod or PodTrapper? Add Presto To Speed Up Playback

I’m a huge fan of podcasting especially since my commute is about an hour and a half both ways to work.  I’ve chosen to make my commutes as productive as possible by listening to various tech shows, how to’s and anything Android related.  You’d think an hour and a half is a long time to get all my podcasts completed, but when you have a list of shows as big as mine that can be a difficult task.  One app I’ve recruited to help get the job done is Presto for Android.  Presto works in conjunction with your podcast or audio player and gives you the ability to speed up playback so you can complete it in no time.  However, different players allow for different speeds.

I currently use DoggCatcher as my primary podcast player and Presto works fantastic with it.  I’ve experienced no bugs during playback whatsoever.  With DoggCatcher you can listen up to 1.5 X the normal speed of the playback.  I was able to listen to an hour long podcast somewhere in the vicinity of 40-45 minutes.  Ready to give it a try?  The app will run you $4 bucks in the Android Market and you can also snag it from our apps database where you’ll find a QR code for your convenience.  However, if you heavily invest in podcasting like I do, you’ll agree it’s well worth that price.  That’s about the only con I found with the application, the rest are all pros.  Hit the break for some more developer info and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   Read more

DoggCatcher Podcast Player Gets An Update, Version 1.2.219 Adds Playback Speed Altering And More

DoggCatcher, everyone’s favorite podcasting application for Android has just received an update.  The new update adds features like altering the playback speed using the app Presto ($3.99) via a 1X toggle switch on the player.  Want to hear that one hour long podcast in a half an hour?  Now you can, thanks to this highly anticipated feature.  There is a new Auto Play toggle switch that has been added to the player as well.

The addition now allows you to listen to several podcasts in a row as defined in your audio play list.  Another nice feature is the “Now Playing” slide up tab loaded with all of the info of the podcast you’re listening to along with a list of RSS feeds with a scrollable page and click-able links to the site’s feed.  Hit the break for some more pics of the app and to check out the developers full list of specs.  The app will run you $6.99 in the market, but if you ask anyone who’s ever used it, they’ll tell you it’s worth every cent.  The link to our database and QR code is after the break.   Read more

DoggCatcher Gets Updated To Version 1.1.1823, Adds New Functionality And Gets UI Tweak

Although we just recently mentioned one of our favorite Pod Casting apps, DoggCatcher, we thought it would be worth noting again in a separate post, as the developer has just given it an update.  Now at version 1.1.1823, the update provides a cleaner, streamlined UI.  In addition, he added a theme option which allows you to toggle between dark and light backgrounds.  Furthermore, when playing a particular pod cast, you can now see the title directly above the player no matter where you navigate within the app, so you’ll always know which feed is currently running.  And while most are complaining about the small fonts, I think the minor UI refresh compliments the app very well. Read more

TalkAndroid InfoByte: Episode 14 – 1/3/11

TalkAndroid InfoByte – 1/3/11

Welcome to the new TalkAndroid InfoByte, our weekly Monday Podcast that gets you caught up on the week’s news.
You can either stream it to your browser (above), or you can download it here. We should note that, if you click the stream link above (play button next to the link) from your mobile browser, it should open up in your Android media player.
The RSS feed for the podcast is available here.