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Contest: Not on Verizon and want to play Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles? We are giving away 20 beta keys!!

It is time for another TalkAndroid giveaway. This one is from Spacetime Studios. We reported earlier that Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles has entered beta, but as a Verizon V CAST exclusive.

For now, if you are not on Verizon Wireless, you are left out in the cold, but TalkAndroid has you covered as we are giving away 20 beta keys.

Full rules:

  1. Leave a post in this forum thread telling us why you want a beta key
  2. Additional posts from the same user will be ignored.
  3. The contest ends 11:59pm eastern on July 9, 2011.
  4. Winners will be picked at random and contacted via email.

**Entries will only be accepted in our Forum thread above. Comments to this actual post will not be included.

Good Luck.

TalkAndroid at E3: Meeting With Spacetime Studios

Spacetime Studios invited us to spend some time with them and their new project Space Legends. Some of you might know them from their very successful mobile MMORPG (MMMORPG?) Pocket Legends, and they are releasing a space-themed pseudo-sequel called Space Legends. I visited with Gary Gattis from Spacetime for about twenty minutes, and he talked about the project and gave us a (very short) video run-through of the opening of the game. More after the break.
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Pocket Legends Developer Says They Make Substantially More Money From Android than iOS

While Android has come a long way in the gaming world, there are many who contest that it is still very inferior to Apple as a gaming platform. ¬†Protagonists love to cite “fragmentation” and an obstacle to developers, saying that it’s just not worth it for people to make game for the Android platform. ¬†Well, Spacetime Studios, deveopers of the wildly successful mobile MMO Pocket Legends, would argue that point.
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TalkAndroid’s Top 5 Free Thanksgiving Apps

Thanksgiving is upon us people, which means the holidays are in full swing. For some people Thanksgiving can be quite the undertaking, involving long waits at airports, driving, massive family gatherings, and perhaps heading down to wait in line for Black Friday sales. Whatever you’re doing tomorrow (or Friday for that matter), we’ve got you covered with our top 5 free Thanksgiving apps which will help you with all your food, travel, and shopping needs.

Continue after the break for our list.

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