Plex announces its support for Android TV and the upcoming Nexus Player


Plex, the service that serves already-owned user content to a multitude of devices, announced today that it will have a home on Android TV. More specifically, the company expressed excitement that it would be available on the new Nexus Player. Plex has been working with Google since April to get the service up and running in time for the launch of Android TV.

Here is what Plex said in a blog post:

We’re really enjoying the fresh take that Android TV brings to the table: bold, clean UI designed from the ground up for “lean back” viewing from your couch, and custom home screen recommendations based on your viewing habits are right up our alley, and they mean that Plex and Android TV are a perfect fit.

We would have to assume this means that Plex is going to be available at launch. The Nexus Player goes up for pre-order on October 17.

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Plex Pass camera upload feature now available for Android devices

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If you use Plex (and Plex Pass) you probably know there’s a feature where you can automatically upload photos into your Plex picture library. If you like the feature, you’ll be happy to know that the feature is finally available in the Android Plex app.

You’ll still need to subscribe to Plex Pass, but otherwise the feature works pretty flawlessly. It’ll automatically upload any new photos on your device to your Plex library to be viewed on any other device you use. Pretty handy.

source: Plex Blog

Plex makes Chromecast support free for everyone


When Plex first added Chromecast support to their app, it came with a caveat – users had to signup for the PlexPass subscription service to cast media. That is changing with an update to the app that is rolling out to Google Play. Now, anyone using Plex can cast media to their Chromecast device. Although casting support is now available to all users, PlexPass or no, Plex is still not a free solution.
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Looking for an alternative to Plex? MediaBrowser now works with Chromecast


Ever since Google opened up the Google Cast SDK, we have seen a number of apps that allow you to stream your own content. Plex is probably the most popular and widely used one, but the fact that the Chromecast feature still comes at an extra cost has turned a few off. If you’re looking for an alternative, you might want to check out MediaBrowser. They just updated the Android app and desktop server with Chromecast support.

MediaBrowser works much like Plex in that you install the server software on your Windows desktop. Just like Plex, it will go through all your media and add rich metadata and cover art. You can then access your media from anywhere using your Android phone or tablet. MediaBrowser will handle all transcoding on the fly. You can also access your server from other devices like the Roku, and as of yesterday, you can cast your videos and music to the Chromecast.

The Android app costs $4.53 and the server software is free. There are no other charges to use the Chromecast function. Hit the break for screenshots and download links.

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Plex comes with Chromecast enhancements in new update

Plex logoA new update for Plex should have users pretty excited this morning. The update brings a host of bug fixes, speed improvements, as well as the addition of scheduled tasks, partial scanning, support for more platforms. Additionally, shared sync is finally here. Media servers are required to have a Plex Pass but users who tie into your server aren’t required to. What this means is that while family and friends may have different accounts, they’ll be able to sync with you. Plex is also getting more Chromecast features.

Users will now be able to cast music and photos to Chromecast. Items in your library can be cast in the usual way. Audio transcoding is available for formats that aren’t natively supported as well. Plex has also added content mirroring to the app meaning that as you look at information on your devices, it’s also displayed on your tv through your Chromecast. On top of that, tweaks and enhancements have been made for a more reliable and efficient way to stream content with higher bit rates.

If you haven’t given Plex a try, you can download it here. Current users should see the update live in the Play Store.

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Google adds 10 new Chromecast apps including Plex, Vevo, and Songza


The Chromecast just got a whole lot better today with 10 brand new apps. Topping the bill has to be Plex and Vevo. Plex is a very powerful media server that lets you stream your own personal media. Vevo is another strong contender that brings your favorite music videos to the big screen.

The rest of the apps are Songza, Red Bull.TV, PostTV, Viki, RealPlayer Cloud, aVia, BeyondPod, and Revision 3.

For more information on each app, just hit head over to the Chromecast app page (link below). For whatever reason, a couple of the apps aren’t appearing at the time of this post, but should appear shortly.

source: Chromecast Apps / Chrome Blogspot

Plex headed for Chromecast in the near future

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Plex is an extremely popular home media center program, and thanks to some early configuration files found in its server software, we’ve got a pretty good hint that it’ll be functional on Chromecast fairly soon. Plex has several configuration files built-in to determine how it should send transcoded video, so if there’s a config file for Chromecast, it’s pretty clear that official support isn’t far off. Plex has always said they were planning on supporting Chromecast, so this shouldn’t be a huge surprise to anyone.

Hopefully this will make a convenient way for users to play local files to Chromecast, which is something developers have struggled to get working properly.

source: Gigaom

Vimeo and Redbox Instant to add support for Chromecast, HBO Go, Plex and more to come next?


What’s that? You’re tired of the content from YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play on your Chromecast already? While I don’t think that’s possible, especially in a week’s time, have no fear! Vimeo and Redbox Instant have been confirmed to be working on adding support for Chromecast.

This move will surely cause Chromecast to be unavailable online for even more time, as the demand for the device has skyrocketed since its initial announcement last week.

Other media sources, such as Vimeo, Plex, HBO Go, Pandora, AOL, Revision3 are all rumored to be working on supporting Chromecast, or are at least “actively investigating and optimistic.”

If you weren’t planning on getting Chromecast before, are you now?

Source: Gigaom

New Plex Update Brings New Transcoder And Remote Control From Mobile Devices


Tired of waiting for XBMC to come to your Android device and ready to get in on some media center action? Well Plex has been available for Android users for some time now and is has recently been updated to version This new version includes features like the ability to accept remote control commands from any of the company’s other mobile clients, while also adding “QuickSilver” media transcoder from the latest Plex Media Server release that’s expected to provide improved video quality, such as devices like the Kindle Fire or the HTC One series.

We know you’re itching to try out the app, so head on out to the Play Store to grab Plex today. The app will run you about $5 and will operate on any Android 1.6+ device.


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