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MediaMonkey for Android is coming soon

If you are a fan of MediaMonkey you will be happy to know that it is being developed for Android by fellow XDA forum member, BulletproofIdeal, to celebrate the upcoming release of the fourth version of the desktop client.

If you are not familiar with MediaMonkey here is how the wiki describes it:

MediaMonkey is a proprietary digital media player and media library application developed by Ventis Media Inc., for organizing and playing audio on Microsoft Windowsoperating systems. By using plugins, it can be extended to handle video and other media formats as well.

This is a work-in-progress beta, but it is well underway. Checkout the list of planned features after the break:

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Adobe Flash Player updated to 10.3 – bug fixes

Adobe Flash Android

The latest version of the Adobe Flash Player has been listed with a few bug fixes and security holes plugged. This brings it to version 10.3, which is available in the Android Market now for updating. The list of fixes is as follows;

  • Enabled NEON optimizations for OMAP4 (Cortex A-9) based devices. (2853030)
  • Corrected an issue on the Samsung Galaxy S where H.264 video at resolutions of 720p and below was not displayed. (2852889)
  • Fixed an issue where app packaging would fail for Android Apps using Flash Player in WebView that set android:hardwareAcceleration to True in their AndroidMainfest.xml. (2834793)
  • Fixed a crash on the HTC EVO that some users encountered with specific video. (2855425)
  • Fixed an issue that caused video frames to stop rendering on long streaming videos (> 1 hour) on some Motorola devices. (2855957)
  • Fixed an issue where touch events were getting delayed with games. (2874651)
  • Fixed an issue where games on freeze when users exit from Full-Screen mode.

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DoggCatcher Podcast Player Gets An Update, Version 1.2.219 Adds Playback Speed Altering And More

DoggCatcher, everyone’s favorite podcasting application for Android has just received an update.  The new update adds features like altering the playback speed using the app Presto ($3.99) via a 1X toggle switch on the player.  Want to hear that one hour long podcast in a half an hour?  Now you can, thanks to this highly anticipated feature.  There is a new Auto Play toggle switch that has been added to the player as well.

The addition now allows you to listen to several podcasts in a row as defined in your audio play list.  Another nice feature is the “Now Playing” slide up tab loaded with all of the info of the podcast you’re listening to along with a list of RSS feeds with a scrollable page and click-able links to the site’s feed.  Hit the break for some more pics of the app and to check out the developers full list of specs.  The app will run you $6.99 in the market, but if you ask anyone who’s ever used it, they’ll tell you it’s worth every cent.  The link to our database and QR code is after the break.   Read more

Google TV gets some updates – still no Market


Google TV just put out some updates which should make several improvements to the platform. The latest build version is now v1.3, and includes the following features;

  • media support for WMA audio
  • better Netflix and CNBC Real Time integration
  • Improved transition between songs in Pandora
  • Support for Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity on Sony devices
  • Support for a broader range of Blu-ray discs

This update went out over the last weekend, and so most of you probably have already received the update, however, you may want to double-check your system settings to see if you’re running v1.3, if not, simply let the update roll in.

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VLC Media Player For Android Gets An Update

VLC, a popular media player which allows you to play video in almost any format or codec known to man, has recently received an update for the Android application.  The developers are still working on this folks, so be patient, as they are currently working on this in their free time.  According to the developers, the app is progressing well and maturing more and more on a daily basis for Android.  Ivoire, a VLC Media Player developer had this to say on his blog:

After two months of work, VLC media player is working quite well on Android based systems. The project still requires a lot of work before any release but we now know that running VLC media player on Android is achievable.

Some of the things they have been working on as stated on the developers blog include: Read more app on Android gives streaming music on the go


If you’re the type of person to love music, but you can’t stand the cookie cutter tunes your local radio station plays on regular rotation, mobile app may be just what you’re looking for on the go. You’ll get streams from top DJ’s from around the world, genre tab for quick selections, audio skip by seconds, and search for favorites as well. This app is EUR 2.99 in the Android Market now. Also, they’re launching a Premium app subscription service in Q2 2011. No charge has been announced yet for that.

The service will give you unlimited listening for the first 90 days, then 5 hours per month. Also something to keep in mind is your carriers data plan. It could go up using this service, so user beware. Unlimited data users need not worry. qr

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DoggCatcher For Android, Best Pod Casting App?

I’ve got a pretty long commute to work and one of the must have functionalities for me is something that would allow me to kill the time.  That’s why Im a huge pod cast buff.  In my opinion, a good pod cast player is difficult to come by these days.  For quite some time, it appeared that Apple has cornered the market with their pod cast integration on iTunes.  And while there are several apps available today on the Android Market for listening to your favorite pod casts, like Google Listen and aCast, I thought it might be worth while to mention another contender that I have been using seamlessly for my pod casting amusement.  DoggCatcher, an excellent pod cast player, is available on the market and is arguably one of the best pod cast players around for the Android platform.   Read more

Cowon D3 Plenue is an Android 2.1 based portable media player, looks pretty slick

We got an email this morning about a new Android-based PMP, the first one running Android 2.1. Granted, it doesn’t look like it’s anywhere near stateside from the shots we’ve seen, but that doesn’t keep it from looking pretty awesome. According to the article sent to us, the Cowon D3 Plenue has:

  • Android 2.1
  • 800×480 3.7 inch AMOLED Display
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • WLAN 802.11 b/g
  • gravity sensor
  • vibration feedback
  • terrestrial DMB
  • FM Radio
  • E-Book
  • Photo Album
  • vocabulary
  • Twitter
  • More applications

The D3 Plenue will come in black and purple, with capacities of 8, 16, and 32 GB, along with a MicroSD expansion slot to rock your tune capabilities even further. Be sure to hit the break for a full gallery of pics, and let us know what you think in the comments. Cheers, Erik!

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Set up profiles in Angry Birds with Angry Aviary

Are you tired of people messing with your oh-so-perfect scores in Angry Birds? If so, then you might want to take a look at Angry Aviary. A once root-only application, this app will allow you to swap Angry Birds profiles on the fly, so now you and another player won’t have to be on completely separate phones to keep track of who’s better than who. I know this app will be great for me and my daughter, as she loves to play Angry Birds on my phone, and doesn’t always *ahem* aim so well.

Be sure to scan the QR code below or click on the market link from your mobile device to get Angry Aviary on you phone now, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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TalkAndroid Live from the Adobe / Android Conference

Welcome to TalkAndroid’s live coverage from the Adobe / Android conference in San Francisco, California! Not everything covered here will be 100% Android related, but it’s all great content. Well the conference has started, so let’s get blogging!

9:41 – Flash 10.1 took 12 months to develop

The challenge for mulitouch is how it’s enabled in OS and does the browser support it. If Flash can’t get interface of multitouch from browser, then they can’t implement it in Flash.

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