Adobe’s Fill & Sign app allows you to fill and sign any form on your smartphone

Adobe Fill and Sign Icon

A paperless office is something that most of us can only dream about, no matter how many steps closer we get to that impossible dream there is always a pile of paper on the desk that threatens the Amazon rainforest. With that in mind, Adobe has handily provided us with another tool to help wean us off paper called the Fill & Sign app.

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Google improves app review process and adds a new age-based global rating system


Did you know that Google has been reviewing all app submissions? We’re not sure exactly when they started, but the initiative began in order to detect violations to the developer policies. Most developers might not have noticed this because Google reviews apps pretty quickly. In most cases, an app will be approved with hours, but in other stores, like Apple’s App Store, it could take weeks.

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The original Transformers movie in HD is free in Google Play right now along with Cold Play’s Ghost Stories


Google launched their 3rd birthday promotion earlier in the week, and what was 33 deals has now grown to 41. I am not even sure what is new since then, but a couple of notables are both the original Transformers movie in HD and Cold Play’s Ghost Stories album for Free. What’s funny about the Transformers movie is that the SD version isn’t free, so make sure you click on the HD version. We have the links for each as well as the link for the full list of sale items below.


Cold Play: Ghost Stories

Play Store 3rd Birthday Sale