Sonos just got a lot better today

by Robert Nazarian on
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I thought it would never happen, but it did. Google Play Music is now partnering with the Sonos music system. Now Sonos users from around the world, in 25 countries, can stream directly to Sonos from within the Google Play Music app on devices or from the Sonos app.

If by chance you aren’t familiar with Sonos, it is probably the easiest way to stream music throughout your entire house. Wireless speakers are as low as $199, and they can be placed anywhere. Now with the addition of Google Play Music, you will have access to your entire 20,000 song library for streaming anywhere in your home.

This this a huge step for Google and could open up the doors for more media players like the Roku or Onkyo AVRs.

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Google adds in support for uploading music to Play Music through Chrome

by Jared Peters on
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google play music

We knew Google was working on adding the ability to upload music files to Play Music directly through Google Chrome, and it looks like that update has finally gone live. It’s still considered a beta lab experiment, so you’ll have to enable it at this link, but once that’s done, you can simply drag music files onto Chrome to upload them to your Play Music library. There are also configurations for uploading tons of music in iTunes, as well as setting up music to upload automatically.

In addition to those changes, Google has also added a pop-out mini player to Play Music, as well as the option to download tracks right from the browser. Looks like Google’s download manager program is all but obsolete at this point.

source: Google Plus

Telling Google Search to “play some music” will launch “I’m Feeling Lucky” radio

by Christian de Looper on
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Google is adding more and more voice commands into both Android and Google Chrome. The latest Android voice command allows users to be able to launch the “I’m Feeling Lucky” radio by telling Google Search to “play some music”

If the user has Google Play Music All Access, the playlist that is played will feature a pretty big selection of content. If they don’t it will play music in the users personal music library on Google Play Music.

Source: @Google

Update to Google Play Music makes it possible to go offline with radio stations

by Jeff Causey on
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Google began rolling out an update to Google Play Music today that will be especially helpful to users who find themselves without any kind of connection to the Internet. Radio stations can now be pinned and can be listened to even if you are offline. Other items included in the update should make the interface a little easier to navigate. » Read the rest

Google Play Music updated to 5.4, brings a host of fixes and features

by Christian de Looper on

google_play_music_5.4_screenshot_1 google_play_music_5.4_screenshot_2

Today Google Play Music was updated to version 5.4 bringing in a number of new fixes and features. The most important new feature is perhaps the new My Devices interface, which allows users to be able to manage and deauthorize devices straight from their phone or tablet, instead of having to do it through the desktop version of the service.

Another big update to the service is the ability to pre-cache whole radio stations to listen to offline. The feature, called Keep on device, which was only used for songs, playlists, albums and so on before, is now also useable for radio stations. Keep in mind that there are some exceptions to this and there are some radio stations that you can’t listen to offline.

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How to sync your iTunes library to your Android device

by Christian de Looper on
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Whether you like Apple’s products or not, there’s no arguing that iTunes revolutionized the way that we consume music. Perhaps that’s why so many people use it as their preferred method of listening to music from their desktop. A big selling point for Apple’s devices is their seamless syncing abilities with iTunes. But what if you have an Android device? Does that mean that you can’t sync your music from iTunes? Have no fear! There are a number of ways that you can sync your iTunes music with your Android devices! Here we will discuss two ways to sync your music from your iTunes library to your Android device. Hit the break to get started.

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Google may allow users to upload songs to Play Music via web browser in near future

by Jared Peters on
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Music App

If you use Google’s Play Music locker service, you know that you have to install the Music Manger app on a computer to upload files off of your hard drive to store in Google’s cloud. If you want to upload local music from a phone, tablet, Chromebook, etc., you’re pretty much out of luck. You’d have to either buy the music from Google Play or add it to your library, if you subscribe to All-Access.

According to some pieces of code in Play Music, we may start to see the ability to upload music directly from a browser, skipping the need for installed software. It was found by an unofficial Google blog, so Google hasn’t said anything about it, but if the pieces of code are there, it clearly looks like Google is considering adding this to their music service. It would be really helpful for people that only use tablets or Chromebooks and don’t have a laptop or desktop to upload files from. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before Google makes something official.

source: Google System

New update for Google Play Music rolling out

by Jeff Causey on
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Following up yesterday’s release of an update to Google’s Play Movies that enables saving movies in low resolution, Google has started pushing out an update to their Play Music app that enables a similar feature for music. Instead of giving users an option to save a smaller file, the app will now prompt users to save their music files to external storage if their device has any available. Google also added a standardized “Share” option to make it easier to keep your friends updated on what you are listening to. The code for this latest update reveals support for the redemption of coupon codes as well, though it is not apparent in the app how that might be done. » Read the rest

YouTube’s subscription music service delayed, eyes early 2014 launch

by Justin Herrick on
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Remember the rumored YouTube subscription music service that was reported in October? Well, it’s been delayed. According to AllThingsD, sources close to the situation say that the service will launch in the first quarter of 2014. It was believed that the service had a chance to launch by the end of this year. YouTube has all of the music licenses ready to go, but the company is internally unhappy with the product thus far. Apparently they are trying to find “the best way to integrate user-generated content, like lipsyncs and mashups, along with conventional recordings and videos.” Upon launching, Google may have to decide how to differentiate this service from Google Play Music All Access. Until an official announcement, we’ll keep a lookout for any other updates.

Source: AllThingsD

Play Music now officially available for Google Glass

by Robert Nazarian on
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Google Glass Play Music_Talkandroid

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced Play Music for Glass, but it wasn’t released at that time. It became officially available yesterday so head over to your MyGlass app to activate it.

If you happened to sideload the apk previously, you will need to uninstall it before activating the official app from MyGlass. In order to do that, you will need to connect your Glass to your computer (assuming you have adb) and run adb uninstall Enjoy!!

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