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Plants vs. Zombies 2 now available in the Play Store


If you’re a fan of mobile gaming, then we have great news for you. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is now available in the Google Play Store! While they teased a launch for tomorrowPopCap has gone live with the game. The iOS version, just like the original, was released a few months ago before reaching Android and the Play Store. This time around, the wait has only been about two months.

In case you’re unaware of PvZ is, we’ll fill you in. It’s essentially a tower defense game in which you control, you guessed it, plants that are trying to stop hordes of zombies. The depth of PvZ 2 is quite incredible. Just like the original, there’s a ton of plants to unlock and control and there are just as many zombies to keep the game fresh. Also, this sequel is free-to-play, so you only pay for upgrades if necessary. If you’re interested in Plants vs Zombies 2, hit the break for download links. Read more

‘Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time’ coming soon, PopCap releases new trailer for game

Plants_Vs_Zombies_2Today PopCap has announced that the sequel to their popular game Plants Vs Zombies, will come out for iOS on June 18th, with an Android version coming later. The game will be titled Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time, and will allow users to play in different themed locations, such as Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, and the Wild West— more locations will soon be revealed. As for the layout of the game, it’s pretty much the same as the original, with plants and zombies on opposite ends of the playing field. However, users will be able to interact with zombies using a new touchscreen power-up feature. The game will be free to play, with in-app purchases of course. PopCap did mention that everyone will be able to access every level and every zombie and plant without paying a cent— the in-app purchases, however, will most likely just speed up the process of upgrading. Check out the new trailer after the break. Read more

PopCap announces sequel to Plants vs. Zombies, Available in 2013

The incredibly popular Plants vs. Zombies franchise is set to receive a sequel in 2013, according to PopCap. Earlier today, the game studio announced that the follow up to the original PvZ is slated to launch in “late spring of 2013”.   The new game will add an array of fresh features, settings, and situations that are “designed to delight the franchise’s tens of millions of fans around the world.

Plants vs. Zombies has proven to be one of the most successful games to ever launch on mobile devices. If you haven’t had the luxury of playing, Plants vs. Zombies offers a unique take on the classic tower defense genre. Instead of setting up a wall of cannons or machine guns, you must defend your backyard by using a plethora of plants. Unsurprisingly, the game can become excessively addicting at times, disappearing hours of your day at a time. If you haven’t had the chance to play the original, it’s currently available in the Google Play Store. Either way, you can catch the full press release after the break.

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EA says “Happy Father’s Day” with 40% off selected Android games

Still not sure what to get your good ol’ Dad for Father’s Day this weekend? Perhaps gaming guru, Electronic Arts’ latest price reductions on selected Android titles will help you make up your mind! In a promotion EA calls “GAMES FOR GUYS” you’ll find up to 40% off specific Dad-tastic titles such as Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Fifa Soccer 12, Dead Space and Plants vs. Zombies.

If you think your Dad would appreciate one of these games to help see out another boring Sunday or if you just fancy picking up a top EA title for yourself, now’s the time to do it! Click the links below for more details.

Fifa 12

Need for Speed

Plants vs. Zombies

Dead Space

Amazon’s Appstore for Android Turns One and Celebrates By Offering Premium Apps Cheap

Well folks, it’s been roughly a year since Amazon launched their Appstore for Android as they looked to change the market game forever with their free app of the day. While at first they offered some great apps like Swiftkey or Plants vs. Zombies there have been complaints that there have been a slew of lackluster offerings for the free app but I digress. In celebration of their one year landmark Amazon has decided to celebrate by offering up their Premium (paid) apps for 50% or more off. For instance, today you can get Plants Vs. Zombies for 67% off ($0.99). Tomorrow they will have two apps discounted then three the next day and so on.

Besides discounted apps, Amazon is also throwing in a chance to win a Kindle Fire to 8 lucky contestants who enter their contest between now and March 31st. Discounted apps and free Kindle Fires aside, Amazon also took some time out of their day to hit us with some number data regarding their Appstore. One of the highlights from that information is the fact that they jumped from offering 4,000 apps to over 31,000. It may not be as many as the Google Play Store but that’s still a decent number of apps.

Hit the break below to find a link to the contest as well as see the top downloaded paid and free apps over the past year. There’s also a break down of highlights and tidbits for you to check out too. Hit the Appstore Birthday Page daily to see what apps are going to be discounted. While most of these apps were free via the Free App of the Day at some point, if you missed them, then here is your chance to get them at a discounted price. Enjoy! Read more

[Quick Review] Pumpkins vs Monsters for Android [Video]

You don’t encounter a lot of apps that have been downloaded over 1,000,000 times with a  4.7 user rating. Pumpkins vs Monsters is one of those apps, and it’s a highly addictive game that is really fun to play. If you are a fan of games like Bejeweled or Plants vs. Zombies! you will love this one. Also, with Halloween only a couple of days away, it’s easy to get into, but I have a feeling your addiction will continue longer after you the ghosts and goblins have disappeared.

The premise is simple; You have an array of pumpkins, but you must match up the different colors in groups of at least three in order to flick them at the monsters that are coming at you. You can also collect coins and other gems in order to purchase other weapons, which you will need because this game gets challenging pretty quickly. You get the option to play story mode, which has up to 90 levels, or endless mode for hours of fun. My only complaint is when tapping the coins and gems (to collect), it’s not as responsive as I would like, but you may find a different experience depending on which device you’re using.

Download links and video after the break.

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Dancing Android Gets Served by PvZ Zombie at GamesCon (Video)

You just got served fool!  That has to be what the main Zombie from Plants vs Zombies was thinking after he ran circles around the infamous “Bug Droid”, Google’s popular dancing mascot.  Sony Ericsson held their popular GamesCon event, and of course, everyone’s favorite fast moving Android was there.  However, the show was quickly stolen by the fast footed brain eating Zombie rockin’ some pretty sweet moves yo.  Check out the video for yourself and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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