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Pioneer updates its Android Auto units with improved voice guidance service

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Pioneer has just started distributing a new firmware update for all of its in-car multimedia units powered by Android Auto. The upgrade carries the version number 1.05x and transports a multitude of bug fixes and stability optimizations to the devices, which include several improvements to the voice guidance service, a new version of AVICSYNC that increases reliability of the integrated navigation system and a smoother navigation interface.

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[Deal] Pick up a discounted Pioneer Android Auto stereo through Amazon

Android_Auto_Screenshot_01If you’ve been waiting for a good deal to get started with Android Auto, Amazon is hosting a deal that just might push you over the edge. They’re offering up Pioneer’s AVIC-8100NEX stereo with a heavy discount off the MSRP, you can pick up one for roughly 900 bucks. It’s definitely not cheap, but considering these things have an MSRP of 1400, that’s a hefty discount.

The stereo has a full touch screen interface and works with your Lollipop-powered device and the Android Auto app. Pioneer’s own interface and Apple CarPlay also work, in case you like to mix and match devices.  Read more

Pioneer joins the Android Auto aftermarket crowd


With all the buzz surrounding Android Auto at CES 2015 this year, you should not have to wait long to buy a new car with your favorite mobile operating system installed straight from the factory. If you have an older vehicle though and want to retrofit Android Auto, you are in luck as several manufacturers are bringing aftermarket solutions to the consumer. We have already seen Parrot announce their Parrot RNB 6 head unit and earlier today Kenwood announced their DDX9902S that will support Android Auto. Now Pioneer is jumping on board as well with three choices for consumers interested in Android Auto enabled devices. Read more

Pioneer updates their heads-up displays to restrain drivers from being distracted


To keep roads safer, Pioneer has refreshed their HUDs (heads-up displays). Rather than fumbling around with smartphones or looking away at a navigation system, Pioneer is placing a clear piece of plastic just above the windshield. The HUD’s main focus is on the GPS; however, more information like speed and time can overlap so the driver won’t have to look away from the road.

A major drawback of Pioneer’s HUDs is positioning. If the driver is very tall or very short, they may have to adjust the HUD often. Clearly that’s the opposite of what Pioneer wants to do. While the ND-HUD10 will be available in Europe (600 Euro) and Japan (60,000 Yen), the ND-HUD2 will only be released in Japan for 100,000 Yen. For a look at Pioneer’s new lineup, hit the break.

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ARLiberator brings Android experience to your vehicle head unit

Yesterday we saw an example of HTC creating some hardware to interact with their HTC Butterfly smartphone and earlier this week we reported on the DIAL project to bring easier interactivity between Android devices and smart TVs. Today we have an example of how Android developers, with the help of an Android-friendly manufacturer, are extending the ecosystem in vehicles. Pioneer makes some head units for their vehicle systems that let you control the radio using an app called Pioneer AppRadio2. stackTrase Software has taken that platform and extended it so that your Android device can be mirrored on the vehicle’s head unit using their app called ARLiberator for AppRadio. The mirroring goes beyond showing what is on the smartphone though as you can actually control the smartphone from the head unit’s touchscreen. Read more

Pioneer AV receivers get update to support HTC Connect wireless music streaming

If you’re rocking one of Pioneer’s recent audio video receivers, you’ll be excited to know that the company has just released a firmware update that allows owners to take advantage of HTC’s Connect technology. This means users can now use their HTC One X, One X+, One VX or Droid DNA smartphones to wireless stream music directly to their receivers via DLNA. The news comes just a few months following the initial introduction of Pioneer’s HTC Connect-compatible SMA wireless speakers.

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Pioneer Laser HUD using Android for Navigation Aid

Pioneer HUD

We’ve seen some pretty cool projects where we draw closer and closer to Tom Cruise in Minority Report’s technology in transparent displays. We know all wanted to be Tom just a little.

We’re even closer than you may think! Pioneer’s Network Vision HUD is seen connected to an Android device using lasers to generate images on-screen. How cool is that! We said Lasers! Pioneer is looking to market this technology by the year 2012 as a driving display and navigational aid.

Video below…