Photo Sphere Sees Its Own Improvements Thanks to Android KitKat


With Android 4.4 dropping on us this Halloween, we’re seeing a lot of improvements to all the apps we hold dear. One of those apps is the camera. To that effect, one of camera’s most popular camera modes, the Photosphere, is also receiving a bit of a tune up itself. The update improves both quality and image stitching. On top of that, image rendering has received a boost in speed. Even so, it appears that the stitching is the most notable fix in KitKat.

There should be a decent reduction in stitching errors thanks to the new “optimal seam finding.” This seam finding looks for the most optimal space to stitch individual pictures together to avoid moving objects, people and difficult areas. On top of that, indoor environment stitching has been improved. So look for that on your newly purchased Nexus 5 or your soon-to-be updated Nexus devices.

source: Evan Rapoport – Google+

Having trouble taking good Photo sphere pictures? Check out Google’s “how to” video


Photo sphere first debuted on Google’s Nexus 4 device and has taken pictures to a whole new level. Problem is, it can be quite tricky to get a clear and good Photo sphere picture. They’re not exactly as quick as taking selfie’s. Thanks to Google, they’ve given us a video giving a clear description on how to take good Photo sphere pictures. Check out the video below after the break!

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CyanogenMod announces Nemesis pseudo-skin, Focal camera app first app to be released


In announcing a new camera app for CyanogenMod users, the team also revealed some more information about their Nemesis project announced earlier this week. According to CyanogenMod, the Nemesis initiative is an effort to improve the user experience for Android ROMs built on the Android Open Source Project code, like CyanogenMod. The first example of where the experience falls short is in the camera app, which the CyanogenMod team thinks is lacking when compared to versions released by HTC, Samsung and LG. To correct that, CyanogenMod is releasing Focal, a completely new camera app. Read more

Android 4.3 brings quality improvements to Photosphere pictures everywhere


With the Chromecast stealing the show yesterday there have been a few subtle changes that came with the 4.3 update that may have gone unspoken. One of those changes happens to be to my favorite camera feature, the Photosphere. With the update, stitching and alignment are said to be much better. This will lead to less errors while giving you more level horizons. On top of that exposure compensation for each frame are improved. This should allow more even toned sphere’s in the future. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to that issue being corrected.

Of course, as of this writing Nexus devices are the only ones that can benefit from these changes while Google Play editions should get the updates here in the coming weeks. Here’s hoping that they’re able to extract a working apk for the rest of us non-Nexus toting folks out there. While the camera apk that was leaked from the 4.3 GPe leak earlier in the month gave everyone a chance at snapping Photosphere’s of their own, it’s unclear if it has these improvements baked in. Either way we should start seeing better rendered sphere’s here on out. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to it.

source: Evan Rapoport – Google +

Photosphere Live Wallpaper lands in Google Play Store


Over the weekend we shared the news about the release of the Android app that helps you find and view Photo Spheres submitted by users from around the world. If you were wondering what to do with a Photo Sphere that you find particularly nice, you might want to check out Photosphere Live Wallpaper. With this new app from Kittehface Software, you can use a Photo Sphere for the wallpaper background on your Android device with support for viewing by swiping or tilting your device between screens. Read more

New app provides gallery for Photo Spheres


One of the more popular features of Android 4.2 is the Photo Sphere function in the camera app. While many users continue to wait for Android 4.2 to roll out to their device, they can only look on with envy as their friends with Nexus devices post Photo Spheres to Google+ or they stumble upon one on Google Maps. Meanwhile, Nexus owners are only able to share their Photo Spheres with those in their Google+ Circles, which may make it a challenge to compare work with others. Developer Jakub Kinst hopes to address these limitations with a new app,, which is now available in the Google Play Store. Read more