Google Photos newly updated with Chromecast support and other features

google_photos_072215Google promised some new features for its Photos app, and today they delivered by updating the Android application.

The biggest new feature is Chromecast support for getting your photos on a television or other big screen. This seems like a long overdue feature, but it goes hand in hand with the announcement of Google’s new Chromecast devices yesterday. Read more

Google shutting down Google+ Photos starting August 1st


In deference to their new standalone Google Photos platform that was launched in May, Google has announced that they will start the process of shutting down Google+ Photos on August 1st. This is a rather quick move for Google which seems to keep older platforms lingering for a while. However, the Google+ team says this move is meant to “ensure everyone has the best photos experience” that Google can deliver. Read more

New look at Google Photos starts to reveal direction for the app


As Google edges closer to separating their Photos app from the Google+ platform, an early version of the new app has surfaced for sources to take a look at the direction being taken by Google. Many core features appear to carryover from the way they operate in Google+, but other features are being added along with some new adjustments for users to polish up their photos. Read more

Google+ splits into Photos and Streams in reorganization


In an effort to boost Google+, Google announced that it will be splitting the service into two distinct services in a recent reorganization. Not only that, but it looks like product VP Bradley Horowitz will lead the newly reorganized Google+ endeavor. He will oversee the split with it dividing into Streams and Photos. This comes off a recent interview with Android and Chrome head, Sundar Pichai.

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Google testing cloud backup for external devices in latest Dev Channel Chrome update

chrome cloud backupGoogle appears to be testing a new feature for Chrome OS that will let you automatically upload files and folders from external media devices to your Drive cloud storage. The feature is only available in the Dev Channel as of right now, but it puts a new cloud backup option in the My Files app when browsing photos on something like an SD card or flash drive.

The option obviously only works with Google Drive, and it’s only going to work on devices that are set up using the standard DCIM folder for photos and videos. That means you won’t be able to sync music or documents this way, but Google does offer several other ways to take care of those. Read more

Top 5 Gallery replacement apps for Android [February 2015]


One of the reasons people prefer using Android is the number of customization options it brings to the table. Say you don’t want to use the email client that came with the smartphone, you immediately head over to the Play Store and look for alternatives.

The same applies to the Gallery application. With the Android 5.0 update, most users (of stock Android devices) might have noticed that the Gallery app is replaced by Photos. This can be slightly confusing at first, and a bit of a trouble to use for first timers.

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