Google IO 2016 Coverage

New shortcut option appears in Google Photos app


Over the weekend users of the Google Photos app may have noticed they had a new card showing up in the Assistant portion of the app alerting them to a new feature. The card indicates users can add a shortcut to “Jump from Camera to Google Photos” and it does just what it says, which is to provide a quick way for users to jump from their camera app over to the Google Photos app. Read more

Storehouse comes to the Android platform with latest release


Storehouse is an app designed to help users share photos and videos by creating a web page to share a collage, album or tell a story. The idea is to make the presentation of images a little bit richer and have a little more context than the simple sharing available through most methods and platforms. The problem with the app up until now is that it was not available for Android users. Developer Storehouse Media changed that this week with the release of the Android version of the Storehouse app. Read more

Google Photos newly updated with Chromecast support and other features

google_photos_072215Google promised some new features for its Photos app, and today they delivered by updating the Android application.

The biggest new feature is Chromecast support for getting your photos on a television or other big screen. This seems like a long overdue feature, but it goes hand in hand with the announcement of Google’s new Chromecast devices yesterday. Read more

Google shutting down Google+ Photos starting August 1st


In deference to their new standalone Google Photos platform that was launched in May, Google has announced that they will start the process of shutting down Google+ Photos on August 1st. This is a rather quick move for Google which seems to keep older platforms lingering for a while. However, the Google+ team says this move is meant to “ensure everyone has the best photos experience” that Google can deliver. Read more

New look at Google Photos starts to reveal direction for the app


As Google edges closer to separating their Photos app from the Google+ platform, an early version of the new app has surfaced for sources to take a look at the direction being taken by Google. Many core features appear to carryover from the way they operate in Google+, but other features are being added along with some new adjustments for users to polish up their photos. Read more