Photo samples taken from OnePlus One’s camera surface online

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oneplus-sample-photo (4)

After OnePlus’s Photomania contest, one of the lucky winners took the opportunity to post a set of high resolution photos taken from the OnePlus One camera in different conditions.

The images have an impressive amount of detail along with a decent bokeh. They boast a massive resolution of 8160 x 6120 and weigh approximately 10MB in size. It must be noted that the person who shot these pictures wasn’t a professional photographer, he was rather an ordinary person who got lucky by winning the contest and put the device’s camera to test.

Take a look below at some of the sample pictures and you’ll find more by going to source link provided at the end.   » Read the rest

Twitter enhances photo features on mobile client

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Twitter-for-Android-Receives-Bug-Fix-UpdateGoogle+ probably has the most advanced image tools of the social networks, but Twitter is trying to catch up. Twitter announced new photo features today that include photo tagging and the ability to upload up to four images per tweet.

You will be able to tag up to ten people in each photo with Twitter usernames, without wasting any of the 140-character limit. Tagged users will receive a notification just like a mention. For the second new feature, users will be able to upload up to four images per tweet, compared to the original one that was allowed. The pictures will be turned into a collage, or album of sorts which can be viewed on mobile, desktop, and embedded clients.

The features are going to first roll out on iOS, but we’ll see them on Android soon.

Source: Twitter Blog


Google+ Photo Editor updated with HDR Scape and Zoom

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Google plus photo

Google+ has been improving its built-in photo editor piece by piece over the past few months, and just today the social network added HDR Scape and Zoom functionality.

With HDR Scape, you can apply high dynamic range effects to any picture with just one click. It’s extremely simple and adds a really nice touch to your images.

With zoom, you can use the magnifying glass to zoom in and out, without sacrificing resolution.

To test out the new features, just head over to any one of your Google+ photos in Chrome, and click on “Edit.” You may not be able to access the features yet because they are rolling out in cycles, but they should be available to everyone relatively soon.

Source: +Andre Meyer

Test your Visual Skills in the HTC One Photo Challenge

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HTC is very proud of the shooter on their latest phones the HTC One S and HTC One X. And they should be. There’s been a lot of buzz around the quality of this camera. HTC has taken the opportunity to set up a challenge, should you choose to accept it.  All that is required is for you to head over to the HTC Blog and start the challenge. You’ll be choosing which photo was taken with the HTC One X and which was taken with a professional digital camera. Personally I did not do all that well. I won’t reveal my score, but I could probably think of a few decent excuses why my score was bad. All joking aside, give it a shot yourself and let us know how you did.

source: htcblog

Instagram Founder Says Android App is Coming “Really Soon”

by Stacy Bruce on
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SXSW brought team Android a bit of reassuring news today as one of the Instagram founders said he hopes  ”to have it out to people really soon.” While on stage giving a speech, co-founder Kevin Systrom snagged a Galaxy Nexus out of his pocket and wouldn’t you know it, was running a private beta of the illusive Android Instagram app. Not only was we rocking a bitchin’ Android phone, Systrom also claimed that “it’s one of the most amazing Android apps you’ll ever see,” and said, “in some ways, it’s better than our iPhone app.” (woot-woot!) Our pals over at The Verge even report that during a Q&A, Systrom also said that the Android app was super fast, looks great on Android’s large screened devices, and has built in social media sharing that can reach just about every social outlet available. Well I wish they would share that private beta app with me because I am ready to see what all the hype is about. How about you guys? Are you ready for Instagram to hit Google Play? It looks like we may be getting ever so close now.

source: The Verge

Real Life White DROID RAZR Photos Appear

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Some of you may have already forgotten about the other Verizon phone that is scheduled to launch tomorrow (no the world doesn’t revolve around the GNex), the alabaster DROID RAZR. In case you were debating between the two, our friends over at Droid Life have gotten a hold of some real life white RAZR photos and the thing looks pretty damn sexy if you ask me. I know we have already seen official press shots of the phone, but we have yet to see any good multi-angle photos as of yet.

Since the phone is sitting in Verizon stores as we speak, you know some decent images were just waiting to be circulated. So without further adieu…. I ask you to join us after the break for the rest of the photos. :-D » Read the rest

Verizon Starts to Receive DROID XYBoard Demo Units, Launch Date Still Unconfirmed

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With all the hubbub surrounding the Galaxy Nexus it can be easy to forget about the other great devices getting ready to drop. Take the Motorola DROID XYBoards for example. Although officially announced by Verizon, they are unofficially rumored to launch this Monday, Dec. 12, and haven’t received as much hype as they would have had the GNex not been clouding their release.

Like the Nexus, the XYBoard tablets are starting to arrive and demo units might actually start showing up on Verizon displays soon. So if it’s the latest Verizon 4G slate you’re after, maybe try calling your local Verizon store and ask kindly if they have one of the demo units for you to check out. As far as launch goes, with all the shenanigans we have been seeing from Verizon lately it’s really hard to say. If we get any more news on their release you can bet you will be the first to know.

[via Droid Life]