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Google Camera gets another update with Photo Sphere improvements


Google released an update to the Google Camera on the Play Store just a few days ago that brought some Android Wear functionality. Also part of that update isn’t quite as big, but it does fix a lot of issues that users had with Photo Sphere and related modes.

Photo Sphere has been improved so it has a larger target area, which is extremely helpful in bright sunlight. This change should make creating Photo Spheres much, much easier. Aside from that small tweak, Photo Spheres should use less memory during the stitching process, which will supposedly cut down on crashes in the camera app. That performance change should also affect related camera modes, including Fish Eye, Panorama, and Wide Angle.

source: Google+

Google focuses on camera app with 3 new Nexus 5 commercials


Google has released three new commercials via YouTube for the Nexus 5. The three 15-second spots focus on the camera app, showing off different features. These include the ability to take better pictures of high contrast scenes thanks to HDR+, creating Photo Spheres, and creating animated sequences of still images using Auto Awesome.

You can check out all three spots after the break. Read more

Photo Sphere ‘Compass Mode’ included with latest Google Play Services update


We just posted that Google has released their latest version (3.2.25) of Google Play Services. One of the highlights is the implementation of the Android Device Manager, but another cool feature is Photo Sphere Compass Mode. This means that the Photo Sphere viewer can utilize your device’s internal compass, which will allow you to navigate the sphere by moving your device. This is similar to Street View’s Compass Mode.

Once you have the latest Google Play Services installed on your device, you will notice an arrow icon in the lower left corner of the screen. This icon will disappear when you aren’t touching the screen allowing you to move around freely. If you want to download the latest version (3.2.25) of Google Play Services, click here.

source: Android Police

Google Photo Spheres widget now available for any web site


Slowly but surely Google’s Photo Spheres continue the march toward general availability and usability throughout the web with Google’s release of a widget enabling them to be embedded on any web site. Up to now, Photo Spheres could only load on Google+ and Google Maps along with a couple third-party services that had figured out how to make them viewable. The new widget is not the easiest thing to deploy as web site owners will have to add a call to the Google+ API and then add some extensive code on their site where the Photo Sphere should appear. The Photo Spheres themselves have to be hosted on either Google+ or PicasaWeb. No doubt it will not be long before other developers streamline this process to make it easier for site owners to both deploy the widget and quickly grab the proper URL and parameters for a Photo Sphere.

In the meantime, Android users continue to wait for progress on making Photo Sphere capable camera apps as widely available so they can start to contribute to the library of Photo Spheres.

source: +Google+

Google’s Barra shares some amazing Photo Spheres

Google’s Vice President for Android Product Management, Hugo Barra, shared some Photo Spheres from some of his friends today. The images come from Barra himself along with Evan Rapoport, Sascha Haeberling, Sacha Arnoud, and Lockey McGrath, all taken with the new LG Nexus 4. Locations are from around the world and include both inside and outside shots. Read more

Photo Sphere does tiny planet version of Android HQ

Since Google announced the updated version of Jelly Bean last week, taking it to Android 4.2, folks have been working to get access to the new camera app to use on other Android versions. Much of the desire is driven by the new Photo Sphere function. Photo Sphere is the function that extends the panorama photo feature of the camera to extend to a full 360 degrees on one plane and users can stitch in photos above and below that plane. The effect is to create a virtual sphere letting users pan around a photo sphere looking in all directions, very similar to what you can do with Street View. In fact, users can upload their photo sphere shots to Google Maps to enhance the database for other users. Read more

Android 4.2 Camera app with Photo Sphere now available for Galaxy Nexus

Introduced on Monday, Android 4.2 brings a slew of new enhancements and features that rectify the minor jump in the version number. One of the most–if not the most–heavily touted features is Google’s entirely redesigned Camera and Gallery interface. The new build brings with it an intuitive options ring that pops up wherever you place your finger, allowing you to easily control the focus and various user settings.¬†Also new is Photo Sphere, which has the ability to capture 360-degree images, similar to Google Maps Street View.

You may be thinking, “all this is great, except I don’t have a Nexus 4.” This may be true, but if you have a Galaxy Nexus, the entire new app has been ripped from Android 4.2, and ¬†packaged into a nice .apk for easy installation. Hit the break for download links.

Download Link 1
Download Link 2

Source: Android Police



Google video shows how Photo Sphere works in Android 4.2

Earlier today Google announced the release of Android 4.2, an update to Jelly Bean. One of the big features being touted is the new camera app that introduces a feature called “Photo Sphere.” To help folks visualize the new capabilities, Google produced a video showing how it works and a taste of the final product. Like normal panoramic photo mode, the camera will guide you to where your next snapshot needs to be aimed using a targeting system. Unlike panoramic photos, the app guides you to take some photos on more than one level, some higher and some lower than your initial plane of focus. All the photos are then stitched together to effectively create a “Street View” type photo. You can move right or left, up and down some, and you can zoom in and out.

Anyone want to guess how long before Google enables users to upload these videos to Google Maps, effectively making anyone with a Photo Sphere capable device a part of their Street View fleet? Hit the break to view the video showing this new capability. Read more

Google announces Android 4.2, a new flavor of Jelly Bean

Google has announced the release of Android 4.2, an update to Jelly Bean, that promises to bring a new camera app, typing improvements, and other upgrades to the Jelly Bean experience. No doubt this was going to be part of Google’s announcement at their event today. While a hurricane may dampen the fun that was planned, it cannot stop the march of Android on to bigger and better things. Read more