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Samsung ready with pink Galaxy S4 for U.K. market


While it is possible to find plenty of cases in pink to wrap around your smartphone, sometimes buyers prefer to just get their device in pink without the need for a bulky case. To help those potential buyers, at least in the U.K., Samsung has a pink version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that will be sold exclusively by retailer Phones4u. The device is scheduled to be available for pre-order starting in January 2014 for free with a contract on Vodafone, E, Orange or T-Mobile.

According to Phone4u, they will also be throwing in a wireless speaker valued at £120 ($197 USD). If the Galaxy S4 is not what you are looking for, buyers can also get their hands on a pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy S4 mini.

source: Phones4u
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Sony Xperia Z Smartphone Is Officially Up For Pre-Order In The UK


Those of you living in the UK are one step closer to getting the Sony Xperia Z smartphone in their hands. At the time of this writing, the smartphone is now available for pre-order through O2, Three UK, Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse. Pricing for the device will vary by the retailer and carrier, so you’ll need to hit past the break in order to get all the juicy deets.

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Phones4U Confirms It Will Release The Sony Xperia Z In March


Well— it certainly didn’t take very long for us to find out about when we have an idea of when that sexy new Sony Xperia Z would be available to order. UK retailer Phones4U has announced that residents in the UK will be able to order the phone from March 1st. In addition, Phones4U will be offering select customers the option to pre-order the device in order to ensure that they will be able to secure a device– just in case well you know— it sells out and all like other devices. There’s no word on how much the device will cost as of now, but we’re pretty sure it will more than likely cost a pretty penny…

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Phones4U in UK now has Motorola RAZRi, offering wireless headphones with first 500 orders

Over the last few weeks we have reported on some new Motorola devices ready to hit the market. One of the surprises has been the “budget phone” Motorola DROID RAZR M. At least, that is the name the device will go by in the U.S. Over in the UK, Motorola released the same device with an Intel Medfield chipset and a new name, the Motorola RAZRi.

Interested buyers can now get this Ice Cream Sandwich powered device from Phones4U for free, but you will have to sign up for at least a two year contract at £21.50 (about $35 USD) per month. To help entice early adopters, Phones4U is including a pair of MOTOROKR S305 wireless headphones to the first 500 people to place an online order.

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HTC One X and One S ready for Pre-Order in the UK

We have some good news for UK Android fans itching to get their hands on HTC‘s, 4.7″ quad-core monster. UK high street retailer, phones4u has updated its website with the option to pre-order both the One X and One S from today.

2011 was a turbulent year for HTC and its own executive team would be the first to admit it. As the manufacturer of the first ever Android phone, the first ever Nexus device and ultra successful devices such as the Hero and Desire range, it must have been a bitter pill to swallow seeing Samsung take its place as the king of the Android hill. The Korean giant has produced two Nexus devices in a row and has seen its Galaxy line of devices sell like hotcakes across the world. 2012 may well be the year that HTC strikes back and the new ‘One’ range is certainly equipped to bring the fight.

If you’re ready to get a pre-order in then click the links below and be sure to tell us your thoughts on the HTC’s new range in the comments.


HTC One X pre-order

HTC One S pre-order

Phones4U Looks to Make Upgrading Every Two Years Obsolete

So you’re standing there in your local carrier store and you’re hit with a dilemma. You look around the store and think to yourself, “which of these phones is going to last me a full two years?” Thanks to cell carriers and their two year contracts it’s a dilemma we are faced with often. Especially with companies continually pushing a slew of phones. Heck it even caused me to write out this rant a few days back. Well it looks like Independent UK retailer Phones4U is looking to make 24-month contracts a thing of the past with their new JUMP service.

Standing for “Just Upgrade My Phone” this service will allow you to change your device every six months or so. The way that it works is that the JUMP program splits customers’ monthly bills into part phone service and part “JUMP service agreement.” The phone service part will be payable to the carrier and the JUMP part will be payable to Phones4U. After about six months or so, customers can opt to upgrade their handsets while trading in their current device in the process. The remainder of the JUMP balance being paid on is then offset against the price of the trade-in device, then the cost of the new device is added to your JUMP balance.  Read more

Phones4U in the UK will have the Galaxy Nexus tomorrow at 8:00am

Well if there was one day I wished I lived in the UK, it’s definitely tomorrow. Phones4U confirmed they will have the most coveted phone in the land, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, tomorrow at 8:00am at their flagship store in Oxford Circus.

The first 100 buyers will get a voucher worth £250 for media content, and if that’s not enough, how about free ice cream sandwiches?

For those of you in the UK, I am totally jealous. Please let us know if you scored one.

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Pink Wildfire S available for pre-order at Phones4U

If you thought the white Samsung Galaxy S II wasn’t quite chic enough, the latest offering from HTC might be right up your alley.

Phones4U is now accepting pre-orders for a very pink HTC Wildfire S. This limited edition phone comes with Android 2.3, 720p HD video capture, and a 5MP camera with LED flash.

You can get the pink Wildfire S on monthly contracts starting at £15 per month. The £15 tariff is via an Orange SIM, which will arrive with 100 minutes of calling time and a 250MB data allowance.

Did I mention the phone was pink?

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Phones4U to sell Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani edition

giorgio armani galaxy s

If you pride yourself on being “unique”, and you don’t et a blinding headache from looking at the following webpage, Phones4U will be selling the Giorgio Armani Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S. Yes, that’s correct, you can own a Samsung Galaxy S that is virtually no different from the original Galaxy S, for a higher price. That price of course must solely be to pay Giorgio Armani for his name on the smartphone, because there aren’t any changes other than a tweaked up UI.

For a measly £45.96 per month, with an additional £49.95 upfront charge, this device can be yours. We don’t know exactly when it’s available, but we’re sure Phones4U will make some kind of campaign on it. I mean, there are only 800 of these devices in the world.

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