Mysterious ZTE Olympia coming to T-Mobile ‘soon’

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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New information from @evleaks today — a mysterious device known as the ZTE Olympia is coming to T-Mobile.

We don’t have the slightest clue what this phone is or any of its specs, but we would expect it to be a mid-range, affordable device. According to @evleaks’ tweet, it’s coming “soon,” so that doesn’t give much information either.

Keep checking back here for more information on the device, as we’re sure to get some info on it soon.

Source: ZTE

New Moto X+1 video leaks — it’s blurry, but it’s something

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Moto X+1

Good news, looks like we have another Moto X+1 leak for you guys today!

It’s not much though, as the video is simply a close-up of the device’s screen shot with an iPhone camera. The video is meant to show the pixel density, and the person taking the video said he would take another video with a better camera soon. When that video is released, we’ll let you know.

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Google expected to unveil Android for your car at I/O dev conference next week

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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android car

Android coming to your car’s dashboard was inevitable.

The plans have been pretty much laid out already, and the market is definitely clamoring for it. Apple is even releasing CarPlay to rival the upcoming system from Google.

As of now, it’s going by the name of “Auto Link OS,” (possibly a developmental-stage name — we say this because it doesn’t sound as pretty as “CarPlay”) and Google will be unveiling it at its I/O developers conference in San Francisco next week.

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Got a Chromebook? Got pics? Good news. Auto-sync to Google+ is now live

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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If you’re a Chromebook user with lots of pictures to store, don’t fret.

When you connect your phone/tablet, camera or storage card to your Chromebook, your photos will now be automatically stored to Google+ Photos. Of course the photos will be set to private, so don’t worry about “my eyes only” pics getting out for “other eyes.”

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AT&T offering $50 of Google Play credit after purchasing new phone or tablet with new contract

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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google play att deal

Well folks, the title says it all.

AT&T will be giving away $50 of Google Play credit to customers who purchase a new phone or tablet (with a new 2 year contract) from now until June 17.

After you purchase a new device, you’ll have to redeem a code. From that point, the code will expire on May 15, 2015. You’ll have to have (or create) a Google Wallet account before you redeem the code, though. The cool thing about the deal is that you can purchase up to 10 new devices and you’ll get the $50 credit on all of them, so you can buy new phones for the whole family.

It is an online only deal though, so make sure you don’t make your orders through the store if you want to take advantage of the deal.

Source: AT&T

Vertu unveils newest luxury device for over $11,000 — packs titanium, sapphire and leather

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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For those of you not familiar, Vertu is a luxury smartphone manufacturer that has designed some seriously gorgeous looking devices. Not only are they amazing looking on the outside, but they usually feature top-of-the-line specs as well.

Vertu unveiled its newest device, the ‘Signature Touch’ today, and boy is it beautiful — it will set you back £6,750 (about $11,300), though…

Check out the video and more details about the device after the break.

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New App: PPLCONNECT offers virtual connectivity to your phone for calls and SMS for free

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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A new app is now available on the Play Store called PPLCONNECT. What’s so cool about it? PPLCONNECT lets you virtually connect to your cell phone for calls and SMS for free from your computer, tablet, or even your friend’s device— and it’s all for free!

Although the app is currently in beta, you’ll still be able to take part in most of the important features the app will eventually offer in its full release. This includes sending and receiving SMS from your computer, tablet, or even another phone. All of the SMS are synced between devices and even your own phone’s inbox, so you don’t need to worry about missing any messages if you’re on a different device.

You can even make calls from any device as well, and access all of your contacts on any device (as long as it’s connected to the web in some way, of course).

It seems like a pretty neat tool. Hit the break for screens and the link to the app in the Play Store!

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Google will be linking your Google+ profile photo with your phone number in early 2014

by Jared Peters on
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Google did quite a bit of work on the phone dialer on the Nexus 5 and they’re looking to keep integrating improvements for the foreseeable future. The next item on the list according to a recent Google+ page will be to automatically pair your phone number with your Google+ profile photo. This would allow other people (presumably with Android phones) that that you call to automatically see a picture of you from your G+ page. Whether that’s a good or bad thing remains to be seen, but it’s happening regardless.

By default, all users are opted into this, which will actually start happening sometime in early 2014. Since this sort of sounds like it’s integrating into the Nexus 5 dialer, we may or may not see this on every available phone or Android version. This probably isn’t going to be the last you hear about it before it’s put into action, so we’ll keep you updated.

Cheers Brian

source: Google+