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Sony Mobile approved cases coming soon for Xperia smartphones

Sony Mobile has just announced a partnership with several phone case and accessory manufacturers with the focus being on providing quality protective wear options for their Xperia line of smartphones. CaseMate, Krusell and Muvit are among the several companies now working with Sony Mobile in this new joint venture. This is certainly not a bad move for Sony. Consumers are always drawn to familiar brands that society considers of good quality and reliability. The fact that Sony will stand behind these products says a lot and will definitely boost buyer confidence. Expect to hear more about the final products later this month.

source: sonymobile

How do you protect your Android phone?

Choice is a wonderful thing, for many of us it’s probably the primary reason we own an Android phone in the first place. Speaking of which, it’s hard to beat that initial feeling when you get a brand new device. You remove it carefully from the box, peel off the plastic screen protector and admire it as it gleams spotlessly in your hands. Keeping your phone in such pristine condition throughout its life isn’t easy; however there are numerous solutions on the market that can help. The question is which solution works best? A quick search on the website of any mainstream tech retailer will bring up hundreds of sleeves, pouches, wallets, skins, cases and films. Would you prefer leather, suede, neoprene, plastic, rubber or even “invisible”? I’ve tried various solutions over the years with mixed results.

I’ve been a mobile phone connoisseur since the mid 90’s when Nokia ruled the roost. My trusty 3330 would be thrown in my pocket alongside my keys, coins and wallet without a care in the world. The one and only time I dropped it, I simply popped into town and bought a new exchangeable cover; job done. It was one of my early ventures into the smartphone world that made me re-evaluate the benefits of phone protectors. Back in 2004 I bought a sim-free iMate Jam (HTC Magician) and paid £500 cold hard cash. The store I purchased it from suggested a leather case for protection, which I decided to go for as I could definitely see the benefits. The case in question was a classic design which anyone who has been using phones or PDA’s for a number of years will definitely be familiar with. A couple of pieces of black leather on the front and back, joined by a few strips of black, elastic material with a leather ‘lid’ that folds over the top and sticks in place by way of some velcro tabs. If my memory serves me right, I think it even had a belt clip on the back (did anyone actually use those?). There was no question that this case would protect the phone. The problem was that the iMate Jam was a hefty old device. It was made of metal, as thick as a yellow pages directory and could probably have been used to anchor a small boat. Putting this phone in such a rugged case made it virtually impossible to pocket. It didn’t take long before I ditched the case and it also didn’t take long for me to regret that decision. On a visit to my parents’ house, the iMate was sitting in my shirt pocket. I bent down to pick something up and out it flew dropping a few feet onto the slate finished kitchen floor. I’d gained a sizable dent on the bottom corner and clearly some kind of loose connection somewhere as the device would perform a master reset every time I pressed the top half of the screen. Lesson learned.   Read more

HTC introduce official One S cases, complete with kickstand


Still lamenting the lack of kickstand on your shiny new HTC One S? It looks like HTC might have a solution to remedy the problem. The lucky guys over at Engadget received a batch of official cases for review and promptly posted them online for the rest of us to enjoy.

The precision-molded flexible plastic shell is soft to the touch with grade A build quality, the case only encloses the back of the phone leaving the screen exposed. There are four colours available: grey, granita, navy blue and black. The kickstand is spring loaded and made from metal alloy, unfortunately it blocks access to the micro USB port whilst it’s in use. Not much use for a movie maraton!

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