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Meizu’s MX5 Pro to launch in July with 6-inch 2K display and Exynos 7420 processor


It’s no surprise that traditional Android device manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, et al. are under immense pressure to maintain market share while facing the onslaught of China’s Android handset makers producing smartphones with high-end specifications for mid-range prices. One such manufacturer is Meizu, whose upcoming MX5 Pro smartphone is rumoured to carry a 6-inch display and a processor produced by Samsung. Read more

Large smartphones rule the roost in latest consumer satisfaction survey


When Samsung first came out with a large smartphone, the Galaxy Note, it was derided by many as being too big and spawned the term “phablet” as consumers tried to describe a device that seemed to land in between a phone and a tablet. A few years later though we see several companies producing smartphones in this category and even Apple is selling one, the iPhone 6 Plus, now. In a recent survey of 20 smartphones, consumers ranked these large smartphones high with the top three firmly coming from the “phablet” camp. Read more