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Internet Calling App VoX Mobile Released On The Android Market

VoX communications has released a mobile VoIP app to the Android Market. Being there is a┬ámonthly┬ácharge for this app, I would expect nothing less than for it to function flawlessly for calls. The plans start at $4.95 per month which charges you $0.05 per minute. There is also a 500 minute plan at $9.95 and unlimited calling for $29.95. I’m not sure this is anything to get jazzed up about since there are apps like GrooVe IP that work directly with Google Voice’s servers and let you make data calls for free. The app itself is very well done and snappy, but I didn’t notice anywhere to try it out for free and test its call quality. I think if they really want this to take off they’ll need to implement some sort of trial period. Hit up the break to check out VoX Mobile’s feature list followed by the full press release and market links.

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