Galaxy S II & Droid Razr To Be Among Amazon’s “Penny Pincher” Sale

If you’re due for a smartphone and have been looking for a deal, there’s no better time than now to point your browser to where they’ve listed a number of devices and counting to be among their Penny Pincher sale.  This will be the only time a year and the only site on earth offering high-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II and Verizon Droid Razr for a mere $0.01 through November 28th.  The list is growing and you’ll find other devices from carriers like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon making the cut.  In addition, Amazon while in the spirit of giving, is offering a $100 gift card for anyone additionally signing up for mobile hotspot services with a new two year agreement. Sorry, if you’re currently on a plan already, this will render ineffective for you.  We’re not sure you’re ever going to find a deal like this, so hop on over via the source link and let us know what device you’ll be snatching for the holiday.

Update:  Amazon’s Penny Pincher site seems to be down at the moment.

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[Deal] Amazon Offers All Verizon Smartphones For A Penny; Includes Droid Bionic

Go right ahead, rub your eyes and take another look. That’s right; every Verizon smartphone offered by Amazon will be available for just a penny as part of their Penny-Pincher Sale running until October 17th. This offer is available to customers who add a new line of service to an existing plan or those that sign a brand new service agreement. I’m usually not one to name-drop, but this means you can snag devices like the Droid Bionic, Droid 3, HTC Rhyme and many more. So what are you waiting for? Dig in those couch cushions and start shopping.

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Get a Vibrant for a penny on Amazon, includes free two-day shipping

Yesterday we told you about the deal that T-Mobile put forward where you could get your Samsung Vibrant for $99. Well, for those of you who got the device, an even better deal has sprung up today.

On AmazonWireless, you can get the Samsung Vibrant, a Galaxy S phone, for one penny. There isn’t a much better deal than that. The phone runs on a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, and features a 4in Super-AMOLED screen. The T-Mobile Android phone was previously $99 on AmazonWireless, which was still a good deal.

Oh yeah, and if you order your Vibrant from AmazonWireless, not only do you get one of the top Android phones out there, you also get it shipped to you in two business days, no extra charge. I honestly think that this is the best deal out there right now. So if you didn’t pounce on the great deal yesterday, then you better jump on this even better deal.

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