Pebble Time concludes Kickstarter campaign, pledges exceed $20 million


Late in February, the successor to the very popular Pebble smartwatch was announced. Just as the original, the Pebble Time found its home launching through a Kickstarter campaign. Consumers could make pledges and receive units of their own for less than the future retail price. We knew that the Pebble Time would be successful on Kickstarter. After all, the original Pebble was backed by nearly 70,000 people. The Pebble Time surpassed that mark with 78,471 backers and a pledge total reached $20,338,986. This means that the Pebble Time holds the title as the most funded project in Kickstarter’s history.

Backers will start receiving Pebble Time units in May.

Source: Pebble Time (Kickstarter)

Pebble Time unveiled, color e-paper smartwatch with 7 days of battery life


As expected, a Pebble smartwatch with a color screen was unveiled a little while ago. Called the Pebble Time, this smartwatch has a similar e-paper display as the original, but it’s in color. It also has the same great battery life with 7 days. The Pebble is the most popular smartwatch that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Color isn’t the only thing new with this watch as it has a thinner design (20% thinner) and sports a microphone for responding to notifications or taking voice notes.

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Pebble app version 2.3 hits the Play Store with Android Wear compatibility

pebble_firmware_updatePebble recently announced that they were bringing Android Wear compatibility and actionable notifications to their smartwatch platform, and those features have finally gotten the green light for users. The update is available on the Play Store and brings the Pebble application to version 2.3. This update will let any Android Wear app work with the watch, plus you’ll get the ability to quick reply to text messages with some predefined responses.

You’ll also see some bug fixes, as well as the new option for apps and watch faces to update while Pebble is idle. You can see the full changelog below. Read more

CommandWear adopts Pebble smartwatches for first responder solution


CommandWear Systems announced today that they have adopted Pebble smartwatches as part of a solution they make available for first responders. The CommandWear system involves components for communicating with first responders who are actively engaged in the field as well as a system for collecting multimedia information as part of a situational awareness platform. By deploying Pebble smartwatches as part of their solution, CommandWear hopes to help first responders keep eyes, ears and hands free for the job at hand while also improving their situational awareness and communication with central command.

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Pebble introduces Android Wear notification compatibility


Prior to the launch of Android Wear in June, the only quality option for a smartwatch was Pebble. The original and Steel models are affordable, capable, and feature excellent battery life. The emergence of Android Wear, though, caused many Pebble owners to feel outdated because Google’s platform runs on devices with color (and touch-enabled) displays with rich notifications. Luckily, the folks at Pebble figured out a way to deliver Android Wear notification compatibility to its smartwatches. Only available in beta version 2.3, can view and interact with Android app notifications as they would on Android Wear. The primary difference here is that Pebble does not have a touch display, so the buttons are to be used. Pebble says that this was made possible because how open Android’s notification system is.

Hit the break for the release notes and two videos demonstrating the changes.

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