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Pebble is counting down to a mystery announcement on May 24th

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Google may have announced Android Wear 2.0 at I/O 2016 last week, but it isn’t the only game in town when it comes to smartwatches. Pebble is a credible option when it comes to buying a smartwatch, appealing to users of both Android and iOS with its functionality. It’s been a little while since Pebble launched a new device, and it seems that something is afoot because Pebble has posted a countdown timer on its Twitter account alluding to an announcement being made tomorrow, May 24th. Read more

[Deal] Mother’s Day promo for Pebble Time Round speeds up shipping


Expedited shipping is being included at no extra cost for everyone buying Pebble’s online-only exclusive. Pebble’s current Time Round bundle, which is priced at $229, gives buyers the smartwatch and two bands along with free shipping that should have it arrive before Mother’s Day.

Pebble is pushing the double wrap leather band for this bundle.

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New watch strap will bring contactless payments to Pebble smartwatches

pebble time gray back TAOne of Pebble’s first unique features advertised with the Pebble Time was that it would support third-party bands that brought extra functionality to the watch. A new Kickstarter from Fit Pay Inc. has sprung up that plans on offering a mobile payment solution for Pebble watches with a device called Pagaré. It uses NFC to replicate what we’ve seen in Apple’s Apple Watch and what’s eventually going to come to Samsung’s Gear S2. Read more

[Deal] Pebble discounts its smartwatches for the holidays, Amazon does too

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Smartwatches are going to be a very popular gift this Christmas. On Christmas morning, millions of people will be finding out that Santa Claus brought them a watch that has serious brainpower. If you’re still needing to gift something or want a smartwatch for yourself, we recommend giving Pebble’s line of smartwatches consideration. Everything from the Pebble Classic to the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Round is nicely discounted for the holidays.

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