Get full Android OS on Windows PC with next version of BlueStacks

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BlueStacks and AMD have announced they have reached a new milestone in their collaboration to bring the Android OS experience to Microsoft Windows based devices, including notebooks and desktops. Unlike previous versions of BlueStacks, which was an “app player” the latest update offers the ability to run the full Android OS on AMD powered devices. This means users will also be able to take advantage of the computing power available via direct access to those resources. The new BlueStacks will run Android within a virtual environment instead of requiring users to reboot and choose which operating system to use. This is seen as an advantage over Intel’s implementation on several devices. » Read the rest

Bought Humble Bundle 8 for the above average price? Get three new free games in newest update

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If you purchased Humble Bundle 8 for the “above average price,” you’re about to receive three new free games. If you didn’t get the game-pack before, you can still get it if you pay above $4.31. The original pack included 6 games, so the current 9 games are pretty much a steal at the current price.

The games include Solar 2, The Bard’s Tale, and Bad Hotel.

Looking to support charity? Go ahead and get the pack if you already haven’t!

Source: Humble Bundle

Spotify updated on both Android and desktop, features minor interface tweaks, new artist pages

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Spotify update

The Spotify app on Android recently received an update. It isn’t a big one, but you’ll see that there are newly designed login and signup pages, as well as image galleries and play counts in the artist section.

Both the PC and Mac versions have also been updated, but feature a much different interface than previously seen. It’s darker, and artists now have circular avatars. There don’t seem to be any new features, though. If you haven’t received the update yet, expect to get it soon. Hit the break for a screenshot of the new desktop version as well as a link to the app in the Play Store.

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Humble Bundle 7 launched, includes six fun-filled Android games

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The folks over at Humble Bundle have launched the seventh installment of their popular game-pack series, and this time, it has six games included at release. The team tends to add more games in updates as time goes on.

Probably the best part of it all is that you can name your price. That’s right, you can decide whether you want to pay one cent or a hundred dollars, and also decide how the money is allocated— it can go to charity, or to the Humble Bundle team.

Playing games for a good cause? I’m all in for that.

The pack comes with four games, and if you pay over the average price, you will get two extra games thrown in. Catch the titles and a video after the break.

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Humble Bundle with Android 6 released, includes 7 game titles

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The team over at Humble Bundle has been working hard to put together packages of games for users to enjoy, for whatever price the user wishes to pay. Every game works on Android, as well as Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The cool part about it is that you can allocate the money you spend to different organizations, charities, or even support the Humble Bundle team themselves so that they can continue putting out cool packages like this one. Hit the break for the list of games included in ‘Humble Bundle with Android 6′.  » Read the rest

Acer to unveil all-in-one PC running Android, priced around $400

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In a move that is sure to become a trend, Acer is due to announce a new all-in-one computer running Android (presumably 4.2 Jellybean) sometime next week.

The computer will house a 3GHz Core i5 4430 “Haswell” processor and 1GB of RAM, with storage options as small as 8GB. We can expect to see more similar outings from other PC manufacturers soon as they announce systems based on Intel’s Haswell and Bay Trail chips. Intel has also hinted at low-priced Android laptops running these chips later in the year.  » Read the rest

BlueStacks App Player For Windows PCs Now In Beta Form

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It’s no secret that our use of apps on mobile devices have taken off to unprecedented heights. As you might expect, some individuals have pondered the idea of running actual apps on our desktops as opposed to our phones and tablets. That’s why the gang at BlueStacks created their App Player which allows you to run your Android apps on a Windows-based desktop. We previously highlighted BlueStacks was looking for beta testers, but the development team has followed-up and ressurected the program in its beta form and will be looking for individuals to give the program a shot and see how it works out for them.

BlueStacks features some solid technology in order to power the various Android apps. The App Player will feature BlueStack’s patent pending LayerCake technology to make applications run buttery smooth as if on ARM devices. In addition, the development team has enabled hardware acceleration— ensuring your apps will run at an optimal level when the option is enabled.

The App Player is available for anyone interested with a Windows-based PC. You’ll need to visit their homepage and sign-up as a beta tester in order to get the file needed to run on your computer. As an added bonus— BlueStacks is including a couple of sweet apps pre-installed including Fruit Ninja, Evernote and of course Angry Birds Space. If you have a Windows PC, make sure you all sign up— but first hit the break to find the presser and the signup links.

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Bluestacks Now In Beta, Brings Android Apps to Your Windows PC

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Back in October, we told you about the free Android app called Bluestacks that stores your smartphone apps in the cloud so they can be synced and accessed on your Windows Vista, or 7-powered PC. Well it looks like Bluestacks is finally out of the alpha stage and will be heading into beta soon. The app has received a ton of accolades including CNET’s “Best of CES” title from this years show. If you want to sign up to be selected as a beta user, you better hit up the source link below. Who knows how many people they will select or when they will stop taking testers.

Thanks Arron!

[via Bluestacks]


Firmware Update Now Available For Asus Transformer Tablets

by Justin Routhier on
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A new firmware update has been released by Asus for their original Transformer tablet PCs and is now available OTA as version (This device should not to be confused with its successor, the Transformer Prime.) The update addresses HDMI problems some owners experienced while operating the tablet with newer HDTVs and it enhances stability and incorporates input lag reduction fixes too. The Android version remains the same and it is said that this will be the final such firmware update until the big jump to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you live in the US, UK, Taiwan or Germany the update is now available for you and any Transformer devices with generic WW SKU.


[via goodreader]

Acer Founder Stan Shih Confident Android Will Overcome Apple

by Justin Routhier on
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In a recent interview with Taiwan’s Chinese-language United Daily News, Acer Inc. founder Stan Shih states that the Android operating system is destined to overcome Apple’s iOS through its combined efforts of Wintel (Windows+Intel) and Google innovations. Shih goes on to say that the alliance between Intel and Google is a match that proves to be good news for “Android leaguers” as the two companies will innovate and provide better solutions for optimizing Android’s speed and performance. Furthermore, he predicts the Android-powered, Atom processor-built portable communication devices will overtake Apple in PC development.

Regarding the post-PC era, Shih said that we shouldn’t expect a true end to that part of the industry but rather we will see it evolve into more diverse forms such as tablets and smartphones. Manufacturers of display panels and IC chipsets, he says, will be instrumental with their production capabilities and capacity for the global supply chain of PCs, whose production will also evolve to envelop the growing PCD consumer demand.

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