Google IO 2016 Coverage

Immersion is back, this time with a lawsuit targeting Apple devices


Immersion, a company that owns several patents related to haptic technology, has filed several actions directed at Apple alleging patent infringement related to Apple’s implementation of 3D Touch and Force Touch technology. The complaints allege violations of Immersion patents in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus and in various versions of the Apple Watch. In particular, Immersion says Apple’s features involving vibration feedback for different touches and the feature that uses light touches to display previews of actions infringe on their intellectual property. Read more

Qualcomm inks new patent licensing deals in China


Qualcomm has today announced that it has signed a new patent licensing deal in China with smartphone manufacturers Beijing Tianyu Communication Equipment and Haier Group. This information comes after a year of tiresome court battles, which transpired as a result of the company being investigated by Chinese officials following an antitrust dispute in the region.

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Needle-less system to draw blood patented by Google


Google has an active branch within the organization that works on a variety of life science issues, like the contact lenses that are being developed that may include a means to monitor glucose levels. Although not “sexy” the work could be some of the most important the company pursues. A new patent application for a needle-free system to draw blood shows yet another project Google has been working on. Read more

Google patents new road safety feature for Android Wear devices


Google has filed for a patent on a brand new piece of technology it hopes will improve road safety. According to the information included in the documentation filed at the USPTO, the system will enable smartwatches to detect whether you’re a driver or passenger in a vehicle, so that it can disable certain notifications and functionality to ensure that all drivers are using their Android Wear devices responsibly on the road.

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Microsoft wins case against Google in patent royalty battle

Google HQ

Google’s nose has been bloodied slightly with the news that Microsoft has emerged victorious with a court ruling in a case that has been dragging on since 2010. The ruling could result in a decrease in royalty payments paid by electronics manufacturers for patents pertaining to Wi-Fi and video downloads. The case was a tit-for-tat move on Motorola’s part because of the lawsuit that Microsoft filed a month before claiming Motorola infringed on several Microsoft patents in Android smartphones.

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