Bluebox Security releases app to check if your phone has been patched or not from Android security exploit



We told you about a recent observation where 99% of all Android devices out there are vulnerable to major security threats, so it should come as no surprise that there is now a way to check and see if you have an affected device. Bluebox Security recently unveiled its newest app to allow device owners to see if they have received the coveted security patch or not. Additionally, this app will check if your system settings allow non-Google Market application installs and if any installed application on your device is trying to maliciously take advantage of the security flaw.

Of course there are some phones out there that are on their way to being fixed, but for the rest of you out there, it may be a good idea to grab the app ASAP and ensure your device is safe and secure.



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source: Phone Arena

Recent Samsung Galaxy S III Update Fixes More Than Just The Sudden Death Issue— Also Fixes Major Security Exploit


You folks remember about a subtle, but very important utility update for the Galaxy S III that was released a few days ago? Well apparently, it does more than just fix the sudden death issue. SamMobile reports that the same update (I9300XXELLA) fixes a well-known security vulnerability found in the Exynos chip. Basically, the vulnerability essentially gave root permissions to any app (again with emphasis— any app), with the result being no control over the permissions from users of the smartphone. Fortunately, it has been identified that the recent update the has actually patched the security vulnerability. Additionally, the update contains new bootloaders which should help to alleviate any sort of possible sudden death issues with the smartphone.

As of now, only owners of the GT-I9300 variant in the UK have received the update, though we’re hopeful that the rest of the GT-I9300 owners out there will get the update sooner than later.

source: SamMobile

T-Mobile And HTC Working On Software Update To Fix Accelerated Battery Drain During WiFi Calls

The T-Mobile HTC One S smartphone had just been released recently and it’s more than lived up to it’s billing of being a solid buy. While it’s no doubt a good device out of the box, there is the noticeable issue of significant battery drain while using the WiFi calling feature. Apparently, the battery seems to drain faster while being on a WiFi-based call— which points out to a software issue somewhere. To that end, HTC and T-Mobile have acted quickly to ensure this isn’t a continuing problem and are currently working on a minor software patch which is aimed to improve the battery life of the device when making WiFi calls. No word on when exactly this patch will hit the devices but hey, we always welcome software updates which offer an improved experience for owners— so we won’t mind the wait.

source: T-Mobile Support