iFixit team tears down, repairs OnePlus One, receives average repairability score


Now that the OnePlus One is officially outed, of course the folks over at iFixit had to get their hands on it.

The team did a full report on the device (tore it down and put it back together again) to determine its repairability score, which unfortunately was a bit low compared to today’s standards. The device received a 5/10 (10 us easiest to repair). According to iFixit, here’s why:

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HTC M7 chassis leaks in new video

After seeing the leaked press image of the HTC M7 a few weeks ago, little was left to the imagination as we caught a glimpse of HTC’s next super phone in all its glory. Still, a computer render doesn’t give quite the same impression as handling the physical product, which is what we have for you today (well…sort of). A new video has surfaced of the M7’s chassis (back and front) being compared to other HTC flagship phones. Most notably, it seems to share a lot in common with the HTC Droid DNA that we love so much, albeit, packed into a smaller package to suit the M7’s 4.7-inch screen. Besides that we can see that the phone seems to have a dedicated camera button on the right edge, nestled below the volume rocker and even more intriguing, seems to have a front facing speaker, which is something of a rarity in the smartphone world, but certainly could come in useful. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of the M7.

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Motorola Xoom Less Overpriced Than We Thought? Costs $359.92 in Parts

The Xoom is being heralded nearly unanimously as a remarkable tablet, but it is also being described, almost unanimously, as being a bit pricey. But is it overpriced, or is it just expensive to make? iSupply has a breakdown of the price of the parts used to make the device, and it turns out that just in parts, before the cost of manufacturing, the Xoom’s hardware runs about $359.92. Here’s how they break it down:

  • The XOOM’s display and capacitive touchscreen costs a whopping $140, or 38.9% of final cost of parts
  • Memory is the second most expensive part with the XOOM’s memory components costing $80.40, or 22.3% of the total cost
  • Electro-mechanical parts run $31.30
  • The 3250 mAh battery adds $23
  • The NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor costs $20.78
  • The devices two cameras carry a collective cost of US$14, or 3.9% of the total cost
  • The baseband cellular components run bout $14
  • The other components make up the final $34

So while the Xoom is genuinely pricey, it costs substantially more to make than we realized, noticeably more than the iPad does, so maybe the price tag issomewhat warranted.  Hit the source link for the full breakdown.

[via iSuppli]