Particle Storm live wallpaper gets a speed & battery life boost

Are you using the Particle Storm live wallpaper we told you about a few days ago? Well if you are then make sure to grab the update that was just released. With version 1.5.2 of the live wallpaper, the change log is:

  • Battery optimization
  • Massive speed optimization

I can’t confirm the battery optimization, but I can confirm the speed boost. Previously, running the particle count as “ludicrous” on my Epic 4G resulted in noticeable lag. However now that I got the update, I can run a ludicrous particle count with no lag at all. So by all means, make sure you grab the latest update. You can watch the following video to see the Epic 4G getting laggy with the old version of Particle Storm.

YouTube Preview Image

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Download the ParticleStorm Live Wallpaper, you’ll love it

Probably one of the coolest things about Android 2.1+ devices are live wallpapers. Whether it’s Super Mario running around on your phone or a circuit board there are quite a few attractive options. The latest one that I’ve found is called ParticleStorm. ParticleStorm is a very customizable wallpaper that you can configure both ascetics and performance. Just take a look at the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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